Matthew Santoro Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Matthew Santoro is popular YouTuber and internet star from Canada.

He currently has 6.3 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel under name “Matthew Santoro”.

He became famous by posting interesting videos with original headlines such as “50 Amazing facts about something”.

More about career development and personal life of this YouTuber you can read in the text below.

Early years

His full and born name is Matthew Santoro. He was born on July 16th 1985 in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

There is not many information in the public about his childhood and family. It is known that he was an only child of his mother and conservative father but another information about his parents aren’t available in the public.

Matthew graduated at the Notre Dame College School and after he finished high school education he enrolled the studies of Accountancy at the Brock University which was wish of his strict father who was businessman.

In 2010 he earned the degree of  Master Accountancy and he started to work as accountant but he didn’t like this job. He was really bored  because of sitting during whole work time in front of the computer screen and documentation.

After he finished the college he decided to make some changes in his life and to develop career so he relocated to a town named St. Catharine. Later he moved to Toronto and he started to explore YouTube platform and to post videos on it.

Career development

When he moved to the Toronto he worked for two years also as accountant but he was fired in 2012.

Same year he realized that he don’t want to do that boring job so he decided to start with creating interesting videos on his YouTube channel because he really enjoys in it.

After some time he earned the conditions for YouTube membership and he partnered with this social network.

He was posting videos twice a week and sometimes more times. For a year he didn’t attract some bigger attention of the audience and after that he  started to gain a lot of subscribers.

He opened three channels. His first and main channel under name “Matthew Santoro” currently has more than 6.3 million of subscribers and on his another channel named “Matthew Santoro Vlogs” he posts different vlogs. He also has a third channel “Santoro Gaming” on which he is posting his videos about playing games.

Some of his most popular videos are for example “10 Creepy Urban Legends” and “10 Most Cursed Movies Ever Created”. Matthew created top ten lists of his best videos on which besides this two listed are included and some others such as “40 Fascinating Sex Facts”, “10 Mythical Creatures”, “10 Creepy Urban Legends That Turned Out To be True” etc.

Matthew released his own book in which he presents all relevant and interesting things from his videos. This book gained a great success and it was sold out for a short time.

Nowdays Matthew posts his videos each Saturday so he usually has a full work time just once a week and this is the advantage of freelance online jobs such as online influencers and YouTubers.

Matthew is also an actor. He appeared in the popular movie that belongs to fantastic genre by playing a zombie. The title of this movie is “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”.

He is talented for acting. Audience can conclude that he developed his acting skills by playing roles on his videos such as Lorenzo, Big Shine who is bodyguard, Hugo who is mentally handicapped and Eugene who feels awkardness in the communication and social interaction with people.

In 2017 he gained the 6 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

Group of his fans have two names. They called theirselves The Santoro Army and The Santorians.

Same year he moved to Los Angeles and soon after that he admitted to his followers that he be treated from depression and that he is feeling better after he got professional medical help although he felt very bad before treatments.

In 2015 Matthew got nominations for Shorty Award “YouTube Star of the Year” and for Shorty Award “Periscope of the Year”.

Same year he was the winner of the “Fifth Annual Streamy Awards” in the category “Breakout Creator in 2015”.

Same year he also won” #AcademySocial Award” of the Hubub 2015.

Personal life

Matthew is currently dating with certain Sabrina Nissa and according to their together photos that he often posts to his Instagram account we can conclude that this couple is in happy relationship.

Before his new girlfriend, Matthew was in relationship with a Canadian actress Nicole Arbour but they broke up in 2015.

On January 11th 2016 Matthew posted a video under name “My Abuse Story” in which he described his relationship with partner who he didn’t named although everyone from his story conclude that is actually actress Nicole Arbour. In this video he claims that Nicole abused him emotionally and physically. He said that she tortured him and manipulated him and that she forced him to isolate from his friends and family.

The actress later respond to his video saying that he used her and their break-up to attract the attention of the audience to his YouTube channel.

Matthew is big fan of Harry Potter and others fantasy books and movies.

He also adores hip hop so he often uses a hip hop lyrics during speaking.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated on about $3 million in total.

Quick summary

Full name: Matthew Santoro

Date of birth: July 16th 1985

Age:  34

Zodiac sign: cancer

Birthplace: Welland, Ontario, Canada

Profession/Occupation: YouTuber, internet star

Net worth and salary: about $3 million

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Marital status: not married

Children: no children

Love status: in a relationship with Sabrina Nissa

Residence: Los Angeles

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: Canadian

Origin: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Social media accounts and web site:





Offical web site:

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