Cup Board Pro Net Worth in 2024: Drastic Change on the Earnings After Shark tank Appearance

Three brothers on Shark Tank told a unique story about Cup Board Pro. It made people feel things and brought buyers from all over the world. The brothers got the money they needed to carry on their father’s work with this idea.

Then what did Cup Board Pro do after Shark Tank? How much is it worth? The love of family can make a huge difference in the lives of people who are struggling.

The three brothers did their best to carry on their dad’s work. So, they put Cup Board Pro on the market around the world and got people to donate to the New York Fire Department.

Cup Board Pro Net Worth in 2024

Keira, Kaley, and Christian Young, three siblings who are also business owners, made a deal with all five investors on Shark Tank by giving one of the most emotional pitches ever.

Their Cup Board Pro is a cutting board with a tray that makes it easy to catch juices and food scraps. Cup Board Pro is worth about $15 million as of 2024, as per reports of Techie Gamers.

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What is Cup Board Pro?

Cutting boards are pretty common in the kitchen, and a lot of people who cook at home use them every day. But other than choosing between a wooden and a plastic cutting board, most of us probably don’t think about them very much.

Keith Young, a chef and former firefighter in New York City, found a way to make the standard kitchen tool better so that preparing food was easier and faster.

Young created the Cup Board Pro in 2010. It was a cutting board with a removable cup that ran the length of the board and wells that let the liquid flow into the tray. This made it easy to remove the cup and throw away the waste.

Young came up with his idea because he wanted to spend more time with his family and less time cleaning up after himself in the kitchen. But when his wife died of breast cancer in 2011, he put his invention on hold to fight on Food Network’s “Chopped,” where he won twice.

Young went back to work on the Cup Board Pro after his wife died, but around the time he got his first batch of boards in 2015, he was told he had cancer from working at Ground Zero.

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Young died in 2018, but his three daughters, Christian, Keira, and Kaley, chose to carry on his work by bringing the Cup Board Pro to “Shark Tank.” In Season 10, they asked for a $100,000 investment in exchange for 10% of the business.

Cup Board Pro on Shark Tank

His children took over his business after he and his wife Beth died too soon. They made a good case for the new board on “Shark Tank.” This business is now one of the most successful ones.

So, this amazing new idea was first brought up in the third episode of season 10. The best goods and most memorable pitches from over the years are shown in Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time. It’s being shown on ABC News right now.

They got an offer from all five sharks: $100,000 for 20% of their business, Firehouse Chef. Their business was worth $500,000 after the successful deal.

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What did Cup Board Pro do after Shark Tank?

After Shark Tank, people all over the world sent the three brothers messages of love and support. They sold everything their dad had in stock in minutes and couldn’t keep up with all the orders that came in. So, the sharks put them in touch with Williams-Sonoma, a high-end kitchenware business.

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Matt Higgins, a guest shark, says that Williams-Sonoma agreed to a great licensing deal. They changed how it was made, started making it, and then sent it through their chain. Lori Greiner, another shark, said that they made it better.

She said, “They made it even better.” I have never seen a better cutting board. I think their business is going to do well. The sharks gave their money straight to firefighters who were sick after 9/11.

To get even more money, the brothers also made a website. They made a total of $40,000 and gave it to the New York Fire Department.

Is Cup Board Pro still in business?

Cup Board Pro went back to “Shark Tank” for an improvement in Season 14. Matt Higgins, a guest investor, said that the Young children would “never have to work for anybody else again” because of the success of the Cup Board Pro.

This was the dream their father had all along. I think Higgins was right because the product has been getting better and better since the show ran. Techie + Gamers says that the Cup Board Pro became Williams Sonoma’s best-selling item. In 2023, the Cup Board Pro business was expected to be worth $15 million.

The Cup Board Pro is still for sale online and in shops for between $55 and $120 since the company teamed up with Williams Sonoma. You can also get it in a high-density plastic version. The business is still going strong on Instagram, where many happy customers say they use the Cup Board Pro every day.

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What will Cup Board Pro do next?

There are no signs that Cup Board Pro will slow down. Christian, Keira, and Kaley Young have kept getting more people to know about their brand. Their book, “Cooking with the Firehouse Chef,” came out in 2021. It has more than 100 recipes that belonged to their late father.

There are a lot of good reviews of the book on Amazon. On its Instagram account, Cup Board Pro often posts pictures of how to make meals from the book. Since then, the siblings have also come out with new Cup Board Pro goods.

They made the Cup Board Pro XL in 2022. It has two sections with a sliding barrier for food scraps and chopped ingredients. Kaley Young is the owner of Cup Board Pro  an interior design company. She also runs She Taught, a class for kids that teaches them about the lessons she learned from her mother about being kind.

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