Lauren Curtis Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Lauren Curtis is a young Australian YouTube Star who gained a lot of fans and also a huge fanbase and followers because of her beauty videos she posts on her YouTube channel. She is known by her nickname Loz.

Early years

She was born as Lauren Elizabeth Curtis on January 7, 1993 and is currently 25 years old.

Lauren was born in Perth in Australia and was a pupil at the AKA Middle School. She said that school was very fun for her and that the whole experience left a positive impact on her. Her mother’s name is Terry and her sister is Amy.

Her childhood was very harsh in an emotional way because she lost her best friend when she was just a teenager and she had the rough time handling the fact that her parents are getting divorced. This built her as a person since she had to deal with all of this at such a young age.

The divorce of her parents didn’t go smooth and she was surrounded with a hostile environment. It was very hard for her to get used to the fact that things changed and therefore she needed some time alone.

She enrolled college and she found it great because she became independent and found new friends.

She was self taught at make-up and didn’t put on any until she was a teenager. She says that she is very lucky to get a job at Benefit where she learned a lot of things she didn know. That job was her first makeup job. Benefit cosmetics is a very big company that is very important since it holds lines of high-end make up.

After that she was hired at Bobbi Brown because she showed her skills advanced by what she has learned at Benefit. This was very important since Bobbi Brown was a very popular brand and still is.

So she really doesn’t have any professional schooling as a make-up artist… However, she is really good at it anyway.

Career development

Lauren launched her YouTube channel back in 2011 and most of the content of her Channel are videos where she gives beauty tips and instructions on makeup. She also releases tutorials about hair and hair dressing.

Her very first video she applauded was named as “Introduction to Lauren Beauty”.

After the success and the great responds she received from her fans she created another channel one year later in 2012.

The name of this channel is “Laurenbeautyvlogs”.

As for other big numbers in her life, she can bragg with over 3 million followers on her YouTube channel and her estimated net worth is over 1.5 million dollars.

She is very active on her social media accounts, especially on Instagram,  and has three main accounts: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, where she has over 5 million followers.

Most of her earnings comes from YouTube but she also has an online shop and the website called Love Loz.

In 2013 she had a great collaboration with a known Australian fashion Guru Chloe Morello and the two of them released a video called “Get ready with me + Chloe Morello”. This video also games enormous number of views.

One year later, in 2014, she uploaded a YouTube video which also gained a lot of views because it was inspired by Iggy Azalea and it was basically a makeup tutorial inspired by the singer.

Because of her business she currently resides in three cities: Perth, Los Angeles and Sydney.

Her most viewed video is called “Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial” and it gained 11 millions views.

Personal life

She’s currently dating a boy named Reese Daniel and the two of them met back in 2014.

She decide to release the information about her relationship with Reese to her fans in one of her videos titled “The Boyfriend Tag/Lauren Curtis” in 2015. The video received great interest and accumulated over 2 million views.

She’s a very big fan of animals especially dogs and she has a pomeranian-cross-chihuahua by the name Mia.

As for her diet Lorraine is a vegetarian from her teenage age.

She hasn’t finished her studies of photography because she left it after 1 year.

Although she went to Catholic School she claims she’s an atheist.

She has two siblings and she’s the youngest of them.

In her younger age she had asthma which became more serious during the period her parents we’re getting a divorce and she was stressed out.

There are two interesting things about her that her fans weren’t aware off and they were that she loves horror movies and she’s a big fan of hip-hop.

She loves to read and her favourite book is “Manifesting Change” written by Mike Dooley.

Her favorite snacks are frozen grapes and super sweet corn from a can.

Quick summary

Full name: Lauren Elizabeth Curtis

Date of birth: January 7, 1993

Birthplace:  Perth, Australia

Age: 25

Profession: YouTuber, actress

Height: 1,65 m

Weight: 56 kgs

Net Worth: $1,500,000

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