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Tahiry Jose is a popular  and a confident American reality TV star and an actress,  who got recognized because of her role in the popular VH1 series called “Love & Hip Hop: New York”. After her relationship with Joe Budden she became a known face on the Internet and on TV.

Early years

Tahiry Jose was born in New York’s suburb of Harlem in United States on May 5, 1979.

Her mother is Lizzy Mateo, and both of her parents are Dominicans.She liv ed in a middle-classed family and was always working to earn more money for her clothes and make-up.

Tahiry was a student at many different New York public schools but later joined the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

During her studies, she had to work hard to earn herself enough money for the studies since her parents didn’t have a lot of money.

It is known that she has worked as a waitress and a hostess in night clubs to maintain everday life going.

She has become a very succesful model and appeared on numerous covers of known fashion and beauty magazines. The issues of “King” magazines with her on the covers were all sold out early after the release.

Her confidence is high and many women look up to her in this segment of her life.

Career development

In 2013, she appeared in a reality TV show called “Love & Hip Hop” which brought attention at her,  but she was first given the role in a piece called “Video Girl”in 2011.

After “Video Girl”, she starred in the movie “Interludes”. It is a drama with elements of thriller which was filmed in 2012. It did not review way too good critics and she was sad because she wanted to become more professional in this career.

She had her Tahiry TV on Youtube channel and gained a lot of fans and views after she released her videos and posts.

In 2013, she was casted for the role in a movie “How to Commit Fraud” and in a short movie “Take no Shit!By Ryan Hankley”.

She enetered the reality show in 2013 and stayed there until 2014. She was seen in it for 28 episodes. She claims that it was a great experience to work with all of these people and she wishes she had met some of them before.

In  2015 she casted in “Beautiful Destroyer”. Christopher Dorah, a director of this action drama movie, chose Tahiry for a role of a woman named Sare. She played in the movie alongside Amin Joseph, Andra Fuller and Numa Perrier.

In 2017, she gained a role in a movie “KOPC Originals Part 1” and a minor role in “La Macquina”. “La Macquina” was an action movie in which she played.

“KOPC Originals Part 1” was directed by Dwayne DL Clark and Tahiry Jose acted as Yolanda Lopez. Dwayne directed, wrote the movie and acted in it.

The same year, around her birthday, she was arrested for an assault for an altercation and a phyisical fight with a woman who stayed with her at her house, in New Jersey.

She was released the next day but she wasn’t too happy that she had spent her birthday in jail.

Tahiry worked and still works as a model too and it brings her great income and ensures her status in celebrity circle.

After she gained fame, she decided to walk into the business world so today she is a proud owner of a club named “Suite 135”.

The club is situated in Harlem and is consisted of a two floor areas with three bars on them. It’s always full because of her reputation and people are hoping they will run into her while they are there.

Tahiry is also a correspondent for the popular “XXL Magazine”. “XXL Mag” is published by Harris Publications in 1997 and it soon became the most popular hip-hop magazine.

Her role models in business are NeNe Leeks and Bethany Frankel. They are successful presenters, hosts and actresses who managed to succeed in their goals.

Personal life

She is very pleased with her body and with her big “bootie”. She filmed a video named “Floating Bootie” and released it online. She says that it is important for her to keep her self-confidence high and to know her worth, especially after her ex left her which has been devastating for her.

Her public love life started with her first relationship in 2000, when she started dating a rapper named “Fabulous”.

Many say that her fame is due to other people, but she does not want to hear anything about this.

After she stopped dating Joe Budden she first entered the relationship with ASAP Rocky but today she is with LeSean McCoy.

She was involved in a controversy at New York Fashion Week in 2014, which resulted in her raising a civil case against Carlos “Fiasco” Suggs.

He was hired  as a bodyguard at the above mentioned event but Tahiry stated that he has hit her with his fist without reason.

Tahiry Jose dated a rapper Joe Budden for a while. The two of them have been together on the reality show “Love & Hip-Hop: New York”.

Joe had a huge hit earlier in the career,  titled “Pump It Up” but today he mostly produces music and works for the label “Slaughterhouse”. He is also a known host and has his podcast

She has been accused that she cannot get over her ex boyfriend Joe Budden who left her to be with another woman named Gyn Santana. She doesn’t talk about this, but claims that it severely impacted her during her stressful break up.

After a while she started dating other people so she began a relationship with a man called LeSean McCoy.

LeSean is a player for the “Buffalo Bills” in NFL. He is a running back nicknamed “Shady”. She says she has got a tattoo “Joey” on her body.

Quick summary

Full name: Tahiry Jose

Date of birth: May 5th, 1979

Birthplace: Harlem, New York, United States

Age: 39

Profession: TV star,actress

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 56 kgs

Net Worth: $ 200,000

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