J.B. Holmes’ Net Worth in 2024: Fortune of the Professional Golfer Explored

J.B. Holmes is an American pro golfer who is worth $20 million. On the PGA Tour, he won eight events. The United States was born on April 26, 1982, in Campbellsville.

His full name is John Bradley Holmes. JB played on the Pepsi Junior Golf Tour when he was in high school. Holmes went to Lexington, Kentucky, to go to college. In 2005, he became a real worker. Holmes won the FBR Open in February 2008.


J.B. Holmes’ Net Worth in 2024

Hollywoods Magazine says that J.B. Holmes’s net worth is thought to be $50 million. He makes most of his money from being a successful golfer. Holmes is expected to make about $2 million a year by 2019. He won the 2006 FBR Open and became the fastest player on the PGA Tour to earn $1 million.

We don’t know about his things, like the cars and houses he owns. A golfer with that much money and a net worth must be having a good life. It took J.B. Holmes a lot of hard work and determination to become a great professional golfer. Holmes started his work when he was young, which shows that he followed his passion and made it a job and a way to make money.

Holmes’s career has had ups and downs, just like any other athlete’s. The hardest part was when he was labeled with dyslexia in high school, which almost ended  because he was on the Pepsi Junior Tour at the time.

What did he get when he won on the PGA Tour?

His five PGA Tour wins have earned him the most money. He’s made a lot of money in those events since 2006. J.B. Holmes won the 2006 FBR Open and got $936,000. Holmes has won many awards since then. The most recent was the Genesis Open in 2019, for which he earned $1,332,000.


J.B. Holmes’ Tours and Concert

He won a medal at the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament. He played in his first PGA Tour event at the Sony Open in Hawaii in 2006. Besides that, he won the FBR Open. Because of this, he was the first golfer to hit $1,000,000 in such a short time.

In 2007, J.B. Holmes had the 118th-highest net worth of all players. Holmes turned pro in 2005 and has won seven professional fights so far. Holmes’s career took a big turn when he won the FBR Open for the second time in 2008.

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How does he play golf?

The way he usually plays is by hitting the balls from a long way away. A lot of amateur players want to play like him. He was second in driving distance, just 6 yards behind Watson, who was first.  He easily beats his opponents in the game because he is farther away.

What is he best known for?

He’s second in the world in driving distance because he can hit the ball more than 300 yards. He got as high as number 19 in the Official World Golf Ranking in 2017.

J.B. Holmes Assets, Cars, Houses


J.B. Holmes, a professional golfer, has several notable assets, including cars and houses. Here are some details about his assets:


No specific information is available about J.B. Holmes’ cars. However, athletes often own luxury vehicles, such as high-end sedans, SUVs, or sports cars.


  1. Florida Residence: Holmes sold his waterfront property in Florida for $1.825 million, which is $225,000 less than its original purchase price six years ago. The custom-built mansion features a two-story great room, a covered pool and spa area, and approximately 6,300 square feet of living space.
  2. Concession Home: In May 2024, Holmes purchased a 6,300-square-foot home at 19445 Ganton Ave. in The Concession for $2.05 million.
  3. Previous Florida Home: Holmes previously owned a lakeside home in Florida, which he listed for sale at $2.15 million, a $100,000 increase from its original purchase price. The house features a glass atrium, a swimming pool with a spa, and 6,325 square feet of living space.


Other Assets

Holmes invests in real estate as part of his asset portfolio, which likely includes other properties and investments beyond his homes. His net worth is estimated to be around $12 million, with significant earnings from his professional golf career and sponsorship deals.

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