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Ralph Smart is a very popular British born vlogger, healer and a winner of the Youtube Gold Awards for several times.

His username on his Youtube channel is Kemefprince1 and he is currently living and working in Los Angeles, California.

Early years

He was born as Ralph Okrafo Smart on March 3, 1986 in London in United Kingdom. One can easily see that his roots are not from Europe.

His parents came to England from Sierra Leone in West Africa and he is closely connected to his origins in that country. He is proud of his origins and he never wants to forget his parent’s history.

His parents have raised him as a religiously consious person from the early stages of his life. This left a huge impact on him.

He often emphasizes how he has spent his childhood living in a very loving and secure environment. It was very interesting for him to listen to things around him and he knew that he wanted to have a job where he can talk to people.

He was very young, a 10 year old boy, when he went to Sierra Leone and spent a year there, going to school and learning about his roots. It was his parents’ wish but he says it was a great thing for him too because  he was interested in life there.

But when he became a teenager, he started having difficulties with his parents due to the fact that he couldn’t understand and support his parents’ religion and he started having his doubts about it.

This great change of heart and mind brought Ralph close to his main interest in life today: meditation. He now meditates daily.

After finishing high school he became a student at the University of Westminster and he finished it several years later. He has received the combined honor degree in Pschychology and Criminology. This degree is still questioned by a lot of media sources because he hides his past life very rigorously.

After finishing college he found himself intrigued with the world so he decided to travel around the world and gain some experience. This travel is considered to be a revelation for him, making him believe that he can heal a lot of wounds in the world.

This experience, where he made research about various cultures (even the Ancient Egypt), introduced him to astrology, nutrition, yoga and everything he now consideres important concerning health and sexuality.

He travelled he world and was on five continents and learned something from each culture there. Ralph says that the best thing one can do is meet many people around him and learn something from them.

Career development

During that period he wrote a lot about his journey and experience, and after coming back to London he has opened his YouTube channel and started uploading his videos on YouTube somewhere near the end of 2000s.

He started making life coach videos which he shot himself, produced himself and uploaded himself. He dedicated a lot of time and hard work into this area of his life.

He became known as a holistic youtuber, which was something that upset his parents very much and they have disapproved his choice of career back then. They have always been religious and it was hard for them to realize that he is wanting to be this way.

The series of videos he made were all about spiritual health and meditation which his parents also disapproved. Later they have made peace with it.

After several years of being persistant in his work as a life coach and uploading his video on Youtube, he started gaining subscribers faster and started to be more known in London.

He has named his teaching „Infinite Waters“ and it is also the name of his website and his main logo.

Due to his high YouTube popularity he gained a YouTube Gold Award for three times: once for having more than 3 million subs on his channel, once for being an accomplished YouTube artist and once for his creative content that he uploads very often.

He has written three books from his area of expertise: „Tryathon: the Love of a Galaxy“(sci-fi novel), „Feel Alive“ (self-help book) and „The Book of Infinite Quotes“.

He has worked in a school, he worked with people with bipolar disorder and ADHD and autism. He worked in hospital, in retail and in a warehouse. He says that there is no job that he hasn’t tried.

He lived in Sierra Leone, Ethiophia, Brasil, Spain and now he lives in Los Angeles. He loves to take pictures of the beautiful places too, it’s something he would love to enjoy more often.

He has his own Instagram account called „Infinitewaters“ with almost 300 k followers. He posts some wise thoughts on there and he enjoys spending time talking to his fans, called divers.

Personal life

He loves to skate, but hates corruption in powerful places. It’s something that he cannot understand.

He has revealed that he is lefthanded as his grandmother in one video and that he is very happy because he is lefthanded because he thinks he is more creative because of it.

He spoke about himself in one YouTube video and he told to his viewers that he plays tennis with his right hand and the guitar also with his right hand.

In 2005 he has became a vegan and eats a lot of organic food. He says that his skin cleared up a lot after he went vegan.

He likes to eat well, not a lot. He spends a lot on food and doesn’t mind it. Ralph sees it as an investment and thinks that everyone should enjoy healthy food.

Ralph always makes his videos in nature since he connects with it easily, he loves to feel the fresh air and the breeze in his hair.

Quick summary

Full name: Ralph Okrafo Smart

Date of birth: March 3, 1986

Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Age: 32

Profession: Youtuber, author, guru, life coach



Net Worth:

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