Olivia Munn’s Net Worth in 2024: What are her Assets and Career Earnings?

Lisa Olivia Munn is a five-million-dollar actress, comedian, model, and television personality. This American actress has amassed a fortune through her work in film and as a model for brands like Nike, Pepsi, and Neutrogena. “Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek” is the title of the book she authored.

How Much Is Olivia Munn Worth in 2024?

Olivia Munn is a $15 million-rich American actress, model, comedian, and television personality, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Olivia Munn moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career after starting her career as an intern at a news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Munn rose to fame as co-host of “Attack of the Show!” on the G4 network from 2006 and 2010.

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She made the switch to acting, showing up in movies including “Magic Mike,” “Iron Man 2,” and “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Munn has starred in prominent roles in the History Channel series “Six” and the HBO series “The Newsroom.” Apart from her acting career, she has contributed to other comedy specials and served as a correspondent for “The Daily Show.”

Munn has utilized her platform to spread awareness about sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry and has been a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement.

Olivia Munn Childhood

Kimberly Schmid and Winston Munn were Lisa Olivia Munn’s parents, and she was born in Oklahoma City on July 3, 1980.

Munn was raised by a verbally abusive stepfather at the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan, after moving to Utah as a young child. She studied journalism, Japanese, and dramatic arts at the University of Oklahoma after moving back to Oklahoma City.

Olivia Munn Career

Following her internship at the Tulsa NBC affiliate, Munn was given a small part in the horror movie Scarecrow Gone Wild.

This cleared the path for several TV shows, starting with Beyond the Break and resulting in parts in the motion pictures Date Night and Iron Man 2, starring Robert Downey Jr.

Before landing the lead in The Newsroom, Munn collaborated with one of the wealthiest performers in the world on several popular TV series, such as Perfect Couples and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

She also starred with Channing Tatum in Deliver Us From Evil, a 2014 supernatural horror thriller, and Magic Mike, a 2012 comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Munn’s net worth has been further increased by her participation in advertising campaigns for companies like Nike, Neutrogena, and Pepsi in addition to her acting career.  

Olivia Munn’s Salary History

Throughout her career, Olivia Munn’s earnings have improved significantly. Her initial tiny fees for low-budget horror films have grown as her value has increased.

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Although precise details of her current career earnings are unknown, estimations of her yearly compensation fall between $1 million and $2 million This will include the money she receives from her acting gigs, movie roles, and brand ambassador duties.  

How Does Olivia Munn Spend Her Money?

Olivia Munn was among the early investors in the Uber vehicle service and is known for her astute financial acumen.

She has been seen having fun at several opulent resorts, including a tropical retreat with her pal and real estate agent Bryce Pennel. Her Los Angeles property has an opulent pool, numerous bedrooms, and baths.

Olivia Munn’s Assets, Cars, Houses

Here is a summary of Olivia Munn’s assets, cars, and houses:

Assets and Investments

  • Olivia Munn has an estimated net worth of $35 million. This wealth is primarily derived from her successful acting career, as well as smart investments.
  • Munn has invested in several major startups, including early investments in Uber and the dog-walking app Wag. She has also invested in Vital Proteins.
  • Munn has spoken about the importance of taking ownership stakes in the brands and companies she works with, which has contributed to building her wealth.

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  • There is no specific information provided in the search results about Olivia Munn’s car collection.


  • Olivia Munn purchased a $1 million home in Los Angeles in 2009.
  • She later listed this home for rent, asking $18,000 per month, demonstrating her income as a landlord.

In summary, Olivia Munn has amassed a substantial net worth of $35 million through her acting career and savvy investments, particularly in tech startups like Uber and Wag.

 While the search results do not provide details on her car collection, they do indicate that she owns at least one valuable property in Los Angeles that she rents out for a significant monthly income.

Olivia Munn’s Additional Investment Portfolio

Here are the key details about Olivia Munn’s additional investment portfolio:


Olivia Munn has made strategic investments in several startups and companies beyond her initial Uber investment: Poppi-Munn invested $13.5 million in this functional beverage startup as part of its Series A-II round in 2021.

Wag-Munn is an investor and creative strategist for this dog-walking app, which was recently valued at $350 million pre-money.

Vital Proteins – Munn actively sought out an investment in this collagen-based products company due to her conviction in the brand and products.

Bulletproof Coffee – Munn invested in this coffee company that sells coffee with added butter for the keto diet, as she spotted the trend among her social network.

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Investment Approach

Munn looks to invest in “disruptive” brands and companies that are creating new spaces or addressing unmet needs. She is willing to take ownership stakes in the companies and brands she invests in, beyond just passive investments.

Munn takes an active role in some of her investments, serving as a creative strategist at Wag to help build the brand. Not all of Munn’s investments have been successful – she lost money on her investment in the failed private jet service Black Jet.

In summary, Olivia Munn has built a diverse investment portfolio beyond her initial high-profile Uber investment, focusing on emerging brands and startups across industries like beverages, pet services, and consumer products.

Her investment approach involves identifying disruptive trends and taking active ownership roles in the companies she backs.

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Olivia Munn’s Endorsement Deals

Here are the key details about Olivia Munn’s endorsement deals:

Major Endorsement Deals

  • Proactiv – Munn has been the main spokesperson for the Proactiv skincare line since 2014. She has starred in numerous commercials and infomercials for the brand.
  • Nike – Munn has modeled for the athletic apparel giant, representing their commitment to empowering individuals through sports and active lifestyles.
  • Neutrogena – Munn’s endorsement of this skincare and beauty brand highlights her dedication to promoting products that enhance natural radiance.
  • Pepsi – Munn’s collaboration with the global beverage brand showcases her appeal to a wide audience.

Financial Impact

Proactiv is estimated to spend between $12-15 million per year on endorsements, suggesting Munn’s deal with them has been highly lucrative.

The exact financial details of Munn’s other endorsement deals are not publicly disclosed, but they are likely substantial given her high-profile status and influence.

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These endorsement partnerships have contributed significantly to building Munn’s estimated $15 million net worth.

Endorsement Strategy

Munn has strategically aligned herself with reputable, globally recognized brands across various industries like skincare, athletics, and beverages.

This demonstrates her business acumen and the trust these brands have placed in her ability to effectively promote and represent their products.

Munn’s endorsement deals not only provide financial benefits but also solidify her status as an influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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