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Jeff Lutz is a very popular American Street racer and a contester in reality TV series called Street Outlaws. It is one of the most viewed reality shows in America. Today he and his son Jeff, Jr are together making cars and racing.

Early years

He was born as Jeffrey Lutz on May 15,  1970 and he has a brother with whom he is very good with. There aren’t any informations regarding his mother or other relatives, and his birthplace isn’t in any online records.

His father and his brother and not even him weren’t interested in cars when he was just a young boy. His interest came in his teen age.

We don’t know much about his education or which school he went to, so we don’t know how well-educated he is. We only know that he has finished highschool.

He got interested in cars when his brother who served in the Marines came from the Gulf War and bought himself a new Camaro.

He was kind enough to his younger brother to let him drive the car along the dragstrip.

That is when his interest in cars has begin and he was always trying to find a car to drive and to race with.

Unfortunately he wasn’t always causious so he drove cars as a teenager and it was forbidden for a man of his age. He was caught driving without license and he lost the possibilty to get his own license for a long time.

As soon as he got himself a driving license he decided that he needed the car so he bought himself a car.

His first car was a 74′ Nova hatchback but we know he couldn’t drive it because he lost his license. This was the car his father bought him after he saw his will and love for cars.

Career development

His day job wasn’t connected with cars since he worked in construction and he had his own crew to work with him.

He was a very good bricklayer and he always had work but then came the crisis and he couldn’t afford to have a crew and couldn’t earn enough money for a decent living so he decided to open a hot rod shop.

He soon realized that  he’s way better off with the shop because he’s finally doing what he likes most and it involves race cars.

He is a proud owner of his own business called “Lutz Race Cars” which is settled in a town in Pennsylvania called Callery.

The company is doing great and he has a lot of work to do, a lot more than he would usually have because he’s very popular amongst racers and he always has some car in the shop to fix or modify.

Jeff Lutz has one more important person in his life: it is Scott Murray, his co-pilot and a dear friend. Scott and him come every year to the drag week competition.

Drag week is a very hard competition because it has to be done in 5 days and the cars go over 1000 miles without help from the outside.

Of course they have their mechanical tools and all the spare parts that fit in their car and they think they might need it.

This competition is really hard because drivers must stay awake as long as they can so Scott gives him drinks and food and tries to keep him awake as much as he can.

He often eats sandwiches and Diet Pepsi and lots of Twix bars just to have enough sugar to stay awake and endure.

But Jeff is mostly known for his role in a reality TV show called “Street Outlaws” which runs on Discovery Channel.

He doesn’t only hold a record on drag week but he’s a winner of hot rod drag week 2 times.

His popularity has slightly went down just because a new member came to Street Outlaws and his nickname is Big Chief. Still he has a very large fan base and they follow him on his social media accounts.

He is one of the rare drivers who weren’t interested in cars because someone in their family has already been into street racing. He’s car from Street Outlaws is a 1969 Camaro Pro Mod and he refers to it as Mad Max.

He doesn’t have only this car but he has two more and they are both 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air cars.

He competed in the third National Bowling Green Competition in Kentucky where he showed off his new car which he made with his son Jeffrey.

They have built together a 1957 Chevy Bel Air which has twin 98mm Precision Turbos and 540 cubic inch motor.

This isn’t the first but the third drag car Lutz has built. It is yellow unlike previous which were black and

It is very light but firm due to his chromoly tubes and carbon fibers from which he is made of.

This is the car he’s hoping will bring him back to the top of Street Outlaws where he lost his position due to Big Chief.

He’s first competition in the Hot Rod Drag Week was in 2016 when he won the race going 6.106 at 243.50 mph and the next year he made it in 5.89 seconds so he became very famous and won the title of “King of Drag Racing”.

He has a quite large income from his shop and from Street Outlaws so his net worth is estimated around 1.5 million dollars.

Personal life

He loves his wife Christine very much and they got married on July 31,1989. He often shares their photos on his social media accounts alongside his son who he loves very much.

He’s a very proud father of Jeffrey Lutz Jr who adores cars just like his dad. So we can surely say that he’s a great father and a great husband. His son is in his early twenties and he’s following his father’s passion for cars so he’s involved in street racing too.

Quick summary

Full name: Jeffry Lutz

Date of birth: May 15, 1970

Birthplace:  NA

Age: 48

Profession: street racer, reality TV star,

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1,5 million

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