Jan Oblak Net Worth in 2024: Wealth of one of the Best goalkeeper explored

One of the best goalkeepers of his age is Slovenian Jab Oblak, who plays professional football. Everyone has said nice things about Jan because of how well he has played for Atlético Madrid.

He is an important part of Atlético’s defense because he is big, very agile, and has a great sense of the game. Find out how much Jan Oblak is worth in 2024 by reading the whole piece. It talks about his salary, endorsements, cars, homes, and charities.

Jan Oblak Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Jan Oblak is worth 120 million euros, which is about $129 million, as per reports of The SportsLite. On the Atlético Madrid team, the goalie makes one of the most money. Sources say that he has made over $100 million in his work so far, and that number will keep going up as the years go by.

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He got one of the biggest goalkeeper deals in La Liga history last season. It was worth $136 million over 6 years. Because of this, he now supports many companies on many platforms and is the face of some brands.

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How much money does Jan Oblak make each year?

As of 2024, Jan Oblak is thought to make about $25 million a year. As part of his deal with Atletico Madrid, he makes most of his money every year. He signed a $136.9 million deal with Atletico Madrid that lasts for 6 years and pays him about $22.8 million a year.

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He also makes a lot of money from his contract with the National Team, but no one knows the specifics of the deal. Besides his club and national team pay, he also works as an ambassador for many brands. Puma Football pays him the most.

Endorsements for Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak and Puma Football have agreed to work together for a long time and pay each other €100 million.

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Jan Oblak Homes and Properties

Jan Oblak lives in Madrid. Things about his house, on the other hand, are still unknown. But based on how much he makes, it’s easy to guess how fancy his house might be.

Car Collections of Jan Oblak

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Jan Oblak has one of the world’s best cars. The cars cost more than $350,000 all together. Jan Oblak Charity WorkIn 2019, Jan Oblak went to a charity event with kids who were in need. During the event, the man helped 580 kids.

Jan Oblak’s Fifa 22 Statistics

FIFA 22 gives Jan Oblak a score of 90. He plays football for Atletico Madrid and is a well-known player. He has been named Slovenian Footballer of the Year five years in a row, which means he is the best goalie.

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Jan is a well-known football player from Slovenia. The father of his son is from Slovenia, but the mother is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jan Oblak, Teja Oblak’s sister, is a very good basketball player who plays for the Slovenian national team.

Jan Oblak’s Works

A lot of records have been set by him, both with the team and while playing alone. The following is a list of the sports awards he has won. The 2020–21 ESM Team of the Year. 2013–14: Best Goalkeeper in the Primera Liga. Team of the Season in La Liga The best team in La Liga in 2015–16 and 2016–17.

Young Football Player of the Year in Slovenia in 2012 and 2013. In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020, he was named Slovenian Soccer Player of the Year. This is the 2017 FIFA Pro World11 5th Team. UEFA La Liga’s Team of the Season in 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, and 2018–19.

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That’s how you could describe Jan Oblak Non-Inform, a goalkeeper from Slovenia who plays in Spain’s top league (1). Oblak FIFA 22 is 27 years old, has one skill set, three weak feet, and walks on their right foot. Oblak costs 56,000 dollars on the Xbox Market . The PlayStation costs 58,000 coins, and the PC costs 53,000 dollars.

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