Atlas Monroe Net Worth in 2024: Was Shark Tank Appearance Beneficial For the Company?

Have you ever thought about how much Atlas Monroe is worth? Atlas Monroe is one of the world’s largest businesses that makes vegan chicken.

Deborah Torres made it because she wanted to make a good plant-based chicken and meat choice after her dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Even though her appearance on “Shark Tank” didn’t work out, it did help the company grow and be successful.

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Atlas Monroe Net Worth in 2024

Plant-based meat items are very popular because every year millions of people choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Atlas Monroe made a vegan fried chicken.

Deborah and Jonathan Torres, the company’s owners, went on Shark Tank to pitch the idea. Rohan Oza and Mark Cuban made an offer to buy the company, but it was turned down. Tech Gamers says that Atlas Monroe is worth $7 million right now.

What is Atlas Monroe?

Deborah Torres is famous for turning down a $1 million offer on “Shark Tank,” but she’s also famous for her vegan fried chicken brand, Atlas Monroe. Organic wheat gluten and a hidden mix of spices are used to make the plant-based chicken.

Because the dish tastes so good and looks so real, Atlas Monroe was the first vegan to enter the National Fried Chicken Festival in 2018. Judge and Extra Crispy reporter Ryan Grim picked it as the best dish.When Torres’ father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015, she had to come up with a fake meat product.

After watching the documentary “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days,” the founder talked on the Business For Good show about how she got her meat-eating family to try a raw, vegan diet for three months. Torres tried making vegan versions of their favorite foods, like fried chicken, BBQ ribs, and Thanksgiving turkey, to keep them going.

Not only did they enjoy the food, but her father was also no longer diabetic when he was checked again after 90 days.Because people liked the food so much, Torres started a caterer business to get her vegan food out to more people. Then she said yes to having a booth at the 2017 Vegandale Fest in Chicago.

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The event went  well, and people started talking about Atlas Monroe on social media. Suddenly, she was in high demand. She went to “Shark Tank” to get money for what she thought would be huge growth because she could sell a lot more.

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Appearance on Shark Tank

Deborah took her idea to Shark Tank in 2019 with her husband. They said they would give you 10% of the business for $500,000. They gave the Sharks samples, and all of them liked the product.The talk quickly became heated as estimates and numbers were thrown around.

Barbara Corcoran thought it was too early to invest in the company. But Mark Cuban, who doesn’t eat meat, was interested.At first, Cuban offered $500,000 for a 30% share, but guest Shark Rohan Oza later convinced him to make an offer for the whole company. They offered the founders $1 million and a 10% cut of all sales, but the Torres turned down the offer and left empty-handed.

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After Shark Tank

It must have been hard to say no to a million-dollar deal, but the founders made the right choice. Atlas Monroe opened a factory in San Diego because of the huge increase in sales after Shark Tank. They now make more plant-based cooked chicken than anyone else in the world.

They took a lot of pre-orders to pay for the building and then filled the orders a few months later. Customers were gentle and wanted to help, which was great.The business was making a million pounds of chicken by the end of 2021. Since going on Shark Tank, Deborah has led the company to make over $2 million in sales, and they were on track to make $5 million in 2021.

Atlas Monroe is thought to make over $5 million a year, but the company hasn’t shared any new sales numbers since then.They now make more plant-based meats besides chicken. They no longer only sell directly to consumers; now they also serve over 50 restaurants across the country.

Deborah said in an interview that she didn’t like how the show presented her. It looked like she didn’t understand the numbers because of the changes she made.

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Is Atlas Monroe still in business?

Atlas Monroe on FacebookAt Atlas Monroe, the company is still owned by its founder, Deborah Torres, so it keeps growing. More and more stores are selling the company’s goods in retail packaging. You can also buy them on the company’s website and get them shipped anywhere in the country.

There are also a lot of new items on the menu, such as fajitas, garlic Parmesan popcorn chicken, hot chicken breasts, and other chicken dishes. It also has apple wood-fired ribs, Korean BBQ pork, cured bacon, Jamaican jerk tenderloins, Philly cheesesteak slices, deep-fried stuffed turkey, and a bunch of different unique sauces.

Of course, everything is vegan.As a big part of its partnership with the vegan fast food chain Copper Branch, the restaurant now serves Atlas Monroe products in more than 40 sites in Canada, Australia, and its US branch in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The vegan fried chicken sandwich was first only available for a short time in Nashville, but it was such a hit that it has now been added to the regular menu.

It now also makes food to go at its San Diego location, and on the weekends it serves brunch. The delivery apps Uber Eats, Doordash, and GrubHub can also bring food to you in your area. The brand has also started selling in vegan specialty stores, such as the San Diego Vegan Market and GTFO.

It’s plant-based for mail order. Atlas Monroe won the award for Best Vegan Chicken Sandwich for the fourth year in a row on December 22. This is another step on its way to the top of the vegan food chain.

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