Baby Ariel Net Worth in 2024: How Much Money Does the Youtuber Have?

Ariel Rebecca Martin is a famous American YouTuber who was born on November 22, 2000 and runs her  channel with the same name.

She has a lot of fame thanks to her beauty and makeup tips, product reviews, purchases, and personal video logs. But on this channel, she mostly posts about her new songs and albums.

Martin is well-known for her short videos and daily vlogs. It’s called “Ariel,” and it has more than 2.89 million followers and over 320,623,571 views. Read on to find more information about the social media star

Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel Net Worth in 2024

This American girl named Baby Ariel is famous on social media and as a singer. She is worth $6 million, as per reports of Celebrity Net Worth. In November 2000, Ariel was born in Florida.

She was well-known on social networks like TikTok (which used to be called Nine million people follow Ariel on Instagram, three million people follow her on YouTube, and one million people follow her on Twitter.

Forbes named her one of the most important people in culture in 2017 and Time magazine called her one of the most important people on the internet. In 2012, Baby Ariel started the #ArielMovement to stop bullying. “Aww” was her first song, which came out in 2017, and “Perf” was her second title.

In 2016 and 2017, Baby Ariel won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser. A People’s Choice Award, an iHeartRadio Music Award, and other awards have also put her in the running.

Income Sources

Ariel Rebecca Martin makes videos on YouTube and has a lot of followers on social media.  More than 2.89 million people follow the “Baby Ariel” YouTube account. More than 11.7 million people follow her on Instagram (@babyariel). More than 36.3 million people follow her on TikTok, where her name is BabyAriel.


More than 2.89 million people follow the YouTube account “Baby Ariel.” As per Net Worth Spot, it brings in between USD 1,100 and USD 16,49,000 every yearIt’s been seen more than 320 million times so far.

Baby Ariel


More than 616k people follow Baby Ariel on Instagram, which shows how famous she is. As a result, she makes between USD 6.4k and USD 8.7k per paid post, and only 0.18% of people who see it follow her. More than 36.3 million people watch Baby Ariel on TikTok, where she makes up to USD 10.4k to 16.3k a month with an engagement rate of 6.55%.


One of the most popular people on YouTube and social media is Ariel Rebbeca Martin, who has a huge fan base. Even though her content shows both normal and fancy parts of life, she is very private about her money and doesn’t share any information about how much she spends.

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Baby Ariel Career

Ariel Martin’s journey into the entertainment world began in 2015 when she found the app while looking for something to do to pass the time. However, this finding was the start of an amazing career. In the same year, Martin started a powerful anti-bullying movement that she called the #ArielMovement. BlackBook called it one of her most important contributions. 

People magazine praised Martin’s efforts to fight the negativity on the internet and praised her participation in the #HackHarassment initiative, which aims to stop the negative behavior spread by internet haters. In 2016, she was on the cover of Billboard magazine with Jacob Sartorius, another teen star from  

As time went on, she became more well-known and went on popular shows like 60 Minutes and Good Morning America. Forbes, People, and USA Today all named her a top influencer, so her power went beyond digital platforms. Martin signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency in September 2016, which set her on the way to success in the business.

Baby Ariel

It was her first song, “Aww,” which came out on December 1, 2017. It was followed up by “Perf” on January 17, 2018. Together with Daniel Skye, Martin released the song “Say It” on March 30, 2018. When she worked with EA Games to become a Sim character in The Sims 4: Get Famous, an extra pack that came out in November 2018, she took her fame to the virtual world.

Martin’s many skills also got her a part in the Baby Doll Records miniseries on Brat, which you can watch on TV. She was on Nickelodeon in 2019 in “Bixler High Private Eye.” When she was cast as Wynter in the Disney Channel movie “Zombies 2,” her Disney career started.

Famous magazines like Fast Company, Business Insider, and Seventeen Magazine wrote about her, which made her even more well-known.  A lot of media sources, like CNN, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Tubefilter, Paper Magazine, RAW, and Wonderwall, acknowledged her work in the field.

Baby Ariel

When Martin released her first EP, “Blue,” on July 9, 2021, it was the end of her long journey and a testament to her unwavering commitment and wide range of skills.

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