Mike Rashid Net Worth in 2024: Wealth of the BodyBuilder revealed

Mike Rashid is a famous bodybuilder, a successful businessman, and a YouTube star. He runs the Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, Florida, and is the founder of IMSOALPHA, a business that sells nutritional products like liquid vitamins and whey protein powder. It’s no surprise that his wealth keeps growing since he has so many ways to make money.   

Mike Rashid’s Salary & Net Worth

According to IBuyIReview, Mike is worth $5 million thanks to all the hard work he puts in as a boxer, bodybuilder, author, fitness expert, and investor. He also runs a training app, a supplement business called Ambrosia Collective, a healthy meal delivery service called Trifecta Nutrition, Alpha Academy Apparel, and an internet marketing company called Interstellar Media.

He also has 1.4 million YouTube subscribers. Mike likes high-end and stylish cars. The Mercedes-Benz S Class is his favorite car, but a Rolls-Royce Phantom with Bespoke is his dream car.

Mike Rashid

Early life and work

Mike Rashid was born on March 14, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York. His mother is from Italy and his father is from Africa. His family went to Florida when he was young. His sisters are older than him. He went to special education classes as a child because he was told he had ADHD. 

That didn’t stop him from being interested in exercise and sports, though. Besides being on the honor roll, he ran track and played football in high school. His high school years ended in 1999 at Miami Sunset Senior High School. There was a year of community college for him after high school before he joined the US Army. 

He was in the Army for four years as an infantryman. Mike chose to become a bodybuilder as a job after his time in the Army. He started to compete in events for fun and quickly became known for his skills. His first professional event was the Mr. Olympia in 2006, which he won. After that, he started showing up in papers and on TV.

Mike Rashid

The man has also been on exercise DVDs and made his line of supplements for fitness. Rashid began putting workout videos on YouTube in 2008.

He got more fans online because of these movies. He then made his line of energy drinks called Iron Addicts. He made a workout plan too, which is called Oak Fitness.

Rashid is not only good in the fitness business, but he is also a successful businessman. A dress line and an online marketing company are just two of the businesses he has started. Rashid is also on several social networks. Over 2 million people have subscribed to him on YouTube and over 4 million people follow him on Instagram.

His YouTube account has vlogs, workout videos, and videos with tips. Mike Rashid’s Work on YouTubeMike is not only a great bodybuilder, but also a successful businessman. Iron Legion is the name of his  line of fitness supplements.  He also has a very famous YouTube channel where he posts workout videos and vlogs.

Many people follow him on YouTube, and his movies have been seen more than 100 million times.  Mike talks about a lot of different things in his vlogs, such as fitness, work, and everyday life.

People who watch him also get tips from him on how to do well in life. He talks about how important it is to set goals and follow through  in one of his most popular videos. More than 5 million people have watched this movie.

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Supplement Businesses Owned by Mike Rashid

This is not the same as Mike Rashid’s training and coaching program, Alpha Shred. I’m So Alpha is his main supplement business. There are pre-workouts, protein shakes, and amino acids from I’m So Alpha. The business also sells workout clothes and gear. Over 2,400 people have given his goods 5 stars on the I’m So Alpha website.

It makes sense tooA lot of exercise stars are happy to put their name on anything that will make them money, but Mike Rashid is not like that.

Mike Rashid knows exactly what vitamins you need to get your body in top shape because he ran track and played football in high school. He also served in the army and did a lot of bodybuilding.

Mike Rashid

Ambrosia Collective

The Ambrosia Collective is a business that makes medicines and supplements. Mike Rashid and Angelo Ferrer, who is his business partner, helped start the company. The company’s goal is to help people improve their health and efficiency by giving them safe and effective supplements. The company sells many different items, such as amino acids, pre-workouts, and protein drinks.

It might sound like I’m So Alpha products, but Mike Rashid smartly offers these to a different group of people. Brand-wise, I’m So Alpha goods are like any other workout supplements: they come in big tubs of protein powder, pre- and post-workout powders, and so on.

The bright yellows, reds, blacks, and whites are very strong. These goods are made to appeal to the “traditional” weightlifter: someone who is intense, focused, and only wants the strongest products. There is a big difference between Ambrosia Collective and other bands.

The branding is very scientific and looks like something from a lab or a medicine company. The boxes are slim, have soft colors, and don’t have many pictures or brands on them. These items are aimed at the new group of people who are starting to work out.

People who want to keep their minds sharp and who are willing to get creative to do so.    Ambrosia Collective wants to get people who don’t like the pushy, bright marketing of I’m So Alpha goods to try their products, with names like Mental Jewels, Nektar, and Planta.

Alpha Shred

Alpha Shred is completely new way to get exercise and nutrition advice online. It comes in 30-day challenges. It helps you get in the best shape of your life by getting rid of fat and building muscle.   The program was made by Mike Rashid and his group of experts. 

It has more than 100 workout videos, a diet guide, meal plans, and suggestions for supplements. Alpha Shred has challenges that last 30 days to keep everyone inspired and on track. Every month, Mike Rashid picks four people to win the challenge for that month. The website for the program says that over $250,000 in cash has been given to members, but I couldn’t find out what the prizes are.   

Alpha Shred also has an app that you can get. You can set goals, see how you’re doing, and access your whole routine from the app while you’re out and about. It’s different from other apps because Alpha Shred is made to fit your needs. Alpha Shred can help you reach your fitness goals, whether they are to lose fat, build muscle, or just look better.

Mike Rashid

Say it with me: “Let me take care of your diet, training, and mindset.” Based on Mike Rashid’s past, this story is very likely to be true. He knows just the right way to train you to get the results you want because he is a  bodybuilder. His specialty is working on just one part of the body at a time and making it stronger in the best way possible.

As a former athlete, it’s clear that he also knows a lot about food. To get into the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame 20 years after being a star athlete in high school, you need to know how to feed and fuel your body. Since he was in the Army, you know he understands how you feel. 

He has gone through a lot of training to be able to change his mood at any time, even when things are very stressful.  Season after season, he’s helped men and women make big changes in their lives.

Alpha Shred could be the perfect answer for you if you want a complete fitness and nutrition plan that will help you get in the best shape of your life. Based on how many people have signed up and completed the task, this is  something that adds to Mike Rashid’s wealth and yearly income.  

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