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Kathleen O’Day Wynne is a female politician from Canada. She used to be the Premier of Ontario and one of the biggest names in the Ontario Liberal party during ages 2013 to 2018. She is a member of the Provincial Parliament and she is very famous for coming out as being a part of the LGBT community. She was the first such person in politics of Canada.

Kathleen was a  community activist and she had a major role in Toroto District School Board. In 2018, she lost her status and therefore isn’t active in politics anymore. Before she became a politician, she used to be an English teacher.

Early years

Kathleen was born on May 21st in 1953. She was born in Toronto and her father was a doctor. He was called John. Her mother was called Patsy and she was in the music industry. Her mother’s side is from Bahama islands, but they moved to Canada where Kathleen’s mother met her husband.

Wynne was raised in Ontario, in a district called Richmond Hill. She went to Queen’s University where she got her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in languages.

She is also elegible for adult education since she got her degree in that too. She made her way to the top student list in Ontario Institude for Studies in Education.

She was also a part of a small community who had been developing some theories in psychology and psychotherapy. This was from 1997 to 2000.

Career development

In 1994, she decided to try going for a trustee position in a public school. However, she didn’t win. She tried again in year 2000 and won this time, but the newspaper was making a huge deal out of her love life.

Because she is lesbian, the papers used to write all kinds of mean stuff about her and this often affected her politic life.

Wynne was always active when it comes to stuff related to education. She wanted to make public schools better and she always found money in the state’s budget to fund new books and technology for the young.

Her major political career started when she became the main person in Toronto Institue of Human Relations. She was always dedicating work to the poor and to those who can’t take care of themselves.

Kathleen also invented this thing called Parent Network and it was a place where any family would come to search for help related to finances, education and children. She wanted to make Canada a better place to live in.

In 1990s her work with schools was noted by politicians and in 1995 Mike Harris was chosen to be the premier of Ontario. This was important because he let her do more school-related political work and she was more politically active.

In 1999, she lost a nomination, but she decided to go for the public office. Luckily for her, they voted her in 2000. In 2003, she became one of the most popular people in the provincial parliament and in 2006, her biggest upgrade in her whole career happened.

Premier Dalton McGuinty decided she would be a great minister of education after all of the wonderful work she did and in 2006, she started to obtain this position.

Kathleen decided that keeping classes small and functional would be a great thing to do for education and after all of the great work she did, in 2010 she became the minister of transportation. She was very brave and took every task seriously.

In 2011, she became minister of municipal affairs and housing and also minister of indigenous affairs.

However, she was always a consult they reached out to when it came to school since she was one of the best people in Canada for this.

Soon became a scandal about financial problems and mistakes and the police started to check everyone in the office. This was very disturbing, but the worst thing was that another scandal came soon: the energy plants scandal.

In 2012, McGuinty decided to retire and since he was very close to Wynne, Kathleen also decided to finish her career in this field of work.

In 2013, she became the premier and she decided to fix all of the issues that were happening with the power plants by putting out rare documents people had been hiding.

Her campaign was very successful and she promised many things. She said she’ll fix the pension plan so elders don’t have much worries.She said she’ll put out a higher minimum wage, she said she’ll be more active in hospitals.

The media was talking all about her sexual orientation, but there were no issues whatsoever with this during her political career. She was always very professional and decided to keep her private life out of the whole thing. In 2014, her party won 58 seats which was a really good number.

She then made a new transportation plan and she decided to give university tutition to those families who have very low income. This made her the favorite political person in Canada.

Kathleen was also all about child care. Dental care and medical things were also something she was concerned about so she decided to re-budget the country a bit. It ended really well.

In June of 2018, Wynne saw that the Liberal part of politic won’t really win any seats and she decided to resign in July of the same year.

She had a great speech and decided to move forward in life, focusing on her private life and her hobbies. Although she was a pretty controversial person because of her thinking and certain interests, she did some great work for Canada and she was very loved.

Personal life

Her personal life was in the media a lot after she came out as lesbian. Unfortunately, because of the stigma around LGBT community, she had to hide it for  a long period of time and at some point she wanted to force herself into being normal.

She married Phil Cowperthwaite and she gave birth three times while in this marriage. Kathleen wasn’t happy, though, she was just trying to be normal.

After splitting up with her male partner, she started to date Jane Rounthwaite and they got married in July of year 2005.

The couple now lives together and many are judging the former politican for her lifestyle, especially because she’s active in the community of the United Church of Canada.

She had a lot of problems on social media. On Twitter and Facebook, people often mocked her for her sexual orientation and claimed that she is not eligible to be a politician.

Wynne talked many times about the rights of homosexual people and she stated that she’s very used to hearing all kinds of mean words in the street.

She believes that one day this will change and she also often tells people that they’ll have to speak up in order to ensure tolerance, love and connection.

People got to know her political standings and decisions through podcasts. In Canada, political podcasts are pretty famous and therefore they often talked about her.

She was one of the most famous people in this field and they always said that she “increased minimum wage”, “gave greater rights” and “helped those in need”.

Kathleen was liked by people because she had great education in so many fields and is a great speaker. She has no issues with conversations and speeches and she easily motivates others. That’s why she made such a big impact on schools.

During her impressive career, she never had any controversies related to budgeting. She is great with money and many people think that Canada would use a young version of this lady to help their current situation.

Quick summary

Full name: Kathleen O’Day Wynne

Date of birth: May 21st, 1953

Birthplace:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Age: 65

Profession: politician, teacher, TV star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1.1 million

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