Bert Kreischer Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Bert Kreischer is a very popular American stand-up comedian and an actor who gained popularity as a reality TV host.

He is nicknamed “The Machine” and he is different of most comedians by the fact that he never wanted to become a comedian, not even as a young boy.

Early years

He was born as Albert Kreischer on November 3, 1973 in a town called Tampa in the State of Florida, United States. His childhood was calm and usual for a kid from a middle-class family.

His parents are very well educated: his mum was a teacher and his father Al was working in real-estate. However, studies were never something too interesting for him, but he did everything he could in school to keep great grades going on.

He went to a private Jesuit high school which was his parent’s choice and he was a good student. After finishing high school, he became a student at Florida State University.

He was a student for six years and during all of that time he was a memeber of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He majored from the University in English language and literature.

In 1997, a journalist from the Rolling Stone Magazine came to the party on their campus because it was widely known that they have the greatest parties in the country.

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Bert Kreischer, who loved to party and was always the center of the parties, was discovered by their journalist and he wrote an article about the party and Bert, whom he called the “number one partier in the nation”.

Career development

After he was noticed by the public, through this article, Bert started doing stand-up comedy for a living.

He never thought he would be doing this in order to survive and he isn’t really too happy with the fact that he is in comedy, but he is trying to make the best of it.

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In 1998, he was offered a place of a regular stand-up comedian in a comedy club in Boston, Massachussets. This was a good chance to earn some money.

Agents from an entertainment company named „Overbrook Entertainment“, offered him to be a part of their show as a host.

One year later, he became a host on “The X-Show”, where he had his own small gig called “Hurt Bert”. It was in 2001 and 2002.

In 2002, a movie named „National Lampoon’s Van Wilder“ was realesed and the producers of the movie stated that the article from The Rolling Stone magazine was the basis of their movie and an inspiration to the writers. The star actor in this movie was Ryan Reynolds.

Due to his success in this show and the fact that viewers loved him, he later gained his own show but he kept the same title. People really enjoyed the performance he put on.

His first acting role was in a TV series titled “Life with David J”. Peter Jacobson and Elliott Gould are two other names that showed up in this.

This opened him a door to a whole new bunch of gigs, such as “Never Mind the Buzz!$#!#s”, “Shorties Watching Shorties”( which was an animated series with comedians giving their voices), and in a drama called “The Shield”.

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„The Shield“ is a very known series, which has won an Emmy and Golden Globe award and is released on FX channel, and Bert played a role of Alfred in an episode of the 3rd season.

The next level of his comedy career came when he started regularly participating in a comedy show called „Premium Blend“ which aired on Comedy central.

Bert was one of the five stand-up comedians who were featured on a DVD titled „National Lampoon Live: New Faces“ which was released in 2004.

He was featured in Comedy Central’s Show titled „Comfortably Dumb“ and „The Machine“ (which was his nickname).

Bert was regularly invited to various radio shows and podcasts, so we had the chance to watch him in the  “Joe Rogan Experience”, “Opie and Anthony”, “Preston and Steve”, and more.

He often spins one stors when he participates at radio shows: he claims that he had a field trip to Russia while he was in college and that he got very drunk there, together with the members of the Russian mafia and that he robbed a train while he was with them. This story is the basis of his nickname „The Machine“.

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He was also involved in the making of “Reality Bites Back” TV series and he was a host at “Fresh Baked Video Game”. „Reality Bites Back“ is a show based on making parodies of other reality TV series.

He was very well liked and often invited to various TV shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and  “Late Night Show with David Letterman”.

In 2007, he had a role in a movie named „Alpha Mail“ which was a comedy directed and written by Bryan Sipe, where his partners were comedians Ken Garito and Bruce Kirby.

In 2009, the management of Comedy Central TV offered him to lead his own show named “Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb”.

One year later, he was again in the role of a host, but this time in “Bert the Conqueror”, which was made exclusively for Travel Channel.

In 2014, Bert finally published a book on which he worked for a very long period of time. It is titled “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child”. Some time later, he started working on his weekly podcast named “Bertcast”.

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Bert is known for his hum,orous performances which are mostly shirtless. Since he has gained a lot of weight lately and was mocked by other comedians, he started taking care of his body although he claimed that he is not unhappy the way he is.

Many people mocked him and he said that it  may even attribute to his comedian career to be fat since he can make more self-depriving jokes.

From 2012 to 2015 he was a host on a show named „Trip Flip“ which was aired on Travel Channel where his main assignment was to find random people and offer them a free trip on places he would choose for them. The show had 3 seasons.

He is working for „Netflix is a Joke“, an official humour account of Netflix’s. He is creating special content for them and he always makes stand up shows where he gets shirtless and makes jokes about his family and his life.

He was on the New York Comedy festival in November of 2018 and he will be starring there along with Bill Burr, Jimmy Carr, David Cross and some minor comedians.

Bert isn’t a guy that likes talk shows too much, but he sometimes gets there to talk about more serious parts of his life: such as the part where he was almost homeless.

He is an inspiration to people that are having a tough time and he makes everyone laugh. Many people don’t like him, but he isn’t bothered by this.

He often says that his haters also view his videos so that he is actually making money off people that hate him. Bert claims that this is a dream come true for everyone who was bullied or joked around with.

Kreischer tries to spend as much time with his family as possible, but this is very tough for him since he has to balance so many things around.  He has to tour around the world, which takes a lot of his time and energy, yet he still manages to keep his family first.

Personal life

Bert is married to LeAnn Kemp and they have two kids together: daughters Georgia and Ila Kreischer. They live with their parents in Los Angeles.

Bert and LeAnn  have met in college and she always liked his sense of humour. They kept dating and had a few big fights, but they never were a problem for their relationship since they have a real connection going on.

It was a love at first sight which lasted for years and they have finally settled in one place and started their family. They were really happy that they finally had a financially stable situation.

LeAnn  is also an actress and she is very supportive of her husband and a very loving mother to their children. They hang whenever they can since her husband spends a lot of time on his job.

Quick summary

Full name: Albert Kreischer

Date of birth: November 3,1973

Birthplace:  Tampa, Florida, United States

Age: 45

Profession: stand-up comedian, author, actor

Height:1, 78 m

Weight: 100 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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