Philthy Rich Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Philthy Rich is one of controversial rappers in America. He is described as interesting person with interesting life. He is on the music scene of America last 10 years and for that time he made 50 albums.

He had very hard childhood which made him to do some things that are illegal and on which he is not proud.

Early life:

Philthy Rich was born in town in California called Oakland in Seminary neighborhood. Date of his birth is January 30, 1983, and according to this information his zodiac sign is Aquarius. His full name is Philip Beasley.

He had very tough childhood. When he was 3rd grade he was kicked out by his mother and as a teenager he attended elementary school and he was mostly at shelters and he was also at jails in that time. He musted to work with illegal things to make money for his survival and supporting himself.

Eventually he became one of criminals on the streets, but he also made his name as one of rappers. In 2012 he was part of incident when someone shot him three times. He alone was drive himself to the hospital and in the next day he checked out on his responsibility.

He had sort of fame on the streets and that make sure his fame in rapping. He believed that story of his life is interesting to share with people and he wrote mostly about his previous life and his childhood.

Media founded in 2013 that he was one of the kidnappers and human trafficker with one more man named Jason. They kidnapped some girls that was fans of Philthy and they relocated them to other part of the USA with cause that make them to charge sex.

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Career Development:

Philthy started with his career in one specific way. He released albums very often, in some times there was difference in just couple of days. He had his own philosophy that he didn’t wanted to his fans wait too much time for his next song or album.

His career actually started with his tour which was sponsored by him and named Stan Business BG. He convinced Shady Nate, Mistah F.A.B and couple more rappers to join him in his tour. This tour was eventually canceled because Philthy was arrested for being involved with drugs dealing. This is why he was in jail for a year. To be exact he was dealing cocaine.

His career continued with eOneMusic and RBC Records which released his album N.E.R.N.L.2. in 2013. This album was very successful and it got him a lot of popularity and recognition.

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He released a lot of studio albums, EPs, independent albums, mixtapes with many rappers, and there are also many singles. He very popular in his direction of music and he have big list of released albums so he is hard working. When we started to write all the names of the albums list couldn’t never end.

His net worth now is around $800 thousand.

Personal life:

He was on the street from the day when his mother kicked him out. He had very hard childhood and he always musted to take care of himself. All this made him to do some illegal things and for that he blames only his parents for abandoning him.

He was in drug dealing and for that he was arrested and in the jail. He was arrested two times. First time was in 2001 when he was driving stolen Bentley and his second arrest was in 2009 when he actually was in jail. He is not so proud of himself but he had no choice. He is one of workoholics. There are no many informations about his personal life.

His soft spot are his sons whose names are Lil Phil and Lil Ant. There are no other informations of them or their mother because he want to protect them.

Philthy is also popular on social networks and he have profiles on several, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and he also have his channel on YouTube.

On Facebook he have a page with more than 95K followers. Link of his page is:

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On instagram he have 347K followers. Link is:

His Twitter profile have 36.4K followers. Link is:

His official channel on YouTube have around 147K subscribers. He have a big number of videos and the most popular is video for his song Make A Living, which have 7.3 million of views in last 2 years. There is also a song in which he featured titled Let It Blow with 8.7 million of views. Link of his channel is:

Quick summary

Full name: Philip Beasley

Date of birth: January 30, 1983

Birthplace: Oakland, California, USA (Seminary neighborhood)

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Age: 35

Profession: rapper

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $800 Thousand

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