Salomondrin Net Worth 2024: Partners and Helios Production

Alejandro Salomon, also known by his stage name Salomondrin is a half Mexican, half American YouTube star, producer, actor and an entrepreneur famous for his influence because followers admire him for his achievements and his everyday life.

Salomondrin is known for having a big passion for cars and because of his huge net worth, he often buys himself expensive cars, that he loves so much. He thinks this represents his character too.

How Was the Early Life of Salomondrin?

Salomondrin was born on December 7th, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico by the name of Alejandro Salomon. He waa raised by his parents, his mother Ari and his father whose name is also Alejandro. Salomondrin was named after his father so they share the same name. They were a middle-class family, and although they weren’t rich, Alejandro was fortunate enough to go to college. His parents somehow managed to afford it because they believed in him and saw a potential in him. After his big success, Salomondrin helps them out a lot, and they live much better lives. They are really proud of Alejandro and love to brag about their son, and what he accomplished. It is great that he could help them back and give something back to them.

Salomondrin was born in Mexico and has a Mexican passport, but he moved to American with his friend and has American citizenship. If he had stayed in Mexico he probably wouldn’t become famous. He was going to high school in Mexico. In 2006, he moved to the United States and went to Anderson and National College until 2008. When he was 19, he and his best friend came to America. Alejandro came with hope of fulfilling his dreams to be a student with a great education and after have an amazing career.

Salomondrin always knew he had a creative side of him and that he has many more opportunities in the United States. In college, he was trying to learn as much as he can and use this time to educate himself. He was always very dedicated to knowledge and he knows how important it is to study. He was a good student.

Alejandro was learning about traffic of goods and trading and got interested. He wanted to learn more and started using the internet to seek knowledge about business and trading. He knew that all that information will be useful to him in the future. He got into the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation in 2012. There he learned about his expertise and the fields of work that he wanted to pursue.

What Is the Net Worth of Salomondrin in 2024?

As of 2024, Salomondrin has an estimated net worth of $25 Million.

The primary source of his income stems from real estate investments. While some of these investments are made through his company, Salomon Investment Partners, his two opulent residences stand out as significant personal real estate acquisitions. One is nestled in California’s prestigious and exclusive hilly areas, while the other is located in Austin, Texas.

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Salomon Investment Partners and Helios Production

Salomon established Salomon Investment Partners upon relocating to Los Angeles, California. He co-founded Helios Productions, a motion pictures creation company, and provided financing for its operations. Salomon oversees production and development activities at Helios.

Therefore, Helios Production represents a substantial revenue stream. Salomon has contributed to the production of numerous films, including Triple Dog, Godspeed, Slightly Single in L.A., Martial Science, A Mother’s Rage, Zoe Gone, Raised by Wolves, Reaper, and Pocket Listing.

Instagram Account

As of march 2024, he has above 3 million followers on Instagram. Check out his latest post below.

Career development

Alejandro decided to move to Los Angeles because he wanted to be close to the movie industry because he is a big fan of movies in general and wanted to pursue a career there. It seemed like a good idea since a bunch of people that move to LA become famous. He wanted to merge his knowledge about business with his passion for movie industry and had found a way to do it. Little did he know how popular he would become.

He knew a lot of hard work was ahead of him but it didn’t stop him from being passionate about being an actor and a producer. He was very happy that he has the chance to work and, because of that, nothing was hard for him. He also created the production house that he named “Helios Productions” so he could be more engaged with the movie industry. It didn’t take a lot for his house to become one of the most famous production houses in Los Angeles. He has a business company. It is called “Solomon Investments” and through it, he controls all the fields he works in. His company receives a huge income and he has a lot of people employed there so he is really a good businessman since he made it so quickly.

Salomondrin Net Worth

Alejandro works in all sorts of markets. He creates business content and strategies that make him one of the most valued American entrepreneurs. He is always creative and gives his 100% when it comes to business. Salomondrin is really well connected to other businessmen that fund him. They are ready to fund anything he wants because they believe in Alejandro. Also, every single project that Alejandro worked on so far turned out to be extremely good and valuable so his colleagues believe that his ideas are always worth it.

Salomondrin is also a good actor. He was in a lot of movies and produced some of them. Some of those movies are “Training Wheels”, “One Day Like Rain” and “Slightly Single in LA”. After that, he also workes on “Tormenta’s ear”, “The Key Lime Lie” and “The Final Battle”. He also worked on a lot of short movies. None of them were as popular as his other projects. A lot of these movies were about cars which was great for him since he is a huge fan of cars of all sorts. With his “Helios” production house and his “Salomon Investments” company, he conquered the market. Alejandro also invested a lot of money into entertainment companies and dairy industry.

Along with movies and business, his other passion is cars. He is proud to own an Acid Green Porsche, a Viper, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost which are some of the most expensive cars in the world. He also loves animals. He has two dogs called Zoey and Bella. He loves posting photos of them on his social media accounts and taking them to trips with him. Alejandro himself made short and independent movies because he adores movies and wanted to show how good of producer he is.

Salomon opened his YouTube channel in September in 2014. There he posted videos about his cars. This channel has over 1,5 million subscribers. Along with his cars, he also posts about his lifestyle and makes videos with his dear ones: his family, friends, and wife. Alejandro was in the movie titled “Hyper 5” back in 2015. It was about supercars. They wanted to know what car (from 5 of them) is the best one. In 2016, Salomon also got parts in “Banging Gears” and in “Big 5”. These were all pretty good roles and he was happy to be involved into these huge projects.

Although he loves to act, in that year he wanted to produce more. So he produced movies “Little Dead Girl” along with “Secret of my step-daughters”. He was also an executive writer that year. It was for the series called “Let’s talk about cars Yo!”. It was a series with a character and people liked the combination of humor and knowledge.

People always needed his help because of his expertise. Studios and production houses often hired Salomon as a consultant because he knows a lot about special cars. Alejandro received an award in 2017 called the National Business Plan Award. He got it from Team Canada and the Forum for International Trade.

Let’s Have a Look at his Personal life

He married his girlfriend Belen Maria (now Salomon) on March 20th in 2015. Right now he lives with her in Los Angeles, California along with their dogs they both love so much. Belen was really popular even before she married Solomon, but now she’s even more popular. She is a stylist and a blogger from Mexico, same as Alejandro but she originates from Spain. Her blog is called Style Notes by Belen. She is also a life coach and a professional designer. They are really close and truly in love. They often post photos of each other on their accounts. People are happy to see such a compatible couple and they are hoping that they will live many more years together. The couple is hoping that it will be that way as well. The two of them have a strange hobby they both enjoy doing. It’s fishing. They often do it together because they’re lovers of fish and vegetables.

Alejandro says that he loves fish so much because it’s healthy and it keeps him fit because he can easily gain weight.Salomon uses his money for good cause. He hasn’t forgotten where he comes from and donates a lot of many to Mexico for their school and centers in the town he was born. People love that although he has a lot of money, he shares it for a better cause.

Quick summary

Full name: Alejandro Salomon

Date of birth: December 7, 1984

Birthplace:  Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 35

Profession: Youtuber, businessman, entrepreneur,

Height: 1,78 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $25 Million.

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