Nicole Guerriero Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Nicole Guerriero is very famous amongst lovers of beauty and lovers of YouTube. She is a YouTube content creator that has almost three million subscribers as she makes all sorts of videos about hair, makeup and life.

Early years

Nicole was born on March 4th in 1986. Her birthplace is Tampa in Florida and she enjoyed growing up there, but she moved to California later when she met her boyfriend in order to start their life together and to get better opportunities as a growing YouTube creator.

Since she was a little girl, she loved makeup. She enjoyed watching her mother do her makeup, but sadl could not do it herself until she was 16 because her mother thought that she was too young to be wearing it.

On her 16th birthday, she decided to get some makeup and she started to play with it. At this point, there was nothing that could stop her and because of the fact that her mother didn’t want her to put makeup on before, she wanted to do it more than she ever did.

During her teen years, she developed her own style in makeup and she calls it “natural glam”. It’s a mixture of being formal and being casual, but mostly looking healthy and dewy.

She is self taught, which means that she learned most of the things she knows on her own. She did try to go to a school where they would teach her, it was in Dixie Collins High School. However, she described the time there as a waste of time.

She realized she was very good at makeup when her friends started to ask her to do their makeup when they had special occasions and they told her she should start to bill people these things.

Career development

Guerriero started to post in 2010. It’s very inspiring to say that she started her career on YouTube when she didn’t have much money and she was also a bartender.

The job she had in BJ’s Brewhouse, where she worked for half a decade, wasn’t something she enjoyed and therefore she was very determined to get a new job and do something that she would perhaps be more passionate about.

Her very first video was a review of a brand called “e.l.f. cosmetics”. Nicole says that it is one of her favorite things to buy new stuff and now she can say that it’s for a video, so she described the situation as a win-win.

She is one of those creators that didn’t get hyped art the beginning because of something, so she had to work hard for several years in order to get views and to start earning by monetizing her videos.

People that are subscribed to her say that Nicole has a very beautiful and easy way of explaining things and that they love her because she is very honest.

Her YouTube channel is just like any other beauty channel. She is centered about make-up and therefore makes tutorials for looks, does reviews and first impressions, enjoys a good haul and sometimes does someone else’s makeup.

Lately she has been trying to switch up the game a bit so she also participates in challenges and similar things.

Besides her YouTube, she has a blog called Naturally Nicole and she posts very similar content there, but focuses more on text so she writes how you can do something yourself.

One of the more popular videos she made was the one from 2013 with her boyfriend Jeremy. He did her makeup and it was pretty funny to see how confused he was.

Her viewers enjoyed the video very much and almost made a petition for Nicole to bring Jeremy back every once in a while!

On Ryan Seacrest’s show, she was voted to be the favorite beauty guru from YouTube and this was in the year when she made her popular Kylie Jenner Inspired look.

Nicole became so famous on YouTube because she speaks and acts like a normal human, and isn’t stuck up. She shares all of her best tips whenever she does something really complicated because she wants to make it easy for everyone.

Nicole worked on a glow kit in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills. She made this highlighter palette and earned a huge amount of money by selling it since it was a great product and many other YouTube creators have praised about it.

Personal life

Her boyfriend is called Jeremy Keating and he is just an ordinary guy. Many people were surprised by the fact that Nicole is dating a guy that isn’t rich or famous, but many think this proves that she really loves him.

There is not much controversy about Nicole, just some rumors about her being very rude to an interviewer that she met in 2013. However, she claimed she was having a really bad day and that it wasn’t really her fault.

She has not been involved in latest controversy amongst YouTube creators and that is one of the reasons why she is considered to be pretty mature.

Many people think that she photoshops her pictures a lot and that her studio lights make her look too good because there have been a lot of photos where Nicole barely looks like herself. However, she isn’t wearing makeup in these so you can’t blame her for looking different.

Nicole doesn’t really hang out with YouTube creators much and she does not like to make too much collaborations. This is why she does most of her videos alone or with her closest friends.

Some people believe she does that in order to keep a secret: the way she is editing her looks.

During her self-teaching process, she says that she was learning from YouTube mostly and that most of her skills can be attributed to many people that she was following and watching.

Quick summary

Full name: Nicole Guerriero

Date of birth: March 4th, 1986

Birthplace:  Tampa, Florida, United States of America

Age: 32

Profession: makeup arist

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $2 million

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