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King Bach is a very famous Canadian comedian and actor who gained popularity through a platform named Vine.

He was one of the most popular Viners until the platform closed. He enjoyed creating content for the platform and says that he would love to continue if Vine 2.0 launches.

He is still one of the most engaged comedians in the United States and an African American entertainer who is the second most followed one, after Kevin Hart who holds the No.1 place.

Early years

He was born as Andrew B. Bachelor on June 26, 1988, in a town of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

His parents are of Jamaican descent and are both accountants. Their names are Ingrid Mourice Bachelor and Byron Bachelor and were always very strict parents.

Andrew has only one sister who is younger than him and is called Christina. He was just a little, two-year-old kid when his parents decided to move to the United States, work-related. They relocated to West Palm Beach in Florida, where his parents found jobs.

Andrew’s parents were very strict parents and very religious too, so he was a part of a Christian household. This affected his childhood and he was developed conservative thoughts.

As for his education, he was a student at Coral Springs Charter School and after he graduated from there, he enrolled a University.

He has chosen Florida State University as a place to continue his education. During his schooling, he was actively involved in the high jump so he continued this at the university.

He was included in Top 15 of all American high jumpers in college. This was quite an achievement for him, especially because of his race. He said that he would often suffer because of it, although he appreciates his roots.

He finished his education in 2010, gaining a degree in business management. He was also a member of a fraternity: Phi Beta Sigma and even then he was known as a big comedian and prankster.

Many people don’t know that he has a degree and he wishes people were familiar with that.

He decided to join a graduate program at the NY Film Academy but never finished it. But he wasn’t satisfied with it so he decided to relocate.

Andrew made a decision to move to Los Angeles and see what his options are. LA is always the best choice for content creators.

He joined an improvisational comedy troupe named “The Groundlings” in Los Angeles and studied more.

This comedy group was founded in 1974 by Gary Austin and settled in Los Angeles. The troupe is famous about their big hit from 1981 called “Pee Wee Herman”.

Career development

Andrews career kicked off in 2013, when he discovered Vine, with the help of Brittany Furlan. His first video on Vine was uploaded in the spring of 2013.

Before that Andrew established his own production company named “Bach Enterprises”. He was a producer, a director and a performer in many different projects.

His sister Christina Bachelor was a manager at his above-mentioned production company.

In September 2011 he had a role in a short film “Agent Steele”, which was aired on NBC “Dateline”.

Andrew wanted to make his own content to join Youtube and show his passion.

He has opened his own Youtube channel named “Bachelors Pad TV” and over time reached the number of 3 million subscribers.

Since Andres had many ideas and wanted his videos to be perfect, he soon realized that making Youtube videos was quite expensive for him so he turned to Vine.

He soon found himself gaining popularity and after a few years, he was one of the most known viners ever. He says that it was a true blessing that he was finally getting noticed by a bigger crowd.

He came to the number of 15 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views. After becoming popular on Vine it was a matter of time when his other ventures will become popular too.

Andrew has always been a very big philanthropist in 2003 he has founded an organization named “The RuJohn Foundation”.

Its mission was to help schools mostly in Jamaica, to receive all the educating tools they need. They gather funds for many different cases, for books, computers and even for athlete tracks.

This non-profit organization is also financing various workshops, both sports, and acting.

In 2015 he has received a Streamy Award in the category of Viner of the Year. Next year, in 2016, he has received a Shorty award again for the Viner of the year.

In 2017 King Bach received many Streamy Awards, some of them were Storyteller of the year and Collaboration of the year.

In 2017, he started his collaboration with a platform named “Hub LiveXLive”, which is a music platform. King Bach has decided to expand it to pilots and documentaries so the platform becomes versatile.

In 2017 he starred in a horror teen movie called “The Babysitter” made for Netflix. He is starring alongside Bella Thorne and Robbie Amell.

He gained a leading role in a comedy made by Netflix “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, made on Jenny Han’s bestselling novel.

He also had roles in several other movies. He likes acting and wants to be in more movies as time goes by.

Both in 2014 and 2015 he appears as a character named Trayvon in a TV series named “Black Jesus”. This story is about Black Jesus in the Compton suburbs, spreading love and peace through this crime neighborhood.

It was the same year he starred as Dr. T.J. Gigak on “The Mindy Project” TV series.

He also appeared in “Resident Advisors” as Sam Parker in 2015. It was a cool project to meet these new actors.

In 2017, he had his own work project going on: he directed and produced “Dead House” series, and later on “Where’s the money” series.

