Philthy Rich Net Worth in 2024: Explore the wealth of the American Rapper

The American rapper Philthy Rich has been guilty of two crimes. His real name is Phillip Anthony Beasley, but people call him by his stage name, Philthy Rich. Many people in the music business know him from his great rapping shows, which he has been doing for a long time.

Philthy got contracts with RBC Records and eOne Music in 2013. He also put out a song called “N.E.R.N.L. 2,” which fans liked. This song has also helped him get noticed in the business.

In 2007, the show “Stan Bizzness BG’s” was the start of his career. He also got singers like J. Stalin, Shady Nate, Beeda Weeda, and Mistah F.A.B. to help him with this.

But he couldn’t keep going on this tour because he was caught selling drugs and spent a year in jail to pay for it. Among the records of his songs  are Funk or Die, Loyalty B4 Royalty, Hometown Hero, and Phillip Beasley Ep. He has been a guest musician on several other singers’ albums.

Philthy Rich

Philthy Rich’s Net Worth in 2024

Celebrity Net Worth says that Philthy Rich is an American rapper who is worth $5 million. Her birthday is January 8, 1983, and she was born in Oakland, California. His first studio album, Funk Or Die, came out in 2009. 

Then came Loyalty B4 Royalty in 2010, Neighborhood Supastar 2 in 2010, Loyalty B4 Royalty Vol. 2 in 2010, Trip’n 4 Life in 2011, Loyalty B4 Royalty Vol. 3 in 2011, and Kill Zone in 2012, which peaked at #40 on the U.S. Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Plus, Philthy Rich put out the records N.E.R.N.L. in 2012, N.E.R.N.L. in 2013, and N.E.R.N.L. in 2014. He also put out Real N****s Back in Style in 2016, which got to #5 on the Heatseekers records chart. 

He has also been on records by Chris Lockett, DJ Fresh, J-Diggs, J. Stalin, M Dot 80, Pooh Hefner, Ray Rydah, Stevie Joe, Teek da Kid, Thizz Nation, and more. 

Philthy Rich

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Philthy Rich’s Work and Awards

Philthy Rich began his career in 2007 when he joined up with up-and-coming singers like J. Stalin, Shady Nate, Beeda Weeda, Ray Ryda, Eddi Projex, and Mistah F.A.B. on the “Stan Bizzness BG’s” tour.

It was released in 2009 and got good reviews. It was his first studio record, called Funk or Die. It was followed by his first mixtape, called Streets on Lock, in 2008.  

In 2017, he put out PhilthyFresh, True Religion Shawty, Kill Zone: The Leak, and Neighborhood Supastar 4. Since he first started working in the music business, his job has grown by leaps and bounds.

Philthy Rich

On the 2011 record Neighborhood Supastar Vol. 3, he worked with The Boy Boy, also known as Messy Marv. Another project he worked on with FOD Entertainment was the FOD Infrastructure and Motion Family in 2022.

In 2008, he put out his first single, called “Straight Outta Oakland. People liked what he did on it. He has worked in this field for a long time and has made a lot of important contributions to the music business.

Philthy Rich


Philthy Rich was born Philip Beasley 1083 in Oakland, California. His personal life has been troubled by arrests for things like illegally possessing a weapon. But his crowd doesn’t seem to care about that.

His one-of-a-kind music is what makes him an important part  of the growing West Coast hip hop scene. Philthy Rich’s net worth is thought to be  around $5 million as of 2024. It’s mostly because of his most recent studio record, N.E.R.N.L. 

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