Josh Wolf Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Josh Wolf is the kind of guy you will sough after each time you see him. This cutie is an actor, writer, and comedian, which makes him even more attractive.

However, he has been always working on himself in order to improve his skills. Even though the audience fell in love with his comedy round tables, he wanted to achieve more – and he did!

Josh Wolf became a New York Times Bestselling Author, which speaks about his talent and dedication clearly.

He was a headline of stand-up comedy tours and wrote numerous hit television shows. In addition to his previous experience, Josh Wolf is indeed one of the most dynamic personalities in the entertainment business.

Josh collaborated with E! on the hit series “Chelsea Lady”, also appearing as a performer on “After Lately”, the new series.

In March 2013, Josh published a book for Grand Central Publishing under the very interesting title “It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Single Dad”.

The audience fell in love with Josh’s funny and brutally honest style.

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He approached us a life of a single parent in Los Angeles who is trying to meet a new special someone in a very adventurous and funny way.

Early Life

Josh Wolf was born on October 19, 1974, in Boston, Massachusetts, but raised in Amherst-Wolf.

He always had the sense of making people laugh, even when he was a kid. This only became even more obvious with time, so Josh took to the stage in the Boston area when he was only 15.

What is more, Josh Wolf had performed his first stand up show when he was at that age, which is incredible and shows his inborn talent.

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Josh graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio.

Career Development

Even though Josh took a small break from stand up, he got back when he was in his mid-twenties. This is when he moved to Seattle, Washington, in order to make a fresh start and expand his comedy career.

This truly gave him a couple of opportunities to appear on the stage in front of the Seattle audience, and practice, after all.

Indie musicians were very popular at that time and dominated the entertainment scene, which also pushed Josh to his way of stand-up comedy.

However, there came the time when Josh realized he wanted to go further – to Los Angeles. He moved to LA when he was 28 years.

Until that age, Josh made his mark in Seattle, but his wish was to play with the big boys of comedy, and there is no better place for that than Los Angeles.

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On the other hand, he was aware of the fact the comedy pond there was already saturated, which meant he would have to fight even more to stand out from the rest.

When we compare this to Seattle, Josh was a big fish there, while he was a tiny one in Los Angeles, but with massive ambition.

The big break for Josh happened in 1999 when he got his own one-man show at the HBO Workspace. Yet, things roll further after HBO, as 20th Century Fox landed Josh a talent deal. This deal was related to hosting his own TV series on ABC, which was a massive success. Then NBC wanted their deal with Josh Wolf as well.

They collaborated on Last Comic Standing, where Josh appeared as a finalist of the fourth season titled “Last Comic Downloaded”, but Theo Von beat him.

Josh was always open for new positions and new aspects of the entertainment industry, which took him to write for TV.

Wolf wrote for “Cuts”, Will Smith’s “All of Us”, “Yes, Dear” and many more sitcoms.

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This made Josh put his stand up talent aside, and devote himself entirely to writing and appearing on camera.

His big come back to television was when he appeared on “Last Comic Standing” in 2006. Also, this brought him new sitcom opportunities, such as “Raising Hope” and “My Name Is Earl”.

Just as we mentioned in the introduction, Josh was appeared on “Chelsea Lately” in 2009, while also touring with Larry the Cable guy, a man who was a stand-up sensation at that time.

Larry and Josh finished the touring in 2011 when Josh continued on appearing on “Chelsea Lately”.

Speaking of My Name Is Earl, Josh loved working with Greg Garcia, as this guy knows how to checks every box.

He sees Greg as a big inspiration, as he personalizes every character to someone you already know, and his writing is awesome.

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As Josh never stops to surprise us, he showed his passion for sports through the Fox Sports’ show “The College Experiment”.

“Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” made Josh Wolf a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Josh hosted “The Josh Wolf Show” debuted on CMT in 2015, in which he performed a song “BJ and a Sandwich”.

Then, he landed a deal with Grand Central Publishing for his first book written solo, but continued on writing, and wrote a screenplay for Happy Madison (Adam Sandler’s production company).

Josh is working on “Chelsea Lately” with Ross Mathews, one of his fellows.

The two collaborated on “Josh and Ross”, commenting the news of the day and their views on pop culture nowadays.

After “Josh and Ross”, Discovery Channels invited Josh in 2012 to work on “Shark After Dark”, which is, obviously a show about sharks, which received great ratings.

A year later, in 2013, Josh hosted “Off the Rails with Josh Wolf”, which was his own podcast on the Toad Hop Network, and co-hosted “Off the Rails with Josh Wolf and Sarah Colonna”.

When Josh talks about Married With Children, one of the sitcoms he wrote for, he mentions this type of comedy simply comes with years, as a part of growing up.

Personal Life

Josh is married to Bethany Ashton Wolf. She is a film director, producer, writer, and an actress, which means she was already famous when she met Josh.

If you ever watched Little Chenier, Midnight Juliet, Love Scene or Forever My Girl, then you certainly know who we are talking about.

They have three children – Kaitlynn, Jacob, and Trevor, and Josh adores hanging out with the family.

Seems like Josh and Bethany are leading a happy family life, as there were no gossips or rumors about cheating between these two.

Josh is also involved in charity actions, and participates and supports numerous organizations. He once ran a food truck-style business, but it failed.

What is more, the reason for this was the order by an inspector to shut down the PB&J’S after Josh and the kids made sandwiches on their apartment floor. Josh graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio.

Once, when Josh was giving an interview, he talked about his inspiration for “It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Single Dad”, Josh mentioned this was a phase in his life when he was coming through a financial crisis.

He used to write about small, even unimportant and weird stuff he used to see in the streets, at the grocery store, or in the park that day.

As Josh went out of that phase, he forgot about these records but decided to remind himself of this period of his life. There were some good stories from Josh’s opinion, some good jokes as well.

Josh then added some stories to stir everything up, and published what he called “his therapy sessions”.

Living with three kids definitely makes you think in a way different way and Josh decided to look for the comedy even in things where there is no comedy at all. Otherwise, he said, we all would turn into heavy drinkers.

Josh managed to balance fatherhood with work and other private stuff very well.

He is trying to always catch the last plane when he is leaving and the first one after he is done with his task elsewhere, which means he is not wasting any time.

Even though he is sometimes away four days a week, he still balances things out and invests effort into spending as much time as possible with this family.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Josh Wolf

Date of Birth: October 19, 1974

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Age: 45

Profession: Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Writer

Height: 1.72 m

Weight: 70kg

Net Worth: $5 million

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