Sackler Family’s Net worth in 2024: Wealth of the Actual Family That Inspired for Netflix’s ‘Painkiller’ Revealed

The Sackler family is at the heart of Netflix’s new drama Painkiller, which tells the story of how the opioid crisis in the US started. The Sackler family is real, and their part in making and selling OxyContin has been a hot topic for years. Some of the show’s characters are made up, like Taylor Kitsch’s Glen Kryger and Uzo Aduba’s Edie Flowers.

Sackler Family’s Net worth in 2024

In 2024, it is thought that the Sackler family is worth a total of $10.8 billion, as per reports of

Net worth of individual family members

Sackler Sr., who has since died, made a lot of money from medical ads and trade magazines. Arthur left behind an estate that was thought to be worth $140 million when he died.

Mortimer Sackler: Deceased; made large gifts to many organizations; was co-chair of Purdue Pharma. The amount of money he has is unknown at this time.


Raymond Sackler was the CEO of Purdue Pharma and worked on the development of OxyContin. He has since died. The net value of Raymond and 20 other family members was thought to be around $13 billion a year before he died in 2017.

In Boca Raton, Florida, Richard Sackler lives in a $1.7 million home. He is the oldest son of Raymond Sackler, who was head of Purdue Pharma. Even though he sold his $20 million home in Beverly Hills, he and his family are still very rich.

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Sackler family’s Income Sources

The main thing that makes the Sackler family rich is that they own Purdue Pharma, a drug business that made OxyContin, a prescription painkiller that is thought to be linked to the opioid crisis. In addition, they make a lot of money from their businesses and their other pharmaceutical company, Mundipharma.

The Purdue Pharma

The Sackler family has made most of their money from Purdue Pharma. The company, which is known for making OxyContin, had a big part in starting the opioid crisis. The aggressive marketing of the drug and the claimed downplaying of its addictive potential led to a lot of addiction and a lot of lawsuits.


Even with all of these problems and current legal problems, Purdue Pharma made the Sackler family billions of dollars. They will no longer own the company, though, after a bankruptcy deal in 2019. Purdue Pharma is also going to be completely reorganized, and from now on, it will be called Knoa.

Funds invested

The Sackler family has spread their wealth through assets other than Purdue Pharma. Real estate worth more than $1 billion, private equity investments worth another $1 billion, and art, jewelry, and other items worth $250 million are some of the things they own. The Sacklers are having big legal problems, but these different investments help them stay financially stable.



Their foreign pharmaceutical business, Mundipharma, also brings in a lot of money for the Sackler family. The business has been making $750 million a year since May 2024. Even so, Mundipharma will be sold as part of the bankruptcy deal. As a result, it looks like the sale will make a big difference in the Sacklers’ earnings.

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