Tammy Hembrow Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

If you were ever wondering how can you get the body you desire even after birth, then you must have seen Tammy Hembrow’s Instagram at least once.

This young and beautiful woman is an Australian Instagram star, blogger, and a fitness guru who helps women across the world lose weight and achieve their body goals after having a baby.

Yes, you read it right – having a baby doesn’t mean you won’t be able to retain your fire figure!

Tammy is right there to motivate mothers around the world to exercise, life fit, and lead an active but healthy lifestyle.

Since 2014, when Tammy started her Instagram account, she amassed an unbelievable 9.5 million followers, and there is a huge reason for this beneath the numbers.

On the other hand, she amassed more than 1.1 million on subscribers on YouTube as well and has a couple of other social media platforms where she shares hot pictures of her sexy and fit body.

In case you are curious about how she got the idea of starting her account and sharing secrets to perfect body with the rest of the world, stay with us, and learn more about the life of this incredible Australian woman.

Early Years

Our today’s star was born on April 22, 1994, in Gold Coast, Australia, and holds an Australian nationality.

Her parents are Australian and Trinidadian, which means Tammy is half-Australian, half-Trinidadian.

Tammy and her family lived on a farm when she was a child, in a rural part of Australia.

Her father, Mark, was an actor in his early years, and became kinda famous in that time, which followed him through life, and applied to his daughter, Tammy, as well.

She is not the only child in the family, as Tammy has 6 siblings (four sisters and two brothers), while Amy and Emilee, two of her sisters are also popular on Instagram and social media.

Tammy traveled to Malaysia and Switzerland as a teenager, where she got the sense of modern life, which woke up the desire to live life as an urban girl, so she moved back to Australia when she was fully ready for making a big step forward.

She attended several different schools, including the Australian International School in Singapore.

The main reason for such frequent shifts was the fact Tammy was bullied in school.

Even though she is dealing with the same issue now that she is 25, Tammy claims she grew a thick skin over the years.

She is aware of the fact she has to deal with it as being part of a huge celebrity group.

Being bullied as a child made Tammy become a partner of the charity ICANIWILL, which aims to eradicate bullying.

She shares her own experience and attends ICANIWILL events whenever she has time.

Career Development

As we already mentioned, Tammy started sharing her pregnancy and post-pregnancy videos on social media, which brought her fame.

Her body’s transformation inspired women all around the world and still does, which gathers her more and more Instagram followers.

She was willing to share almost every step of her pregnancy with her fans that she even posted her child’s ultrasound in utero during her first pregnancy.

As everybody knows, a woman’s body goes through transformation when she is pregnant.

Tammy was eager to share her body transformation week after week of her pregnancy, while she was writing engaging captions about phases she was coming through as well.

While being pregnant for the first time, Tammy tried to perfect her workout technique and nutrition programs, while her second pregnancy gave her the chance to truly master the art of living healthy and having a bomb body during and after pregnancy.

This brought her more than 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube, as she is a YouTube star, not Instagram star only.

Tammy was such a great inspiration for mothers all over the world, as well as the ones who are thinking about having a child.

Many celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, follow Tammy, who gave her additional motivation on her post-birth fitness journey, and she is her fitness guru.

Khloe formed “Good Squad”, a group of models who are promoting her Good American denim line, and Tammy is one of the group members.

Image of Tammy with her beautiful kids, her husband, in her perfect outfits makes you think having a baby is easy and glamorous.

However, even though following Tammy’s tips and tricks will help you take your tight and lean body back, it still requires effort and persistence.

The year 2018 was a successful year for Tammy.

She appeared on the first runway show in 2018 in front of Am Gia – the famous fashion label.

Some of the other celebrities representing this brand are Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid.

Speaking of Tammy’s fitness regime, she told that the key to her stunning figure lays in the fact she trains at least three, but preferably five times a week.

She has her “cheat days” on weekends usually, when she lets herself enjoy meals at restaurants.

Yet, as Tammy said in one of her interviews for Dailymail, she eats a lot and she loves food, but that is why she lifts heavy weights on the other hand.

When she gives advice about best regimes for different women, she says everybody should create their suitable timetable, as there is no same formula for everybody.

Yet, concerning diet, she highly recommends eating healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables as much as possible, advising to avoid the toxic and unhygienic foods on the other hand.