His Youtube video which gained a lot of popularity is “Logan trailer parody”. It has received over 10 million views. He likes to create videos about controversies because he knows that those receive great attention.

In 2012, he acted in a TV series of comedy content named “House of Lies”  he guest appears in 6 episodes, next to Don Cheadle.

Andrew became a cast member of MTV2 too. This helped him gain much more followers since he was constantly being tagged by MTV and they have a bunch of followers.

In 2016, he was cast in a satire comedy based on the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray” but it was called “Fifty Shades of Black” with Marlon Wayans on stage.

Also in 2016, he starred in “Meet the Blacks” in the role of Freeze. He obviously gets a lot of roles thanks to his race, which is weird.

Some of the movies he appeared in were “Grow House” (a TV comedy produced by Marcus Morton starred by Snoop Dogg, Lil Duval, and Zulay Hencuo), “Shot Caller” (a thriller drama with Lake Bell and more) and “The Babysitter” (a comedy horror movie with Bella Thorne and Samara Weaving).

He is represented by United Talent Agency and his manager is Ali Barash.

In 2O15, King Bach appeared in a TV advert made for an online tv channel named “Truth TV”. The advert was about the anti-smoking campaign. He appeared in the advert with Anna Akana, Christy Hansen, and Becky G.

He has collaborated with many known stars such as Justin Bieber and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. This helped him gain young fans.

His first ever role in a movie was in a cameo role in “We are Your Friends”, a movie starres by Emily Rajatkowski and Zac Efron.

King Bach was involved in the State education campaign and was chosen for it by Michelle Obama, the wife of former US president Barack Obama.

Other Viners invited to White House by Michelle Obama were Lele Pons, Jerome Jarre, Chris Melberger and Us the Duo.

He has also had the main role in “Wild N’ Out” 6th season. This TV show was first released in 2005, and since then it is showed regularly on MTV2.

Some of his videos had sexual notions and wasn’t received well amongst all his viewers. Especially controversial was the one where he entered the elevator with a bunch of people and after he goes out zipping his pants with all the people lying on the floor.

People accuse him of advocating rape and other sexual assaults in his videos, and the worst thing is that women are the one to advocate sexual assaults and rape.

It is also said that he focuses his bizarre jokes against women showing them as submissive.

There was an Instagram petition to move this offensive content from Instagram.

Bach is now working on his new parody movie connected to LGBT and it is going to be named “Get Out 2”.

Personal life

Andrew dated Liane Valenzuela from 2014 to 2015. She is a popular Instagram star known as LianeV. She is also a singer and a model with over 4 million followers on her Instagram account.

After that, he was spotted with Amanda Cerny, a famous American model. She is also a fitness enthusiast and a TV personality.

In 2016 he was dating Lele Pons. Lele Pons comes from Venezuela and she is the first artist on Vine to get one billion loops. She isn’t really liked by the internet community because of the constant controversy that surrounds her.

Lele Pons had her first single named “Dicen” released in 2018.

All of King Bach’s relationships were very interesting to media but he didn’t make them very public. He has probably dated a lot of girls we don’t even know about.

King Bach loves to work out and has his own gym in his block where he lives, surrounded with other celebs.

His favorite comedians are Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart and he says they have made a huge impact on him. Obviously, his idols are also black.

He is very close to Brittany Furlan, also known as “Queen of Vine” and they have made a lot of collaborations together and they share pieces of information about each other on their social media accounts.

Brittany is also making comedy sketches just like him. Many people think that he is trying to use her in order to gain popularity himself, but Bach never talks about this openly.

King Bach is very active on all of his social media accounts and has been especially active on Instagram where he has a huge following of over 17 million fans.

His Instagram channel is full of videos but there aren’t any videos about his personal life. Most of the posts are work-related and show his collaborations with other YouTubers.

Bach is very talented and hardworking and looks up to Kevin Hart and his work. They are good friends and Kevin often advices King Bach about his business because he wants to be sure that he has done the right thing.

King often mentions Kevin in his interviews, stating that Kevin is a great performer but also a sharp businessman who knows how to take his work to a higher level.

Bach is very close to his family, especially his sister, and provides whatever is needed to ensure they are well.

His parents didn’t believe him that he will succeed at first but he proved them wrong.

Quick summary

Full name: Andrew B. Bachelor

Date of birth: June 26, 1988

Birthplace:  Toronto, Canada

Age: 31

Profession: actor, comedian, Viner

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 73 kgs

Net Worth: $3 million

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