Kierra Sheard Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Learning more about celebrity lifestyle is always fun to do and we all like to peek into their privacy to see how they became as popular as they are and what makes them so unique.

Besides learning more about their careers, we all like to see how much they actually earn and how rich they really are. We hear all the different stories about famous people’s lavish lifestyles, but is it all true?

In today’s text we will learn more about a famous American Gospel singer called Kierra Sheard and see how this young, talented singer got to the place where she is now.

So, if you are interested to find out more, keep on reading.

Early years

Kierra Valencia Sheard was born on June 10th 1987 in Detroit Michigan in US. She was born and raised in West Bloomfield. She spent most of her childhood surrounded by her friends and family and their influence left a major mark on her life.

From an early age, Kierra showed exceptional talent for music and she was noticed wherever she performed.

With only 6 years, she started singing in a choir of the Church of God Christ. The choir’s name was Greater Emmanuel Institutional.

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As a young girl, she was highly influenced by the fact that her father was a pastor and she enjoyed sharing that special bond with her family.

Talent for music definitely runs in her family, since her mother and her aunts had a special kind of singing talent or voice trick called the “Squall”. This singing voice is defined by rough, deep and throaty growls and Kierra inherited that talent.

She later on used this talent in one of her songs called “Done Did IT”, a gospel song from the album I Owe you.

Career development

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Like many other talented singers, Kierra made her first steps towards a big career at the age of 10. That is when she had her first big performance on her mother’s album called Finally Karen. The album came out in 1997 and the songs where she showed her amazing voice were Mr. Clean and The Will of God.

As a proof of exceptional talent of both Kierra and her mother Karen, the song received Stellar Award for best Children’s Performance. This was enough recognition that Kierra was on a great road to become a famous singer and that her dreams are finally going to come true.

To form her voice further and to gain experience, Kierra sang as a back vocal for her mother, her aunts and for the group called the Clark Sisters. Few years after, she sang two songs on her mother’s new album called The Heavens Are Telling. In 2003 Kierra finally signed her first contract with the EMI Gospel to record her first album.

The first album came out in 2004 under the name I Owe You. The album had 11 tracks and famous names like Warryn Campbell, Rodney Jerkins participated in the creation of this album. The biggest success on the album was the song Let Go that was also released in Japan and remained on the RnB charts for a long time.

At the time her first album came out, Kierra graduated from high school and started recording her second album This is Me. The album ended up on the Billboard’s Top Gospel Album Charts at number 1.the album was released in 2006.

Kierra shot two music videos for the songs This is Me and Yes. For her astounding talent, Kierra received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary RNB Gospel Album.

Together with Faith Ewans, she performed at the BET’s Celebration of Gospel. In 2008, Kierra released another album under the name Bold Right Life. On this album, her biggest hit so far was included, and the name of the song is God in Me.

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In 2010, Sheard appeared in a movie Preacher’s Kid, which is around the time when her fourth album came out. The album called Free, made by the Karew Records. In 2013, a reality TV show called the Sheards came out, following her life, her brother’s and her parent’s lives.

In 2013, Kierra released a song called Trumpets Blow and her 5th album came out in 2014 under the name Graceland. Kierra also announced that she will be playing the role of her mother in a biopic that is going to talk about the Clark Sisters.

Kierra’s net worth is estimated at staggering 10$ million. Since she is still petty young, this number is amazing. Most of her net worth comes from her performances, acting roles and from her fashion line. All of this brought her an incredible amount of money.

She still continues to earn money so we can certainly expect her net worth to go even higher than this. Since she is still working on releasing new projects, we have much more to expect from this young singer.

Personal life

Kierra grew up in a very religious family, and such childhood affected her later life greatly. She and her brother are very much involved into the Gospel scene and both gave much contribution of promoting and improving Gospel music.

She graduated from Wayne State University that is located in Detroit, Michigan. She studied English language and psychology. In order to finish her college and get a degree, she had to accommodate her touring schedules and adjust them so she can attend the classes.

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This only speaks of her great talent but also power of will. She wanted to finish college and she made sure she does that no matter how hard it was. In 2006 she decided to do a tour to Japan together with her mother Karen Clark-Shepard.

Since 2013, Kierra started preaching in her father’s church and other churches as well. She is a big influence to all the young women, through her remarkable career but also through her involvement in the community.

Talent for music definitely runs in her family, since her mother and her aunts had a special kind of singing talent or voice trick called the “Squall”. This singing voice is defined by rough, deep and throaty growls and Kierra inherited that talent.

Besides music, Kierra decided to try her business skills through a line of Fall Winter collection called Eleven60. Her biggest influence for the collection was her mother Karen. The name actually is the day and month of her mother’s birth.

Like she says, she wanted to devote this line to all the women who are curvier and who don’t fall into the model category of women.

She wanted curvier women to feel sexy, elegant and comfortable at the same time. The collection did well and was showed at many fashion shows around the globe.

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When it comes to love life of this famous singer, she was engaged to Pastor Welton Smith in 2011.

Kierra was happy to show her engagement ring on her social media and tell everyone that she will soon tie the knot, but the couple broke off before that happened.

What was the reason behind their break up remains a mystery until this day? She is currently single and doesn’t speak about her private life that much. Sheard is pretty active on her social media and often shares posts of her performances, people who are dear to her and information about her business life.

Since Kierra is still young, we can expect a lot of new things in her life. We have yet to see who will win over the heart of this successful young woman.

Until then, we can enjoy her beautiful singing and enjoy the new songs she has for us.

Quick summary

Full name: Kierra Valencia Sheard

Date of birth: June 20, 1987

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, U.S

Age: 32

Profession: Singer, songwriter, actress, Sunday best judge, fashion designer, CEO of Eleven60

Height: 1.58 m

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $10 million

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