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Fat Nick is a known American rapper who was very recognizible for his blond dreadlocks and and a single “Drop ‘Em Off”. He is currently serving his prison sentence due to the crime he comitted.

Early life:

Fat Nick is a young American rapper from Minnesotta who became known for his hit song called “Drop Em Off”. It was received very well amongst the nation.

He was born in a low-income family on June 4, 1994 in Miami as Nicholas Manucci.  His parents originated from Greece and Cuba and worked in Florida on manual jobs, sometimes they didn’t work at all, so Nick had a tough childhood. He learned that he needs to work very hard in order to succeed.

He always wanted something better for himself and the only way to do that was to start some criminal activities so he could buy himself clothes and music gear. He joined a group of dealers, trying to earn enough to fit into other upgoing rappers. This had a big impact on his future and the image he had amongst his fans.

After a while he realized it wasn’t the future he wanted to have so he turned to making music. He dropped out school in the seventh grade deciding to focus on music. He had an ambitious plan that he wanted to make work in order to get famous.

Career development:

First his good friend Kevin Pouya dropped out, then Nick followed him. Kevin was the first to get involved in the rapping scene and Nick followed him, hoping to become known enough so he could do what he likes and live of it. He is very grateful for everything that his friend helped him achieve.

They decided to try themselves as a duo so they became “Buffet Boys” and after a while they welcomed two more members: Germ and Shake Well. They started to be recognized in the rapping community.

It was the meeting with SpaceGhostPurrp that changed the way their career headed. He was an established rapper who helped them launch their careers and mentioned them in his songs. He also invited them to join him on his percormances once in a while.

Nick eventually decided to start his own solo-career. His first hit single was “Drop Em Off” and he invited Germ and Kevin to be a part of his song. The song was a hit.

Nick and Kevin started their online show called “The Nick and Pouya Show” which became popular because they are witty and have a great sense of humour. They began posting comedy videos which went viral because they always chose some tabu theme to speak about.

In 2006 Fat Nick was incercarated because he hurt a man badly when he was involved in a racial feud. He bashed a man called Glenn Moore in June 2005. The man was severly hurt (Nick broke his skull) and he was sentenced for 15 years. Obviously Nick has a problem with temper.

He is situated Clinton Correctional Facility.

He lost weight in prison (75 pounds or 37 kgs) and now he is focused on his new pheasyque and looks. This is one of the good things that happened to him in prison, along with the fact that he had much more time to write music.

He dropped out of school but now he is making up for that by attending school in prison three hours a day, he studies to take exams in order to finish high school.

His hobby is working out, playing cards and ofcourse the TV.

After the release he gained his weight back and often posts pictures of him eating fast food. His fans were very sad because of this.

In 2015 he released his first mixtape “FatCamp”. His LP, “When The Lean Runs Out” was released in 2016.

“Brand New” in 2017 had millions of streams on SoundCloud.

Nick and Kevin founded they own record company “Buffet Boys Records”.

Fat Nick’s social media account counts over 150, 000 followers. This is a pretty large number for someone who had such a long break in making music.

He tours all around the world, to Greece in Europe and to Australia and New Zealand. However, there are usually incidents and his fans make a lot of trouble.

He has his own merchandise shop called www.shopfatnick.com and this is his second biggest source of income.

Personal life:

He hasn’t got someone special in his life, but he is very close to his family: mother, sister and grandad.

The media always claims that he doesn’t have a girlfriend because of his looks (about which he doesn’t care) and his criminal record too.

Nick has a very distinctive hairstyle: blond dreadlocks. Many people claim that he is trying to hard to look like a black rapper.

Quick summary

Full name:  Nicholas Manucci aka Fat Nick

Date of birth: June 4, 1994

Birthplace: Miami, Florida, United States

Age: 23

Profession: rapper

Height: NA

Weight: 85 kgs

Net Worth: $200,000

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