Mark Consuelos’ Net Worth in 2024: What are His Assets and How Much is He Worth?

Hey. Kelly Ripa’s family doesn’t just depend on her to make money. The man she married, Mark Consuelos, has also made a lot of money.

Also like his wife, the 52-year-old star is best known for his acting, but he’s also built up a pretty amazing body of work throughout his career, which now includes his new job as co-host of Live. Read on to find out how much money Consuelos has.

Mark Consuelos’ Net Worth in 2024

Mark Consuelos is an actor from the United States and is worth $40 million, according to Celebrity Net worth. It’s important to note that Mark’s wife, TV star Kelly Ripa, is responsible for most of his wealth.

Consuelos is best known for his roles as Mateo Santos on “All My Children” (1995–2001) and as the bad guy Hiram Lodge on “Riverdale” (2017–present). There are more than 40 movies that Mark has been in, including “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” (2006), “Wedding Daze” (2006), and “Cop Out.”


He has also been a guest star on several TV shows, such as “Friends” (2001), “Hope & Faith” (2005–2006), “American Horror Story: Asylum” (2012–2013), and the “Riverdale” spin-off “Katy Keene” (2020).  He also had regular roles on “Missing” (2004–2006), “Alpha House” (2013–2014), and “Pitch” (2016).

How does Mark Consuelos make money?

Mark Consuelos makes money in the show business in several different ways. He started as a dancer with Suncoast Calendar Men before getting a big part as Mateo Santos on the soap show “All My Children” with Kelly Ripa, who would become his wife.

This part not only won him awards, but it also helped them have successful lives afterward. Meanwhile, Consuelos joined Ripa as a guest co-host on “Live! with Regis and Kelly” and now co-hosts “LIVE with Kelly and Mark” with her.”The Last Place on Earth” was Mark Consuelos’s first movie role.


He has since been in many movies and TV shows, including “Pride & Loyalty,” “Beautiful Girl,” “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” and “Wedding Daze.” There were also recurring parts for him in TV shows like “Missing,” “Hope & Faith,” “Alpha House,” and “Pitch.”

As the scary Hiram Lodge on “Riverdale,” Consuelos became famous in 2017. This solidified his reputation as a flexible actor with a variety of ways to make money.

Mark Consuelos’ Entrepreneurship

In addition to being a famous actor, Mark Consuelos has also tried his hand at several business ventures over the years. He has a good sense of investments and business, and he has grown his business interests beyond the entertainment industry. To increase his chances of making more money and diversifying his sources of income, Consuelos has made smart moves in several different areas.

Consuelos is a smart businessman who has formed relationships and worked with others to further solidify his reputation as a smart businessman. Starting his own production company and dealing in real estate projects are just two examples of how good he is at finding good ideas and making them work.


His business efforts not only show how versatile he is, but they also show that he is determined to find success in areas other than acting.

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Mark Consuelos’ Philanthropy

Mark Consuelos is known for both his acting work and the good things he does for others. His dedication to giving back to the community is clear from the many charitable causes and groups he supports.

Consuelos has been involved in projects that try to help people in need and make the world a better place for everyone. Mark Consuelos has shown a strong sense of social responsibility throughout his work by doing things like giving money to children’s hospitals and fighting for environmental protection.

He has always used his fame to make a difference and encourage others to do the same, whether it was by holding events to raise money or bring attention to important problems.


Mark Consuelos’ Wealth and Investments

Because of his long and successful work in the entertainment business, Mark Consuelos has a lot of money. Because he is very good at business, he has wisely put his money into several different projects, which has helped him diversify his holdings and secure his financial future.

Consuelos has made smart choices over the years to build up his wealth, investing in everything from real estate to stocks. In addition to making smart investments, Consuelos has also built a strong financial base by managing his money well.

He has made sure that he and his family will have a good life by putting long-term financial safety first and planning for the future. Consuelos keeps an eye on market trends and looks for new ways to spend his money to improve his financial situation.


What Mark Consuelos owns

They have several homes spread out across the country. They bought a house in New York City for $9 million and sold it for $3 million more than they paid for it. They got $24.5 million for another house in New York City.

They now live in a fancy 5-bedroom townhouse in New York City that is worth at least $30 million and has its yard and patio on the roof. They also own a ski house in Colorado and a beach house in the Hamptons. All of these homes are worth between $10 and $15 million. They have put at least $45 million into real estate.

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