Chief Keef Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Chief Keef is a very known rapper and music producer from Chicago who has recently started to work as a fashion designer too.

He owns his record label and owes his success to another star who discovered his talent: to Kanye West.

Early life

Chief Keef (real name Keith Cozart) was born on August 15, 1995 in a town of Chicago by a teenage mum.

He has spent his childhood living in a part of Chicago named Brooklyn where the majority of citizens were African American.

His mother gave him the name Keith in the memory to her brother (his uncle) who tragically deceased. His mother loved her brother very much and decided that he will stay remembered so she gave his name to her own son. Keith never met him but from his mother’s stories, his uncle was a great guy.

His mother had many problems in her life and at the end, she decided that it was better for everyone that Keith would relocate to his granny’s place where she will take good care of him.

He and his granny were always close so he grew up hanging out in the Washington Park and listening to music with other friends.

Keith never had any serious contact with his real biological father but he decided not to worry about it. He was determined to succeed and make his life better.

He could always rely on his grandma and he supported her too until he came to teenage years and started hanging out with criminals. His grandmother was strongly against it and she was hoping that he will finish school since he had good grades.

Music always interested him and he was astonished when he discovered karaoke as a little kid. He started singing and rapping to music, he made rhymes and even at such young age of six he had his style developed.

He was a pupil at Dulles Elementary School and at “Banner School”. This was a therapeutic school. He enrolled high school named “Dyett High School” but he soon dropped out. He wasn’t interested in education and at the age of 15 he was only interested in music and girls.

He started hanging out with the members of gangs and began making trouble. His face became familiar to the police and he was often stopped in the streets and searched for illegal substances or weapons.

He was caught with an illegal gun after he fired it from a moving car and that caused the police to arrest him and put him into detention.

This was difficult for him because he wasn’t used to be withholded so he found solace in music. He started posting videos on his YouTube channel during detention period, to keep him occupied.

He found out that his drill music videos interested a lot of people and that he gainred viewers to his channel.

Career development

He started making mixtapes after he realized that people like his music a lot. He liked producing it so he started spending more and more time rapping and rhyming.

His two mixtapes he released at the beginning of his career were titled “Bang” and “From the Dead”. The most recognized singles from them were “3 Hunna” and “I don’t like”.

“I don’t like” spread out through Chicago very fast and gained huge popularity amongst lovers of this wave.

He gained one million views on Youtube during the time he was in high school which was something realky rare.

Chief Keef came to Kanye West’s radar and he made a remix of this single.

He collaborated with Big Sean, Jadakiss and Pusha T on it and this gave Chief Keef even more recognition.

In 2011, he found himself in house detention again. This time he was arrested for drug possesion (cocaine to be exact).

Next year, in 2012, Chief Keef received many offers from record labels to make an album. He was popular at this time and had a very big fanbase.

A known rapper and a producer named  Young Jeezy’s was very interested in making business with him and signing a contract.

“Interscope Records” was the record label he has finally chosen because they made him an offer he couldn’t resist. They have made a deal which ensures him making his own label print named “Glory Boyz Entertainment”. After a while, he changed its name to Glory Glo.

He was the youngest rapper ever to sign a deal with a record label and this stayed as a kind of his record since.

Chief Keef started recording and everyone was eager to hear his first studio album. The album finally came out in 2012.

Many known artists collaborated with him on this album. The most interesting names were 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.

In 2013, he was honored with becoming chosen for XXL Magazine Freshman Class which was a sign of his importance in the world of hip hop.

Gucci Mane, who was already a mature artist with a huge fanbase and known throughout the country.

His record label was named “1017 Brick Squad Records”  and Chief Keef soon joined  it. His popularity grew rapidly and he was often invited to guest appear on other rappers albums.

That is why he appeared on an album made by Kanye West. It was in the single  “Hold My Liquor” which was released on his albumb”Yeezus”.

At that time, Chief Keef was still underaged so this kind of glory he garnered was a very rare thing.

Chief has released “Bang Part II” and it was released on his 18th birthday. The critics weren’t thrilled with this album so he couldn’t call it a success.

After that he has released a new mixtape named “Almighty Sosa” but it wasn’t a hit (as his first mixtapes were).

In 2014, Chie Keef started producing singles. He loved it and was especially surprised with the production possibilities.

The next album he wanted to release was called “Bang 3”, and the main single from this album is called “Fuck Rehab”.

He made this album together with Blood Money, who is actually his cousin named Mario.

Mario died tragically one month later and Chief Keef spoke about it in his singles. He was very angry because of that.

“Bang 3” wasn’t released till the end of 2014 so “Interscope Records” broke their contract.

Not too long after that he claimed on Twitter that he will release it soon but nobody believed him because rappers often show off through social media.

That didn’t happen but he released another mixtape called “Big Gucci Sosa” mixtape, which was special because it was made alongside the legendary Gucci Mane.

A few months after he has released a new tape titled “Back From the Dead 2”. This tape was made for iTunes and was downloaded there.

At the end of 2014, he released his new album titled “Nobody”. This album was a big hit and was made in collaboration with Kanye West so he guest appeared on some of the songs.

The critics also liked his album so he became widely appreciated.

The folloowing mixtape was released in 2015 under the name “Sorry 4 the Weight” which earned excellent critics. The same year, 2015, he signed a new contract with “FilmOn Music”. The owner of this label is a Greek billionaire Alki David.

His close friend and a business partner Capo was killed the same year and Chief Keef honored him with a concert.

Chief Keef was considered a bad role model and was hated by Mayor and his office.

When he came to Hammond in Indiana he was even banned to have concerts, which was considered to be the violation of his 1st amandman rights.

They were outraged by his music in which he glorifies guns and speaks of murder as it is something normal.

After a while Chief Keef has changed his story a little by engaging himself in ‘Stop the Violence” campaign.

He has also released an anti-violence single named  “Ain’t Missing You”.

In 2017, he has released a new mixtape called  “2017: two zero one seven”.

Chief Keef has turned a part of his attention to fashion and works as a fashion designer in his own company Digiglo.

Personal life

His parents are named Lolita Carter and Alfonso Cozart.He has a brother and a sister with whom he is close with.

In 2013 he started going out with a beautiful model Pretty Mesha and the two of them got engaged little later.

His daughter Kayden Kash or just called  Kay Kay was born when he was only sixteen himself. It was born by his former girlfriend after they have already split up. The same year he became father again, to a daughter, and is paying child support to their mothers.

One of the mothers is rumored to be a porn actress and a star Aareon.

His son (his 3rd child) Krüe Karter was born in 2014 and next year he became a father to Sno Film On Dot Com which was considered to be bad joke for him and was very controversial at that time.

There are three mothers of his children but he never married any of them.

His cousin Fredo Santana is also known for his rapping skills. They sometimes join on a project.

He was always on the police list for people of interest and he was questioned after someone shooting at Lil Jojo.

In 2013 he has violated his probation terms so he was sent to juvenile detention because of it.

He got 1,5 year of probation for smoking weed and driving too fast. He was often mentioned by the politicians as a bad role model for youth.

His most known nickname is Sosa from the movie titled “Scarface”. It was a name of the drug dealer in the film.

He loves to show off with his money so he has a lot of expensive jewelry and cars. He has a few vehicles but his last and most liked is Rolls Royce.

He is a very big fan of basketball and often visits NBA games.

He has over 5 million followers on his Instagram channel.

Quick summary

Full name: Keith Cozart

Date of birth:  August 15, 1995

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 23

Profession: rapper, producer,

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 76kgs

Net Worth: $ 1 million

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