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Joe Weller is a British Youtuber known also as JoeWell44. He is also a fabulous gamer and a singer and has his career envolved in many different artistic areas.

He is very creative but has issues with depression which constantly bring him down and slow his creative process.

He talked about it himself several times, sharing his lack of inspiration and ideas with his fans. They positively answered to it and claim they understand him.

Early years

He was born as Joseph Martin Weller on March 2, 1996 in a town named Brighton which is situated in England in the United Kingdom.

He currently lives in Eastbourne in England so he never lived anywhere outside UK. Therefore you will easily notice his very thick accent that screams: I’m from Great Britain!

Joe was raised alongside his sister Amy, who is older than him but they always had a good relationship.

Amy always supported him and helped him, being a sincere older sister. She also often covered him when he got into trouble, but he later did the same for her.

He was a student at Seaford Head School which is located in East Sussex, also in England. He was a good student but not really focused on some serious learning and continuing education.

He experienced bullying as a child and he says that he feels the consenquences today still.

He was chubbier than the rest of the children and was kicked out of school’s football team because of it. That made him insecure and angry at the same time because he loves football very much.

Joe’s mother is named Jenny Harris but it is unknown what his father is called.

Career development

Joe always filmed videos, throughout all of his school years, and the first one he filmed and edited was titled “How to be a fighter man”.

He watched Youtube a lot, looking at other content creators and trying to find his own style.

He got really interested in short films so he decided to make one. It was named “The Jacket” and it’s main theme was about teleporting and cloning.

Although he opened his YouTube channel and tried very hard with his videos, he just didn’t gain a lot of subscribers at first.

The very first video he set on his channel was named “New Channel- Tutorial and Torres”, but also didn’t receive many views.

But after uploading his video called “How to be KSI”, he gained over 4k subs. His comedy content is his best content, his viewers claim.

He decided to release his first song named “The Holy One” which also had more views than usual.

He decided to enter Film Making and Media Study in college to become more professional with his camera.

He made mostly sports and funny  videos, often connected to football that he adored.

After graduation he decided to become a full time Youtuber since he gained thousands of subscribers during this period.

Joes made his career on Youtube and currently has more than 5 million subscribers on his channel (5,1 million, to be exact).

He also has a very large audience on Instagram with more than 2,5 million followers.

Joe had a boxing match with KSI (a known member of Sidemen) and he lost. This was an extremely high viewed event.

In 2013 he released his debut song zitled “90s kid” and it was made in collaboration with MC Whande.

Joe is a member of “The Sidemen” group for a few years. The group consists of Youtubers from Britain who love gaming.

He has his own signature catchphrase which comes at the beginning of most of his videos and it goes “You guys!”

Weller’s career started of in 2012 when he opened his channel “Nueva Films” where he uploaded comedy sketches, various commentaries and similar.

Today his channel is named “Joe Weller”. It’s pretty simple, but efficient.

His first big success came in 2014 when his video tited “World Cup Song: Brazil 2014” went viral and was seen by millions.

In 2015 he was one of the players at Wembley Cup and in 2016 he was even a team captain of the “Weller Wanderers”.

In 2015, his single named “Wanna Do” entered the UK Top 30 chart as No. 28.

In 2017, Joe Weller made his debut with a fiction work called “Joe Weller Express: Haunted Hotels”.

Joe made a big collaboration with KSI and the video was named “Brutal FIFA: Weller vs KSI”.

Joe has also created his own brand in collaboration with another member of the Sidemen group: Calfreezy. The brand is named Weezy.

Weller also invested into another brand and has a clothing line named “Legitimate”.

In 2017 he had a feud with KSI (who is now a formee member of Sidemen” and both KSI and Weller released a diss track about the other one.

The two of them even had a boxing match which acurred in London’s Copper Box Arena. They managed to gather 75 k fans on the event. Weller eventually lost and KSI was the winner.

The feud began after KSI made an inappropriate comment on Joe’s battle against depression. After the match they managed to make peace and apologized to each other. The event stayed remembered as one of the most seen events and gaines views more than Wimbledon Finals in the same year.

In the summer of 2017 Weller uploaded a video in which he broke down in tears. He explained that he is figjting against depression. He also spoke about the lack of inspiration he constantly has and the problems with creativity.

He was supported by fellow Youtubers and gained a positive feedback on this viseo by his loyal fans: The Buxton Army.

OP Talent is the name of his management agency. It is situated in London, UK.

Joe decided to launch his own clothing line and all his merchandies can be bought in “Joe Weller Store” online. This is a good way for Joe to raise his income with his “Legitimate brand”.

Personal life

He was in a two year long relationship with an Instagram Star Kate Hutchins, known for her beauty.

Kate has an Instagram account connected to travelling and she regularly posts about her trips and adventures during travelling. They started dating in 2015 but the relationship ended the same year.

One of his most viewed videos was the one where he and his girlfriend Kate wrestled. The video was named “Strip Wrestling” and was very highly viewed.

He is a big fan of dogs and owns a Labradoodle. The pet’s name is Ernest Croggpitts Weller.

Joe calls his fans “The Buxton Army”. It’s a fun name they came up with on their own and Joe decided to embrace it.

Joe is also a big football fan which is rather plain when you open his channel. Most of his videos are connected to it: he either comments matches or plays FIFA and talk about strategies.

Joe is a big fan of Chelsea Football club.  There is another sport he likes very much: wrestling. He isn’t too good at sports, but he always tries to get better.

Because of the bullying he received as a kid, he is always answering to all events connected with fighting bullying. He mentions it in his videos, trying to hel his viewers cope with it. People love his videos where he is honest and open, but he has to watch out too. Little things make people triggered nowadays!

Joe’s favorite football player is Christiano Ronaldo and he even made a video about him and in his tribute. Joe also likes playing football and he often watches games on TV and goes to the real  games. It’s quite funny.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Martin Weller

Date of birth: March 2, 1996

Birthplace: Brighton, England, UK

Age: 23

Profession: Youtuber, gamer, singer

Height: 1, 73 m

Weight: 76 kgs

Net Worth: $1,5 million

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