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Eric Thomas is well known and very popular motivational speaker, YouTuber, bestseller writer, university educator who was homeless for some time in his teenage period.

Nowdays he is engaged in many fields and people loves his speeches that can watch oh his YouTube channel (on which he have more than 800.000 followers) and also on his official web site.

More about very unussual and interesting life path and career development of Eric Thomas you can read in the text below.

Early years

Eric Thomas was born in September 3rd 1970 in Chicago, Illinois under initial name Eric D.Thomas. His father’s name is Gerald Mundy and his mother’s name is Vernessa Thomas.

His mother who raised up him alone moved from Chicago to Detroit, Michigan only few months after he was born. Because of that life situation his mother played the big role in his life. She learned him to respect women but the main problem was the fact that his mother is teenage girl. It’s was very hard to him accept that.

When he was a boy and also guy he lives in huge family with his mother, uncles and aunts and he wasn’t in good relationships with all of them. They were constantly arguing which in one moment caused fight with his family and after that he left them. He also quit from high school education. All that ugly happenings in his life was very terrifying and stressfull for him.

In that “transit” period he was homeless for 25 months. He lived in abandoned buildings and he ate just once a day. After short time he found a peace and comfort in the nearby church. Everything started to change when he met a priest there. He began to spent a lot of time with him. This man was a great preacher and he succed to renewed Eric’s faith to life. He also taught him what real life values are.

Eric became optimistic by listening speeches of priest and he decide to go back to high school. He also find o job in the restaurant called ‘Olive Garden’ which brought him material safety.

He started to visit the Adventiste Church and he changed his life’s views and perceptions completely thanks to the influence of religion.

During that period he met a girl in a church named De De Mosley with whom he got along very well. He did not even guess that pretty girl he met is his future wife.

When they got married they moved from Detroit in Huntsville, Alabama and they both attended to Oakwood University. According to his words they were the only married during the studies.

Eric and his wife studied for a long time. It took him over a ten years to finished the faculty and he finally graduated in 2010.

Career development

In 2003 he started to work at Michigan State University as an academic advisor because he wanted to get master’s degree of educator. He got master’s degree in 2005 in K-12 Administration in the field of Educational Leadership from MSU.

During his work he helped marginalized groups of students which have different religion, skin color etc.

He also served as a pastor in a Ministry in Lansing for some time.

In 2015 he had done a PhD in education in Adminitration.

Eric often appears on TV shows and in radio’s where he have very motivational speeches which inspired audience in solving life problems.

Because of his strong influence on the people’s thoughts Labron James states that Eric’s speech about purity of man helped him in winnig a NBA championship.

Soon Eric realized that he is great speaker and he became aware og his huge influence on people’s minds.

In 2008 he decided to create his own YouTube channel where in 2009 he started to post his motivational life speeches that audience adore to watch and listen.

He speak loudly in his videos and he has original way of appealing to people by picking appropriate words on the right place. In his vlogs he send clear message about life views, rules and attitudes.

Eric created a motivational series named named T.G.I.M. or Thanks God It’s Monday which have more than 5 millions of views.

After his great success on YouTube many TV stations invited him as a guest in their TV shows because audience love his voice and speeches.

He participate in different talk shows even in the Fox News where he was talking about his job, life, satisafaction and happiness.

Some parts of his motivational speeches were used in music albums of musicians such as Hip-Hop artist Foster, also Meek Mill and Disclosure. Eric’s speeches are part of Foster’s track called “Hard Times” and Meek Mill’s album from 2017 named”Wins and Losses”.

Because of Eric’s specific way of speaking and his connection with the music sphere he become known under nickname “ET the Hip-Hop Preacher”.

He was in final at Audie Awards and many people and experts describe him as the most creative, original and energetic preacher of the decade.

Eric given his voice to many sports commercials, for example the advertisement for the National Football league and also for Major League Baseball.

Erick wrote three books: “The Secret to Success”, “Greatness Is Upon You: Laying The Foundation” and “Average Skill Phenomenal Will”.

In 2012 he wrote his first book “The Secret to Success” which became bestseller because of nice writing.

His second book called “Greatness Is Upon You: Laying The Foundation” was published in 2014 and many famous people were talking enthusiastic about this book.

Third book under name “Average Skill Phenomenal Will” came in 2016 and this book is story about average man who didn’t have nothing except will to succeed which he did, he became famous.

Same year he published an album under name “Resolution: Stay Ready”.

In 2016 he was invited to St. Louis to have a speech to students who wasn’t listening to him. They were making a big noise that disturb and irritated him and he had to tell them to be quiet.

Eric cooperate with Fortune 500 companies.

He is founded his own consulting company specialized in motivating and helping people in their education and also in different services to many sports organizations and professionals.

He is CEO in his company named ETA,LLC that hired more workers since Eric became very popular. This company doing services for many big companies and organizations in the USA and some of them are Nike,  New Balance, General Electric, Under Armour etc.

Eric create an awarded GED program titled “Break The Cycle, I Dare You”.

Personal life

Eric is in happy marriage for 25 years with his wife De De Mosley with whom he have son which name is Jalin Thomas and daughter named Jada. Jalin was born in 1991 and he is basketball player.

Eric doesn’t like to expose too much about his private life in a public.

Net worth

Eric’s net worth in total is estimated to be about $2.5 millions. He earn per year about $400.000. His salary from views on his YouTube channel is between $61.000 and $122.000.

Quick summary

Full name: Eric D.Thomas

Date of birth: September 3rd 1970

Age: 48

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Profession and occupation: motivational speaker, preacher, YouTuber, bestseller author, university educator, pastor, businessman

Net worth and salary: In total about $2.5 millions

Annual salary about $400.000

Salary from YouTube channel: between $61.000 and $122.000

Height: 169 cm (5 feet and 11 inches)

Weight: 59 kg

Marital status: in a happy marriage with De De Mosley for 25 years

Children: son Jalin and daughter Jada

Religion: Protestant

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African

Social media accounts and web site:




Offical web site of his online school – learning platform:


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