Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024: Was Shark Tank Appearance Beneficial for the Company?

Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024: Lori Greiner is famous for being a Shark on the long-running hit TV show “Shark Tank.” She has very good instincts and a great eye for items that are worth investing in. Celebrity Net Worth says that the 53-year-old self-made creator, business owner, producer, and humanitarian has a net worth of $150 million.

She didn’t just land her wealth by chance; she worked hard at several business deals to make it happen. Here is a look at one of Greiner’s best shopping deals that helped her become a millionaire.

What is Squatty Potty?

Judy and Bobby Edwards made the Squatty Potty, which is a stool that fits under a toilet and lets people squat. It is thought that this pose will help you go to the bathroom more easily.

Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024:

How Was Squatty Potty Founded?

The idea for the Squatty Potty came from a personal need. Judy Edwards had trouble going to the bathroom regularly, which led her to create the first Squatty Potty model in their garage. They then started selling the stools online.

What was the outcome of the Shark Tank appearance of the company?

They made $1 million in sales two days after their pitch. Beyond the Tank, a spinoff show showed how Lori Greiner helped Squatty Potty get into more than 11,000 Bed, Bath & Beyond shops. Bobby and Judy were in it. The Edwards family also added new designs and goods, which helped the business grow in new ways.

They made pills for constipation, cleaners for bad smells, and toilet spouts. The company Aterian bought Squatty Potty for $31.1 million in May 2021. A cash payment of $19 million was made at the start of the deal. The rest is made up of stock and transfer services. Squatty Potty made $16.8 million in sales and $4.7 million in running income in the year before it was bought.

Under Aterian’s name, Squatty Potty is still selling well and is thought to bring in $10–15 million a year. The company is worth $50 million and has made over $260 million in sales over the years.

Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024:

The Campaign That Went Viral

The “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” movie and other parts of Squatty Potty’s marketing plan were very important to its success. A lot of people were interested in the campaign because it was funny and strange.

Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024

Who would have thought that a poop tool would be one of the most popular items on Shark Tank? You can use the Squatty Potty as a stand to help you comfortably do your business. Judy and Bobby Edwards, a mother and son, came up with the idea. It’s worth $50 million now that we’re in 2024, as per TechieGamers.

Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024:

Product Line Expansion

Over time, Squatty Potty has added toilet sprays and other bathroom items to its selection, making it more appealing to a wider range of customers and giving them more choices.

Partnerships and Store Presence

Along with being a big hit online, Squatty Potty has a strong presence in shops like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Amazon. Benefits for health and medical endorsementsOne of the good things about the product is that it has been backed by doctors, who know it might help with stomach problems.

Squatty Potty Net Worth in 2024:

Difficulties and changes

Even though Squatty Potty has been successful, it has had problems, like having to keep coming up with new ideas to stay relevant in a very competitive market.


The story of how Squatty Potty went from being a homemade solution to a multimillion-dollar business shows how important it is to be creative, sell your product well, and find a need that isn’t being met in the market.

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