The fact she got her flat stomach back only two months after the baby delivery is truly fascinating!

On March 2018, Tammy showed a picture comparison of her body at 7th month of pregnancy as slim shape she retained not so long ago from giving birth to her second child.

Tammy has been accumulating her wealth through her social channels, as well through her fitness program.

Did you know she has her own clothing brand?

Her clothing brand is called Sakashi collection, and she has an Instagram account under this name as well.

Further, Tammy has her own website and deals with the online business through it.

On the other hand, she promotes other fitness and fashion brands on her accounts.

Since she created and started her own YouTube channel in July 2012, she earns up about $13,000 per month on YouTube, which is $157,000 per year.

Speaking of her Instagram account, she earns $18,000 to $30,000 per post.

Tammy Fit is her application available on the App Store and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Just as we mentioned above, Tammy became friends with Khloe Kardashian, but she is relatively close to all of the Kardashians.

Also, we mentioned Tammy’s two sisters are Instagram stars as well.

On June 3rd, Tammy (25), Emilee (27), and Amy (28) launched their HemBROWS, which is an eyebrow kit.

Sisters simply love the fact people drew comparisons with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and took advantage of the chance to launch something they would all be famous for.

Personal Life

Tammy was in a relationship with the famous personal trainer, Reece Hawkins from New South Wales.

They met at a party but didn’t enter the relationship right away, as both of them wanted to wait for some time until they get to know each other better.

Tammy used to feature Reece on her Instagram posts a lot, even though he was already a popular personality in social media.

After four years of dating, Reece proposed to Tammy, and she, of course, said yes.

However, the couple never got married, even though they share a son born in 2016. His name is Wolf.

Tammy and Reece got their second child a year later – a lovely girl Saskia.

Still, despite their two beautiful children, Tammy and Reece fell apart as they didn’t grow emotions for each other after a couple of years spent together.

They separated in 2018 officially.

Both of them, Tammy and Reece share stories and posts with their kids on social media.

As Tammy is a YouTube star, and her fans and followers wanted to know more about the reason for her and Reece not being together anymore, she decided to open up about this split in a YouTube video from June 2018.

She spoke about an amicable split from her former fiancée Reece and claimed nobody was cheating in this relationship.

Tammy didn’t actually want to announce the split right away. However, her followers noticed Reece was missing from her pictures and videos.

The couple split two months before she posted a video – in April 2018.

Also, Tammy confirmed they were trying to improve their relationship, if possible.

She was honest about the ups and downs they faced through their relationship, which is something people usually ignore.

Still, no matter of her emotional status, Tammy was clear when she stated her children are her priority, as well as their and hers wellbeing.

Yet, as the couple separated in April 2018, this topic was still fresh in August 2018 as well.

Tammy attended Kylie Jenner’s birthday in August, where from she was wheeled out on a stretcher.

Attending Kylie’s birthday party at the Delilah nightclub on Santa Monica Boulevard turned out to be a mistake for Tammy.

As she was carried out on a stretcher, there was no other option than to take her to a nearby hospital.

She did apologize to her fans and followers for this incident but seems like her ex-boyfriend and fiancée couldn’t get over this.

While giving an interview, Reece mentioned that this night and everything that happened with Tammy had an impact on his life – both personal and professional.

The incident triggered an avalanche of harassment towards Tammy and Reece.

He told that he was trying to ignore what happened and live his own life. It was a bit of a challenge as he is in the public eye, but he actually didn’t pay attention to what people were saying.

Tammy used to share the living space with Reece, and the couple lived in a house in Queensland with their children.

Now, she upgraded her lifestyle and bought a $1.95 million McMansion in Gold Coast this year.

The mansion has five bedrooms but doesn’t have a hot gym – something we would expect to see in her home.

Interestingly, Tammy came to the eye of the public in April this year because of the fact she gained some weight.

Yes, you read it right!

Yet, the reason for this is recovering from the recent injury, but she is trying to get back to training as soon as possible.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Tammy Hembrow

Date of Birth: April 22, 1994

Birthplace: Gold Coast, Australia

Age: 25

Profession: Instagram influencer, YouTuber, fitness guru, owner of a clothing brand

Height: 1,65m

Weight: 53kg

Net Worth: $2 million

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