Nikki Blackketter Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Nikki Blackketter is a beautiful and popular American fitness model whose career is still on the rise. She is gaining followers on various social media to this day.

Nikki comes from Los Angeles in California and her fitness model career is rapidly improving.

Early years

She was born as Michelle Blackketter in Houston in Texas, United States. It was on February 23, 1990 in an average American family.

She has sisters with whom she is still very close. They have always been connected.

Nikki wasn’t a sport type while she was growin hp and she showed very little interest in any sport.

She wasn’t especially motivated to do anything or educate herself in some field and she never had a dream job to stream to.

During high school she has moved even further appart from a healthy living mode because she shared great passion for junk food and amongst them the most dangerous were sweets she adored.

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Nikki wasn’t a stranger to alcohol too so her diet was anything but good. She often went to high school after partying all night.

By the end of high school Nikki had realized that she should do something concerning her diet and body because she recognized her body was suffering because of her unhealthy lifestyle.

She says that she does not understand why she acted like that. She never thought that it would end up the way it did, though, starting to feel sick too often.

Nikki started eating better and did some exercises but nothing to difficult. She was really surprised by the way her body changed into a great shape.

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Career development

After sensing the difference in her body and metabolism and the fact that her body started looking great, Nikki found passion in the world of fitness.

After she became a recognized name in the fitness world she became a representative for a brand called “Cellucor”, which was really an organization connected to bodybuilding supplements.

She also became a model for a welness clothing company named “Gymshark”. It is a very famous company that mostly does affiliate work with various fitness influencers.

Nikki created her own fitness website and gained a lot of subscribers. She has discovered her passion in helping people acheiving their fitness goals and she stated that it gives her great pleasure.

In 2016, Nikki stated participating in bikini competitions and although she didn’t win in any she says it was an awesome experience.

She has made a lot of collaborations with other fitness celebrities on her YouTube channel and the most popular was rhe one with Jazmine Garcia.

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Nikki says that one of her role models was Jamie Easton. She always looked up to various people and found them to be the right, healthy idols.

Nikki has almost 800 k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 2 million followers on her Instagram account.

Her net worth is approximately at about $1 million. It is obviously still growing and she is constantnly working on her career, creating products and getting new clients.

She has made a collaboration with FEAT for a line of socks which contain motives she really likes and they are cats and pineapples.

Personal life

Nikki is a very active person now and loves to travel. She also loves sharing her passion about fitness with her fans and people who would like to turn their lifestyle around.

She is also very interested in yoga which is something that she easily connects to lifting weights. She says that it’s always a really good thing to remain flexible and stretched out.

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Nikki likes to follow a flexible diet plan so she never feels that she is super restricted in some food.

Nikki only takes two supplements every day and they are Biotin and Vitamin C because she doesn’t like to take too much of them.

As for her love life, everybody knows that she was in a relationship with Christian Guzman.

Christian is also a fitness celebrity but even more popular than her. They are a fitness goals couple that exercises together and has a lot of fun as well. They don’t spend too much time and energy on various rumors that tend to go around.

They startes dating in 2014 and it worked out for them until 2017 when they decided to break up.

During the time they were together they were involved in a business with a company called “Alphalete Athletics Brand”.

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Nikki decided to quit her collaboration with this company after sge stopped dsting Christian Guzman.

Half a year later, Nikki and Christian started dating again and it seems that they are still together and happy.

Nikki puts their photo on her Instagram account and the decent one is with the two of them enjoying themselves in Hawaii.

She has been to Turkey, Costarica, Ireland, England and more. Nikki says that she will never be bored with travelling.

Nikki is very beautiful and likes to change her hair color. She is currently blue but likes all hair colors including purple and similar.

She has a cat named Max and she often reffers to herself as a crazy cat person.

Nikki is a big fan of Playstation and she bought herself a virtual reality set for it so she enjoyes it even more.

She also likes horror movies and “Insidious” is one of her favorites.

Quick summary

Full name: Michelle Blackketter

Date of birth: February 23, 1990

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, United States

Age: 29

Profession: Youtuber, fitness idol

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 51 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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