Mike Brewer Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘Wheeler Dealers’ Star Actually in 2024?

Mike Brewer is a car dealer and TV host from England who is known for his shows about cars. He is the host of the Discovery Channel show Wheeler Dealers right now. He has been the host of Sky Sports’ coverage of the British Rally Championship and has been in the Revved Up segment, in which cars are changed.

Who is Mike Brewer?

Mark Brewer is a British TV host who loves vehicles. He was born on August 28, 1964, in Lambeth, London. Brewer is best known for being the host of Wheeler Dealers, a car show on the Discovery Channel that he has been in charge of since 2003.

The main idea behind the show is that Brewer and the other hosts want to save old cars, fix them up cheaply, and sell them to someone else.

Over the years, Brewer’s co-hosts have changed. His first co-host was Edd China, then Ant Anstead, and most recently Marc “Elvis” Priestley.   

Mike Brewer

But Brewer is more than just a TV host. He is also still involved in the auto business and opened Mike Brewer Motors, a dealership in Sheffield, in 2012. He also held the first black-tie event for the yearly Used Car Award for used car dealers in the UK.

Mike Brewer’s Net Worth in 2024

It is estimated that Mike Brewer, a British TV host, is worth $1.5 million. Mike Brewer was born in Lambeth, London, and his first job was as a car dealer. Following that, he changed his focus and started working as a TV host for different car-related shows. 

Since 1997, he has been the host of “Deals on Wheels” and then “Driven” on Channel 4. “Deals on Wheels” ended in 2001, and “Driven” ended in 2002. The premise of “Driven” was like “Top Gear.” After that, “Deals on Wheels” was changed into “Wheeler Dealers,” which has been on the Discovery Channel since 2003.

He has also been the host of “Frontline Battle Machines,” “Pulling Power,” “Auto Trader,” “Wrecks to Riches,” and “Remote Madness.” His job as a host was in addition to appearing on “Revved Up” and covering the 2010 British Rally Championship.

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Age of Mike Brewer

Mike was born on August 28, 1964, in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom. He will be 56 years old in 2020. The 28th of August is his birthday every year, and he was born under the sign of Virgo. On August 28, 2021, Mike will be 57 years old.

How tall is Mike Brewer?

Mike is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

Mike Brewer

Parents of Mike Brewer

A child named Brewer was born to Roger Wilks and Doreen Fitzgerald. As the owner of “Mr. Popstar” and someone who worked with customization, Brewer’s father helped him find his interest in cars. Mike Kearns Brewer is married to Michelle Brewer, who is a beautiful woman.  

In 1992, they got married and now have a daughter named Chloe.

Mike Brewer Wheeler Dealers

In October 2003, the Discovery Channel hired Brewer to lead their new car show, Wheeler Dealers. The show was a hit when it first aired, and Edd China was on it as a co-host and driver.

Mike Brewer

Changes to the way the show was made meant that China had to step down as co-host in 2017. Ant Anstead took her place. Wheeler Dealers – Trading Up, a game that is related to Wheeler Dealers, came out in 2013. 

To buy a racecar, Brewer bought and sold cars all over the world on his way to fulfilling his ultimate dream. The Discovery Channel showed Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car, a spin-off movie, for the first time in January 2020.

With the help of Brewer and Marc “Elvis” Priestly, a former Formula One driver, people can trade in their old cars for the car of their dreams.  

Mike Brewer Deals on Wheels

Mike Brewer

Deals on Wheels is a British TV show that was first shown on Channel 4 in the UK and is now shown on the Discovery Channel. Mike and Richard Sutton were the hosts.

The first five seasons of the show ran from 1997 to 2001. The first season of the show took place in a made-up shed. In the second season, things happened in a different shed.

For seasons 3 and 4, though, the show took place in an alley garage. but on a path they made up She left the show in 2000, leaving Brewer to keep on. It was taken off the air in 2001 so that Wheeler Dealers could air.

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