iShowSpeed’s Net Worth in 2024: How Much Money Does this American YouTuber and Rapper Have?

Darren Jason Watkins Jr., commonly referred to as iShowSpeed or Speed, is an American YouTuber and rapper. He is widely recognized for his acclaimed live streams, in which he engages in playing various video games.

His popularity surged significantly from 2021 to 2022 as viral footage from his live streams on social media platforms circulated widely. In 2022, he was awarded the title of Breakout Streamer of the Year at the 12th Streamy Awards.


iShowSpeed’s Net Worth in 2024

According to Celebrity Net Worth, iShowSpeed is the digital pseudonym used by Darren Watkins Jr., a content creator on YouTube, a live streamer, and a rapper. He has accumulated a fortune of $10 million.

iShowSpeed is renowned for his live broadcasts of popular video games such as “Roblox,” “Fortnite,” and “FIFA,” as well as his partnerships with prominent streamers such as Adin Ross, Kai Cenat, and the Sidemen.

As a result of his regularly offensive and sexist conduct during his live broadcasts, he has been involved in numerous issues.

By what means did iShowSpeed accumulate his wealth?

IShowSpeed generates the majority of its money through its live streams, YouTube channel, corporate partnerships, and social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.


Sources of Income for IShowSpeed

YouTube: Speed mostly generates the majority of his net worth valuation through his YouTube channels, which in turn generate revenue from AdSense.

In addition, Speed generates a substantial income through sponsorships, as well as any gratuities and contributions he may get from his audience during his live-streaming sessions.

Speed has said that his earnings per upload might range from $75 to $200, depending on the length of his streams. According to Social Blade, IShowSpeed generates an average monthly revenue of approximately $16,000 from AdSense. According to Net Worth Spot, IShowSpeed’s channel generates over $1 million annually from AdSense.

This estimation takes into account his monthly average of more than 15 million views and a daily average of over 800 thousand views.

The IShowSpeed YouTube channel can generate over $80,000 per month and over $1 to $3 million per year in ad revenue, based on the average payment of $3 to $7 per thousand views. According to other sources, Speed’s annual earnings from YouTube alone amount to approximately $2-4 million.



Speed has the potential to make more than $15,000 for each post on TikTok. TikTok currently does not provide financial compensation to its users for displaying advertisements alongside their uploaded content.

In contrast, YouTube offers the opportunity to monetize videos and channel pages by selling advertising space, with the pricing decided by Google.

To accomplish this, TikTok influencers and businesses do not rely on a middleman, nor do they have predetermined pricing if they decide to collaborate.

Brands enter into agreements with influencers based on the specific situation, and the pricing can vary significantly. However, this predicted earning per post is generally believed to be rather accurate.

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Partnerships between brands

Given Speed’s substantial and devoted fan base, marketers have the opportunity to engage him for product endorsements. Speed has established affiliations with various leading internet brands.

At present, the exact fee for his promotional content remains uncertain, although it is undoubtedly expected to be substantial.

Expenses of IShowSpeed


Speed was observed driving a blue Lamborghini Urus and has shared pictures of the vehicle on Instagram. Based on its 2024 estimate, the car may have a starting price of almost $230,000.

In addition, there is currently limited information accessible regarding IShowSpeed’s expenditures on real estate, additional vehicles, or any other assets.

Allocation of iShowSpeed’s net worth

iShowSpeed maintains strict confidentiality regarding his personal life and investment specifics, yet, the captivating gaming YouTuber has made noteworthy investment decisions.


As a youthful online sensation, it is not unexpected that he invests in and enjoys flashy cars, NFTs, high-end watches, and cutting-edge technology such as conversational robots.

High-end automobiles due to Darren’s widespread fame on YouTube and projected net worth of $12 million, he has been able to afford and enjoy a variety of extravagant automobiles.

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