Peter Breck Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height

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For those who are lovers of the old Western movies, name Peter Breck is certainly a household name.

Peter Breck belongs to the old Hollywood cast of actors who made his mark through countless movies and TV series that marked the history of television and film.

For those who are younger and do not remember this actor, there is certainly a lot of important things to learn about this amazing actor and his talent.

In today’s text we will learn about the career and life path of this famous actor. We will touch on the subject of net worth and wealth that Peter Breck accumulated along the line.

So, if you are interested to find out more about this actor, then keep on reading.

Early years

Peter Breck or Joseph Peter Breck was born in New York, in Rochester. Since his family situation wasn’t ideal, Peter spent most of his childhood in Massachusetts together with his grandparents.

Peter’s father was a travelling jazz musician who could really take good care of his son, so he also agreed that grandparents should take care of him. This was particularly hard for the young Peter, but he had everything he needed in his grandparent’s home.

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Peter’s parents separated when Peter was only eight years old, and the divorce was extremely hard. His parents couldn’t find a mutual agreement, but decided to split Peter and his brother George.

Peter went with his father and George went with their mother. The two boys never saw each other, since their parents were in a rough divorce period that lasted a decade.

Big news was when Peter was reunited with his brother George after twenty-two years.

The boys never even knew where each one of them lived, but George recognized his brother on television one day and decided to reach out to him. He explained to the newsmen that he saw a resemblance in him and Peter, so the two brothers were finally reunited.

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Peter attended the University of Houston where he decided to study drama and English.

After finishing college, he decided that his path should be n film so he decided to pursue a career in acting which turned out to be a good idea.

Together with everything Peter Breck made in his career, he will always stay known as the rugged son of Barbara Stanwyck on the show The Big Valley.

Sadly, his private life wasn’t as successful and happy as his career was, and Peter took the loss of his son hard.

He never truly recuperated after his death and felt as though he had lost a part of himself.

Career development

Even though he was young at the time, Peter decided to join the Us Navy and fight in the Second World War. He then joined a basketball team Rochester Royals and played basketball professionally in the period of 1948 to 1949.

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To pay for his college, Peter worked on a ranch in Houston. His debut was in a film The Beatniks. Besides this debut, Peter performed in many series and several episodes of Sea Hunt, Have Gun – Will Travel and Gun smoke.

In 1956, Peter appeared in the Sheriff of Cochise in an episode called “The Turkey Farmers”. Series “The Deserter” and drama “Gray Ghost” followed. All of these appearances started to put Peter into the spotlight and the talent scouts became aware of this ambitious, young actor.

Robert Michum was the first to saw Peter in a Shaw’s play called The Man of Destiny that was held in Washington D.C. after seeing him performed, Breck was offered a role of a rival driver in a movie called Thunder Road. Mitchum even helped Breck to move from D.C to Los Angeles, that was the epicenter of TV and film.

To help Breck get to work, Mitchum decided to lend him his Jaguar. For such a young actor, this was a complete shock and turn of events. Breck then signed a contract with Dick Powell for the Four Star Productions that allowed Breck to appear in Dick Powell’s Zan Grey Theater.

Many other famous TV series and movies followed, allowing Breck to earn his 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood. Breck starred in a series called The Big Valley, where he played Nick Barkley. He played the role of a hotheaded and very fast to the gun, son of Victoria Barkey (played by Barbara Stanwyck).

After the role in The Big Valley, Breck mostly appeared in series such as S.W.A.T., Fantasy Island, Alias Smith and Jones, Mission Impossible and many more. In some of the roles he played himself. Breck moved to Canada during the 1980’s where he taught acting classes once a week. Breck made his last performance in an episode of John Doe in 2002.

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Besides being in television and film, Breck also tried his talent in theater, where he performed in Canada and in the USA throughout 197’s. Some of the more notable performances were in the “Mister Roberts”, A Thousand Clowns” and “The Gazebo”. Another notable performance was the Doc Holiday performance in Maverick.

When it comes to Peter’s net worth, his net worth is estimated at around 91$ million. This is an enormous number, and Peter earned this amount over the course of his career, by appearing as a star in various shows and movies, but also by acting in theater and running his acting school in Canada.

Personal life

Peter Breck’s career was rich and note-worthy, but we can’t say that he has been so lucky in his personal life. Since his childhood, he was hurt and abandoned by the people who mean the most to him, which never stopped him on his road to success.

After the difficult childhood, Peter Breck found his love with a dancer Diane Bourne and the couple married in 1960. Their son Christopher died of leukemia and the couple didn’t have any more children.

Peter Breck became ill from dementia and his wife announced this news to the public. Peter couldn’t sign autographs anymore, but his wife explained that he still can read the letters that his fans are sending him and that he truly enjoys them.  Peter Breck died on February 6, 2012 at the age of 82 in Vancouver.

Together with everything Peter Breck made in his career, he will always stay known as the rugged son of Barbara Stanwyck on the show The Big Valley. Sadly, his private life wasn’t as successful and happy as his career was, and Peter took the loss of his son hard. He never truly recuperated after his death and felt as though he had lost a part of himself.

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From the early age and the touching story about him being reunited with his brother, Peter’s life could have been made into an amazing drama.

Even though it is hard to overcome what he has been through in his life, he could have looked back at his life and career and be proud of everything he achieved. He brought laughter and enjoyment into so many homes, and that is his biggest reward.

Peter spent the last years of his life together with his wife Diane, who was his biggest support and friend.

The couple enjoyed their days of retirement as much it was possible after the tragedy that struck their family even though they lost their child while still young, they never decided to have more children.

Peter Breck will be remembered as one of the Hollywood’s brightest stars and will certainly be honored for years to come.

His acting and amazing talent can be appreciated by everyone and not just the fans of the western movies.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Peter Breck

Date of birth: March 13, 1929

Birthplace: Rochester, New York

Age: 82

Profession: Actor

Height: 1, 88 m

Weight: 63 kgs

Net Worth: $91 million

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