Click and Carry Net Worth in 2024: Is the company still in business?

You need to be persistent if you want to be a business. Entrepreneur and engineer Kim Meckwood got a deal for her company after applying a record-setting seven times to be on Shark Tank. It was her determination that made the difference.

Seven times, she was finally chosen to go on Shark Tank after being turned down six times. What did she do with her business Click & Carry after Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban agreed to invest in it? Find out by reading on.

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What is Click & Carry?

Click & Carry is a smart device that lets people carry multiple bags without using their hands. Just twist the Click & Carry to open it, loop it through the bag handles, and lock it. You’re ready to go! Putting the same amount of weight on both ends of the Click & Carry is important.

When shoppers use the Click & Carry, they can take all of their bags with one hand or over their shoulder to avoid using their hands. It works great for people who like to shop, are older and have trouble moving their hands, or play sports and need to carry a lot of stuff.

You can even carry two paint cans at once with the Click & Carry because it is strong enough. The handles can hold 80 pounds, with 40 pounds on each end. It comes in seven different colors and has a soft gel grip for comfort.

click and carry

Click & Carry in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Kim was able to make a deal with not one but two sharks after going on Shark Tank in 2020. That’s a pretty big achievement in and of itself since she now holds the record for the most attempts to be on the show. The year 2024 has come and gone, but Click & Carry is still going strong.

Indeed, since Shark Tank aired, they’ve made $70,000 in sales, had more orders, and customers have asked for more goods. You can now find Click & Carry in shops in Japan and England, as well as in markets all over the world. Redbook Magazine even wrote about the item as one of “The Best Amazon Stocking Stuffers Under $20.”

Additionally, Click & Carry began working together with a group known as Canine Companion. The business gives money to this group so that people with disabilities can get free dog training. After this training, the service dogs will know how to use Click & Carry to help their humans.

Great videos of that training can be seen on their Instagram feed. The product comes in at least 12 different colors that you can buy. You can buy it on Amazon and the website of the Click & Carry company, as well as in many shops across the country.

Click & Carry Net Worth in 2024

Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran put $225,000 into Click & Carry in exchange for a 40% stake. This means that the company is now worth about $562,000.This is less than the $1.5 million that Click & Carry’s founder was given when she first pitched her business on Shark Tank.

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What We Can Learn from Click & Carry

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After their first or second failed try to get on Shark Tank, some people would have given up. Kim Meckwood, who made Click & Carry, promised the Sharks that she would make a pitch and find a partner. Meckwood didn’t give up, and on her seventh try, she finally got it right!

Sharks Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran knew she had good intentions when she didn’t give up on getting her company on the show. Meckwood has a full-time job and also runs his own business. Before she went on the show, she didn’t quit her well-paying job because it kept her going.

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It’s fine, as Mr. Wonderful said. You can find partners who want to work with you and your business while still letting you run it. Focus on what you’re good at, and look for business partners who can help you grow your company and play to your strengths.

Kim Meckwood is no longer alone in taking Click & Carry into the future. She has the help of experienced businesspeople like Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban.

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