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Masika Kalysha is one of the most famous women in a show called American Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star.  However, people know her from The Prey in which she was in 2017.

Her older work is not that famous and it is from 2013. She is an actress mostly due to her beautiful looks, and before she used to be ahostess and even a model. Her body is very beautiful and curvy so many women like her and find her an inspiration.

Early years

She was born on June 7th in 1985. Her birthplace is also her favorite place in the world and it is Chicago! She said that Illinois is one of the most wonderful places she was ever in and that’s why she decided to stay here for some time.

She was also growing up here along with her two siblings: a sister and a brother whose names are not known.

Because of the fact that she was very close to her father, she learned a lot about life and she claims that most of her knowledge comes from her father.

She graduated from Chicago where she went in a local high school. She never stood out regards to her grades and she was just a regular student.

Masika is often annoyed by the fact that everyone thinks she didn’t get proper education or that she isn’t smart just because she is of African American origins.

Career development

Her career started when she got into the Hollywood industry thanks to her looks and her appearance. She has a personality that suits TV so she didn’t have a hard time becoming a part of it.

She was a hostess at first and people started to notice her since she is a very pretty woman. Because of all of the stars that found her beautiful, she became a model.

Many people like Lil Wayne, Birdman, Waka Flocka and similar artists featured her in their music videos because they needed someone really beautiful to portray a certain role.

This made her very famous because all of these people have a lot of followers and therefore she started to gain a lot of followers on her social media.

In 2013, she got into a series that was scripted by the most popular erotic magazine in the world: Playboy. It was called 7 Lives Exposed and she appeared in a movie called Prey later too.

In 2017, she got an offer to be in another movie and this was very interesting for her because she enjoyed acting even more than modeling. She was in Prey, a movie that didn’t really get good critics. She was also in a movie called Three Can Play That Game by Vivica A Fox, another actress.

During her years in Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Star, you could see that she was struggling with Fetty Wap and that they had massive fights every now and then.

She broke up with him in 2016 because she couldn’t take it anymore. She quit the show for some time to find herself again and to get a hold of being a single mother.

When she came back to the show, she sparkled with positive energy and she decided to be a boss of her life.

Masika decided to make a makeup collection that she will sell and she named it after the thing that is most precious to her: her daughter.

Her makeup line is called Khari Barbie Beauty and it is special because Masika put a lot of work into it. It’s vegan and there is no animal cruelty in her company. She says that she cared a lot for the environment too.

Her career path is a proof that a beautiful woman with goals and not so much education can suceed if she puts a lot of energy in it.

She says that it feels great to be such a powerful woman and to inspire others, even when you’re a single mother. She is also a proof that a mother with a baby can suceed without a father and still have a happy life she present on her social media where she has a huge following, mostly on Instagram.

Personal life

She is also very popular because of her private life, which seems to be more interesting than her career in many aspects. She is not married because she didn’t yet express the wish to do so, but she does have a partner and a baby.

Her partner is a famous artist Fetty Wap. He does rap and hip hop music and they met because both of them are in the industry.

She gave birth to his baby girl called Khari Barbie Maxwell. Masika hasn’t been so active in the career field of her life lately because she is taking care of her little girl and doesn’t really have the time to do anything else.

A lot of her popularity comes from the fact that she gave birth to Fetty Wap’s daughter and many people think that it isn’t okay that she is popular because of this.

However, recent controversy says that Fetty is being suspicious of the fact that it is his daughter. He thinks that Masika had maybe cheated on him and that the baby girl isn’t really his kid.

That’s the main reason why Fetty won’t give his daughter his surname: he isn’t sure she is his baby.

Masika has has quite a few boyfriends before Fetty and they were all a bit problematic in a certain way. James Rashid was one of her previous boyfriends, but Yung Berg is a more popular one.

He is also a musician. His real name is Christian Ward.

There have been some allegations of Masika being a lesbian, but she says that this isn’t true and that she is straight.

Nowadays, she does all sorts of things to earn: sing, dance, model, travel and so on. However, her first priority is her daughter and she has to spend a lot of time with her until she grows a bit.

Masika is actually famous for a lot of the controversy she went through with Fetty Wap. Because of this she encourages young single mothers to be more thankful for not having the toxic men in their lives anymore.

There was a huge controversy around her and Fetty Wap when she had shared the fact that he wanted her to abort the baby and later said thathe is not the father of the baby because he didn’t want it.

Masika said that she went through some very tough decisions during her life, but that having a baby was not one of them.

She knew that she wanted to be a mother and she knew Fetty would not be a good father so she left him.

Fetty still celebrates his daughter’s birthday and Masika tries to keep her daughter and herself out of all controversies, as much as she can.

She does not want to be involved in any feud, she claims, it’s not needed for her baby.

Quick summary

Full name: Masika Kalysha

Date of birth: June 7th 1985

Birthplace:  Chicago, Illinois, The United States of America

Age: 33

Profession: model, actress, social media influencer

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Net Worth: $200,000

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