Miniminter Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Girlfriend, Mom

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Miniminter is a stage name of a well known Youtube star, Simon Edward Minter.

Simon is one of the most respected  member in a famous gaming group called “Sidemen”.

On his YouTube channel he posted gameplays of FIFA and other games that have to do with football and he is highly viewed by his fans and other lovers of these video games.

Early life:

Miniminter was born on September 7th in 1992 by the name Simon Edward Minter in Hemel Hempstead, Herefordshire, in the United Kingdom. He was raised there too alongst his siblings he is still very attached to.

He has three brothers and Simon is the youngest and seems to be the most famous of them all.

Simon’s older brothers are Nick and Johnny. He is in good relations with all of them and hangs out with them as much as he can, because his job takes a lot of time and he is always on his PC making gameplays.

He tries to do videos with his brothers fir his YouTube channel. They did several Question & Answer videos and they often appear in his vlogs. His fans think that they’re interesting together and want to see more of those videos so Simon tries to call them in whenever they are available.

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Simon went to Berkhmasted School. It is a private school and he started going there when he was only three years old until he was eighteen. He was protected by his parents a lot because he was their youngest child.

KSI, a famous YouTuber was also going to the Berkhmasted School and after they met there they have become best friends, although they weren’t getting along in the beginning (they were often fighting verbally and phisically).

Their teacher made them make peace and after that they found out how similar they are. They had a lot of things im common, and they still do. That’s why they’re unseparable now and both share their together photos on their social media channels.

Simon was a smart guy and his GSCE that he did in 2009 went great, but the one in 2011 not so much. Because of that, he couldn’t go to the University he wanted. He decided that he will wait a year to go to college because he didn’t think that he could have a good job and a career without finishing college.

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Simon was 19 then, and he decided that he will spend this time experiencing some new things. That’s why he decided to travel and it took him a while to decide where to go to.

He didn’t want to go to some known tourist place so he decided to go to Africa.

He travelled to Ghana and was there for about 3 months, during which he was teaching their people to play football.

It was a great experience because he got to know people who lived a bit differently than him. It reminded him of the fact that people need to be happy with what they have and that some, those just like him, actually enjoy giving as well.

After that he travelled to the United States because he wanted to see what life is like there because America is world known for its prosperity.

After his return to England he went to the Univerisity of Hull. He wanted to study criminology there. Although he wanted to solve misteries and crimes, his music became more importnat to him.

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Career development:

In 2012 he met JJ in London. That experience changed his life. He learned how JJ came to success with his YouTube channel. That inspired Simon.

It also got Simon really interested in starting his own YouTune channel. He decides to drop out of college to pursue his dreams. Also, he hated his college. Although he decides to drop out, he started thinking about goimg again because his life afterwards was pretty boring and his parents werent happy at all about his decision to drop out.

Simon started helping JJ with his line of clothes called “Beast”. He worked there all the time, but at the same time he has tried to work something for himself, something he will enjoy doing and will bring him enough money for a normal life (which includes travelling he likes so much).

Simon uploades his first FIFA gameplay in 2012, and only 2 years later, in 2014 he moved to Sidemen House to live with other three members.

He has two YouTube channels. The main was is called “miniminter”. There he posts vlogs and videos connected to his favorite game, FIFA.

On his second channel, he posts gameplays of other games he likes like GTA. That channel is called “mm7games” and all the GTA fans know about it.

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He is known for being a really harsworking guy. He posts two or three videos daily on his channel, which is a lot above average for his Sideman team, and in general YouTube channels.

Simon has gathered more than 8 million followera on his social media accounts and YouTube. It’s a really good number for someone in his field and the number is still growing.

Along with Simon, member of the Sidemen are Vik, KSI, Zerkaa, Wroetoshaw, Behzinga and TBJZL.

Simon recently hired a camerman for his vloggs called Jordz (Jordan). He jelps him out with vloggong and they are closw friends.

Personal life:

Simon likes to keep his lifw personal. We don’t have any information regarding his parents or what they do because they want to stay iut of media. All we know js that he has two brothers Johnny and Nick, who he loves ans likes to hang out with.

He currently lives in a Sidemen House together with his Sidemen teammates. It is located in East London.

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Simon’s favorite team is Leed United because his family originates from Leess. He is also a fan of Manchester United along with his brother who both like this team.

Interesting thing is that he wears a ring on his little finger. It’s a family traditions. His family is really close and he often sees all of his relatives. Since he was little he was thaught the importance of family.

The “mini” part in his full nickname “miniminter” comes from the fact that he’s the youngest of his brothers and was also very tiny when he was a child.

His other nicknames are Stimpypuff and Stimpy and they all sound very funny.

He played a football match in 2016 at the Southhampton’s charity game. He was playing against Allstars Team from YouTube. Simon scored three goals and was titled the best player of the match.

Miniminter is the most popular Sidemen member. He earns a ton by advertising and vlogging. That’s the reason he could afford the car that he always wantws, a red Range Rover Evoque.

Simon’s favorite YouTube stars is Nigahiga that produces comedic videos and his favorite actress has to be Megan Foxx.

He stated that its sometimes hard to be inside all the time because of his job and that he sometimes wants to be active outdoors. Because of his career he sometimes spends too much time on the computer and therefore needs some time to relax, move his body and therefore enjoy the nature.

He stated that his mother always expresses her concern for Simons spine because he is always at the computer. This used to be a joke on his channel because everyone made fun of him for being a mama’s boy.

Simon is in a relationship with Talia Mar. She is also feom Great Britain and is a singer and a YouTuber. She has almost 400 000 subscribers on her channel.

Simon is known for his experimenting with his hair. He often dies it in crazy colors out of fun and fans like these changes very much.

In the early beginning of 2018 Miniminter discovered to his fans that he is dating a beautiful girl named Talia Mar. Her real name is Natalia Margaret Haddock and she was born on November 6, 1996.

Talia wants to become a music star and in 2017 she has released her debut EP, under the name “Tough Decisions”.

She is a Youtuber and a singer and she started going out with Simon in 2017.

She has appeared in several of his videos, most of them were challenges.

Quick summary

Full name: Simon Edward Minter

Date of birth: September 7, 1992

Birthplace: Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Age: 27

Profession: vlogger, YouTuber, gameplayer

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 68 kgs

Net Worth: $ 3 million

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