Arin Hanson Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Arin Hanson is one of the most notable artists in the area of creating cartoons and make animated series and films of all kinds.

Arin is a respectable artist with the ability to make various voiceovers. He is such a big talent for transforming his voice in different ways so he can give it to different characters in the same cartoon.

One of his biggest passion is making his own music because he says that he is motivated with music throughout all his life. He wants to combine the art he makes in various fields.

That is why Arin became a great rapper too, sharing his talent with his huge fanbase. He wanted to connect with his fans through many talents.

Since Arin is involved in comedy and likes it very much, he often makes funny lyrics and make his performances interesting for various people.

Gaming is also a thing he is interested in so you can now see why we say that Arin has a lot of talent and is a very versatile artist.

Arin created a Youtube channel alongside his good friend Dan and tgey have called it “GameGrumps”.

This channel is devoted to gaming and they upload their gameplays on it. Sometimes they play together, sometimes they play individually.

Since they like it so much and enjoy themselves while playing, their followers like the videos very much and think that they are a very interesting couple.

But there was something else that made Arin more famous than he could ever imagined. It was making the “Awesome Series” that brought him worldwide popularity and money he never imagined he will receive.

Arin is a millionaire today and he will continue to be one of the most interesting personalities online.

Early years

Arin was born on January 6, 1987 as Arin Joseph Hanson in a place called West Palm Beach to a loving couple. His father Lloyd Hanson and his mother Maurette were overwhelmed with joy after the birth of their baby boy.

Arin’s father was a musician and Arin inherrited his love for music and his talent. He was also surrounded by music from his early age which made him become very musical soon.

His mother wasn’t an artist of any kind but she had a very kind nature which led her to become a great philanthropist. Maurette was a big animal lover so she chose a job that would let her work with animals: she became an employee of a charity center devoted to healing animals, primarily horses.

After finishing elementary school, Arin became a student at Wellington High School, which was situated in Florida, very near to their home.

Arin was terrible at school and the fact that he was  banned from the school wasn’t a surprise to anybody. He never liked to stay at one place for a long time and therefore he spent his days nourishing a lot of hobbies.

Arin soon discovered his voice acting possibilities and he started getting interested in animation, so he decided to move to a city where he could get work very soon, to Los Angeles.

Career development

Arin knew that he couldn’t become a big name in his area of expertise right away, but he was still making and creating as much as he could to keep up in shape abd to make as many videos he could.

A company has hired him to make short films for their needs. After realizing that he still stands in ithe same spot just like in the beginning, he created and launched his channel  called Egoraptor. He has used this channel as his platform to demonstrate games he works on and creates Ninja Gaiden and  Metal Gear are some of them.

In 2006, he has gained recognition as one of the best gamers online. This was a big success for him and he knew that he was going to get big after that. It was his golden pass to the media world, although he never thought that it would be through video games.

After establishing his role in the world of gamers, he has created various videos which were mostly parodies of known video games. One of the first that made him successful was the one named “Meta Gear Awesome”. He is very likeable and that is why people enjoy his videos.

He was hired to create a content by a known MTV channel but he wasn’t that happy because he has realized that he can not connect with fans through this channel. “Poke Awesome” is a very great video he made and it gave him recognition.

The worst part about this is that he was feeling restricted because he had no communication with his fans whatsoever. He designed some of his most famous work there so he did get recognition for the many things he invested.

Arin decided to make his career out of Youtube and not to work for anyone else. That is why he started creating his own content and a channel named “Grumps”. This was one of his best decisions: he started to interact with his fans much more and he spent time reading and answering various comments, which was a big plus for him after being in all this social media fuss where he had barely any contact with his viewers.

This was in 2012 and the channel later changed its name into “Game Grumps” to be more precise about its content – gaming.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of our story about Arin, he is into music too. Today he is a member of a trio which calls itself “Starbomb”. This trio doesn’t make plain music but parody music conected to gaming which includes things related to games, gaming and known gamers.

Arin gained a great opportunitywhen he was asked to give his voice in a video game named “Ultimate Alliance” with the role of Bruce Banner and made by Marvel.

Since he was a big Marvel fan he has welcomed this opportunity to work there. It was a dream come true for him to make this collaboration.

He made other notable work such as Rick & Morty, Dragon Age: Inquisition and  Target Acquired.

It was in 2013 that Arin appeared in a known web series titled Pepper Gaming. In this series he shared his taughts about “Monster Hunter 3” game and he spoke about its graphics and the music in it.

Personal life

Arin started his relationship with  Suzanne “Suzi” Berhow, a fellow Youtuber he later married. The ceremony took place in 2013 and they live happy in a town of Glensdale in the state of California. The couple didn’t share much about their relationship on the internet, but when they got together, people started to joke about them being the “mom and dad” of YouTube.

They got married after ten years of dating and are still sharing the same enthusiasm. The thing is, they don’t like to get involved with rumors and similar stuff, so their relationship stays strong.

Suzi is also a creative artist and a Youtuber and can be found online with many alias names such as KittyKatGaming and Mortem3r.

There are a lot of people following him and on certain social media platforms he has over half a million subscribers. This is a fantastic number and he is very proud of it.

Many people make fun of his signature because it looks like a sketch a child would make and you can not read out his name. This does not bother the creator and he says that he is signing million dollar deals with his lousy signature. He gets the last laugh, of course, no matter what they say.

Quick summary

Full name: Arin Joseph Hanson

Date of birth: January 6, 1987

Birthplace:  West Palm Beach, Florida,  United States of America

Age: 32

Profession: cartoon maker, voiceover professional, rapper, YouTube star

Height: 188 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1,5 million

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