Dapper Laughs Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Dapper Laughs is a British comedian, actor, and reality TV personality.

David Daniel O’Reilly came into prominence throughout Facebook and Vine by posting funny videos, creating the Dapper Laughs persona and often causing controversy and media backlash with his eccentric behavior and humor.

He is most known for his song “Proper Moist” that debuted at the 15th place on the UK Singles Chart.

David participated in the Celebrity Big Brother during January 2018.

Early life:

Dapper Laughs was born as David Daniel O’Reilly on June 17th 1984. He was born into a working class family that lived his first couple of years in Kingston, London.

There isn’t much information available to the public about David’s early life, childhood or education.

During the 2014 controversy sparked by an inappropriate joke, David blamed his lack of education and his working class background for the media’s negative characterization of him and his Dapper Laughs character.

Career development:

David O’Reilly used many available social media platforms to launch his Dapper Laughs persona into the spotlight. Earning a huge amount of followers on Facebook and Vine, he debuted on the UK Singles Chart with his song “Proper Moist”.

The song was a huge hit, and it dominated the charts in the UK for several weeks, which is a huge success in regard to the fact David was a fresh face in the comedy world at the time.

The single was followed by “Take It To The Base” but was overshadowed by the 2014 controversy surrounding O’Reilly’s name.

David is probably most famous for his controversial show Dapper Laughs: On the Pull. The show’s main focus was Dapper Laughs giving advice to men on how to have sex with women more successfully.

The show received negative reviews, and was characterized as being offensive to women. He made an inappropriate rape joke regarding one of his audience members, and sparked a lot of controversy and negative criticism.

After a huge scandal that even resulted in an online petition for ITV to cancel the Dapper show, David announced the retirement of his Dapper Laughs persona. The show was not renewed and he had to cancel his announced tour.

O’Reilly publicly showed dissatisfaction with the website UsVsTh3m, for their negative review of Proper Naughty Christmas. The website explained how some of the song lyrics on this album could be degrading homeless people. He soon apologized through a statement.

Later in 2014 throughout his social media accounts, David O’Reilly announced the comeback of Dapper Laughs, but promised to be more appropriate this time.

Trying to redeem himself in the public eye, Dapper participated in a charity involving amateur boxing. He joked about facing his colleague Jack Jones in a box match.

David participated in the Celebrity Big Brother during January 2018. His participation divided the public about whether he’ll ruin the show’s reputation or bring something new and interesting that will keep the viewers wanting more. He burst into tears at one moment, opening up about his dad’s death. 

Personal Life

David has been dating glam model Shelley Rae since 2014. They have kept their relationship very private, so much information on how they met, dated or their life together isn’t available to the public.

After the controversial 2014 Dapper Laughs decided to dedicate himself to family life. Since being very private about his personal life, O’Reilly never announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

His announced that he was expecting a child, joking how quickly he came from lad to dad.

After two years of dating, O’Reilly and Rae decided to take on the most important role of their lives. They decided to become parents. In 2016 they welcomed a baby girl by the name of Neve O’Reilly.

Net worth

David has accumulated an estimated net worth of $500 000 during his years in the spotlight. The information about his Celebrity Big Brother salary isn’t available to the public, but it’s estimated to be somewhere between $10 000 and $100 000

Quick summary:

Full name: David Daniel O’Reilly

Nickname: Dapper Laughs, Moisturiser

Date of Birth: June 17, 1984

Birth Nation: United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: White

Birth Place: Kingston, London

Age: 34 years old

Height: 5’8’’

Weight: 75 kg

Net worth: $ 500 000

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