Aaron Kyro Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Aaron Kyro is a famous professional American skateboarder from Denver, who became a YouTube star and owns his website titled “Braille Skateboarding”.

His YouTube channel is the biggest YouTube channel connected to skateboarding in the whole world. It is considered to be a big success to have this big channel in this sport.

Early years

Aaron was born as Aaron Kyro on September 10, 1983 in Denver, Colorado in United States. He was raised in an average American family and did a lot of fun things kids do but skateboarding was always his most favorite thing to do.

He was always a good pupil but you could see that his passion was outside, in a skateboard park. He knew that adrenaline was a huge part of his life and he therefore he wanted to pursue this career.

He was ten years old when he got interested in skateboarding while it wasn’t still very popular in his town, a small town in Montana called Red Lodge.

Aaron was one of the few kids who liked skateboarding and had just a few friends who shared his passion.

His enthusiasm was great and soon a lot of kids who were impressed by his knowledge started buying skateboards. They were also his friends.

Aaron has spent a lot of time on his skateboard and after a few years when he became really great in it, he started wishing that his town had a skate park.

He decided to find a way to build it and he pursued it until he was given the money for it. He was the reason why his hometown gained it’s first skate park ever.

Career development

Aaron decided to promote the sport he truly loved so he had opened a YouTube channel named “Braille Skateboarding” which was the first channel ever to be dedicated completely to skateboarding.

The channel became popular very quickly and Aaron realized his future lies in this business. He was happy that he could gain a regular income by doing something he loves.

Aaron was very ambitious to make skateboarding closer to his fans. That is why he had founded his website in 2007 which has the same name as his YouTube channel.

When his dreams of skateboarding as his job came true, Aaron moved to San Francisco in California. This city gave him more oprtunities regarding the development of his skating skills so he was very thrilled to move there.

Aaron became a proffesional skateboarder in 2014 and this was a huge award for him and the years he spent training.

Skateboarders around the world became obsessed with it because Aaron uploaded tips, videos and essentials for every skateboarder to learn.

He wasn’t being a scrooge in sharing all his knowledge. That is why he had uploaded a lot of tutorials on the site and gave skateboarders the opportunity to connect amongst themselves.

Aaron’s website is also a place where you can buy all the merchandise related to this sport and a lot of them are bearing his signature.

His biggest sponsor, who realized Aaron’s enthusiasm about skateboarding, gave him his first huge deal. It was “Revive Skateboards” and they are still his main sponsors.

Before that he had other sponsors, such Volcom, Thunder, and Circa. This helped him drastically improve his financial situation.

In 2015, he has released several episodes under the title “Skate Everything”, where he showed the thoughest skateboard tricks he knows.

His second series was called “You Make It We Skate It” and it was very popular.

In 2017, Aaron came up to an idea to launch the school of skateboarding and it was created online. It’s  named the “Braille Skate University”.

After the success of his new project, Aaron has started another channel called “Braille Army”.

Aaron promotes skateboarding on all media sources and has two Instagram accounts connected to it. One account is named by him and another is called “brailleskate”.

He has placed his first video in YouTube in 2005. He has 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. It’s a phenomenal accomplishment.

He had also released several DVD’s with basic skateboarding tutorials and tricks. He always tries to do new inovative things to get adrenaline and to intrigue his fans.

Aaron has published a book titled “Skateboarding Made Simple Vol. 1: Master The Basics of Skateboarding”. It was in 2013. He is very proud of this work too.

Personal life

Aaron is a scientologist and claims it had helped him in succeeding in his goals. Many people don’t know this fact about him and it surprises them when they hear this.

As for his personal life, Aaron is married to Danielle, who is also a scientologist. The two of them got married in 2010.

He claims that scientology helps him lead a balancing life and share his knowledge.

Aaron’s best friend is a popular skateboarder named Christopher Chann. Chris Chann is a known skateboarder from Los Angeles who is famous for his flip-tricking abilities.

His net worth is estimated at $2 million but it could even be bigger. It is growing because of the deals he is constantnly getting, as we know.

His wife Danielle and him love dogs. They have a dig named Bear who has his own Instagram account with 10k followers. They live together in a house in San Francisco.

Aaron’s favorite color is red, especially on skateboards.

Quick summary

Full name: Aaron Kyro

Date of birth: September 10, 1983

Birthplace:  Denver, Colorado, United States

Age: 36

Profession: pro skateboarder, YouTuber

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 70 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million

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