Chloe Khan Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Chloe Khan is one of the most flamboyant and attractive English models, worldwide famous, confident ladies.

If you heard nicknames such as Chloe Mafia or Chloe Victoria, we are talking about the same lady here.

She achieved something most of her female colleagues dream of, as she gained true fame and prominence.

Everything began when Chloe became the face of gentlemen’s club Spearmint Rhino. What is more, she gained a lot of popularity to this men’s club itself.

She contested in The X-Factor, and that was the first time when she showed herself to wider masses, and draw attention to her beauty.

However, the thing that brought her to the spotlight is her appearance in the British “Big name Big Brother UK 18”, one of the most famous reality shows, which debuted on July 28 in 2016.

The world today knows Chloe as a super-successful, stunning-looking, alluring lady, over whom brands fight over. To be fair, they are dying to get her signature on their brand.

Chloe is very popular on social media such as Instagram and YouTube, and she is very active when it comes to responding to messages of her fans.

Many celebrities nowadays choose not to show their private lives to the audience at home, mostly because they are not living joyful lives privately.

Chloe is a clear winner here, as she has no issue with talking about her private life and sharing it on social media.

She wanted to let the world knows everything about her life, experiences, relationships, trips, surgeries, etc. This is the reason why the audience loves her so much.

Chloe has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Early Life

Chloe Victoria Heald was born on June 1, 1990, in West Yorkshire.

As her mom was a single parent, they had numerous financial issues, which lead to a problematic childhood and adolescence period.

The fact she grew up in abject poverty gave her strength to fight for the height and life she is living today.

She actually got trapped in the issue with medications when she was 13 years old.

Chloe has a daughter, Destiny, with Ian Hough, but the couple was never married.

She gave birth to a baby girl when she was 18 years old.

Chloe and Ian stole a car one night, and she smashed another vehicle with it, which nearly lead her to execution.

Career Development

Chloe’s first time on television occurred in 2009. She showed up on the BBC Three show Snog, Marry, Avoid, and presented herself by the name Chloe Mafia.

Next year, in 2010, she appeared in the X-Factor and drew the attention of the judges and the audience with Shakira’s melody, which brought her to another level – to a training camp.

She actually was smelling like vodka, and her garments weren’t appropriate at all. What was even worse, she admitted she hadn’t changed her clothes from the previous night.

The fact mum-of-one looked and behaved like that woke up interest in her private life.

That lead to finding out she worked as a prostitute at that time.

Chloe didn’t feel comfortable with everybody knowing that, and she decided to vanish for some time.

She was away for a couple of years, even though she worked at Spearmint Rhino, where she was a Playboy glamour girl.

At one moment, one of the unscripted televisions tried to contact her again, and she accepted the invite.

During 2016, Chloe decided to enter the Celebrity Big Brother,  a reality show, in which she created a deeper connection with Stephen Bear, one of her housemates.

Still, Chloe’s fame didn’t last long, as she was removed from the house on Day 16 as the third housemate who was kicked out.

Just Tattoo of Us is an MTV show, on which Chloe showed up with her ex-boyfriend, Ashley Cain.

Just as the name of the show suggests, she got a tattoo of adoration heart with demon horns as a symbol of her and Ashley’s love.

Chloe was invited to Celebrity Pod on 5STAR, where celebrity visitors could talk to a femininity therapist and exchange their erotic experiences.

She was invited to talk about housemates of the Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, which was one of her last appearances on the TV.

Chloe has ditched a bad fake tan, short dresses of bad quality, ripped jeans and changed her style completely.

She underwent a number of surgeries, and she is very familiar with the topic.

Her desire to have a cute, dolly nose was so strong that she flew to Ukraine to get a surgery, but things went down. She even though she was going to die.

What is more, she woke up at one moment during the operation and felt enormous pain, but she couldn’t move at all.

Even when the surgery was done and she went back home, she collapsed a few time and couldn’t move.

She had to go under another surgery to fix this all, as she couldn’t even smell or feel anything in her nose.

The fact she spent over $50,000 on surgeries in order to change her look after The X Factor in 2010 speaks a lot about her experiences with the knife.

She speaks about this openly, claiming she spent $20,000 on her breath implants, $8,000 on veneers, lips were $10,000, and nose job $9,000 in total.

However, this became her passion, and she always wanted more. That is why she underwent surgery to get a “designer vagina” and got a Brazilian bum lift as well.

After becoming the owner of a webcam business, Chloe developed her career in this direction and became a millionaire.

She is willing to strip in front of the camera for her fans or clients, which proved to be very profitable, and brought her over $1 million in 2016.

She is not doing this anymore, as she has a group of ladies who are working for her, and Chloe is still making a great profit from that.

Personal Life

Just as we mentioned above, Chloe has a daughter with her ex, Ian Hough, and their relationship lasted for 6 years (2004-2010). Destiny is a 10-year old girl now.

Also, she was married to Imran Khan, and the marriage lasted for 4 years, from 2011 to 2015, and the couple had no kids.

She was in a relationship with John Gray (2014), business visionary, Stephen Bear (2016), Jason Burrill (2016), and Ashley Cain (2016 to 2017).

There was a stalker who hounded Chloe for a couple of months, why she called the police in the end.

The stalker managed to have her Instagram account restrained for some time as well.

This person wanted to rule her life and made her feel unsafe even in her own home, which she explained in one of the shows she was invited to.

Reality TV babe spoke about canceling her appearance at Notting Hill.

Actually, she was threatened to may have get acid thrown in her face, which left her terrified.

She did want to go to the carnival, but the very thought of having acid thrown at her got her scared for life.

In April this year, Chloe was spotted with a ring on her wedding finger while being with a mystery man as they chatted, rode on a jet ski, and sunbathed together.

As she was wearing a huge diamond ring, there is no need to guess one more time

She is spending a lot of time in Dubai, and it is believed the gentleman originates from here. Still, even though she was in a relationship with a man from Dubai before, nobody knows if it the same she is engaged to right now.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Chloe Victoria Heald

Date of Birth: June 1, 1990

Birthplace: West Yorkshire, England

Age: 29

Profession: Model, actress, TV personality, social media personality

Height: 1,72m

Weight: 55kg

Net Worth: $1 million

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