Emma Raducanu Net Worth in 2024: How Wealthy is this Young Tennis Player?

Emma Raducanu, who is only 21, has become one of Britain’s biggest tennis stars in the last ten years. She is now making a name for herself at Wimbledon in the Ladies’ Singles and the Mixed Doubles with Andy Murray. Emma’s net worth has grown since she won the £1.8 million prize at the US Open in 2021. 

With endorsement deals from Nike, Tiffany, and Porsche, that number will only go up. It would be worth £2.7 million for Emma to win Wimbledon in 2024 in the Ladies’ Singles. How much is the tennis star worth now?

emma raducanu

Emma Raducanu Net Worth in 2024

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Emma Raducanu makes a living as a tennis player and is worth $15 million. Emma Raducanu first played on the WTA Tour in 2021.

She won the US Open only a few months after her first match,  which is the record for the fewest majors played before a title in the Open Era. 

She is also the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since Virginia Wade did so at Wimbledon in 1977.

emma raducanu

Prize Money for Emma Radacanu

Emma Radacanu has won $4,067,065 in tennis tournaments so far. Her main ways of making money are from her work on the court and from the brand partnerships she has built up over time.

The British athlete’s constant accidents have slowed down her rising career, which is a shame. For now, she can look forward to an exciting season in 2024.

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Endorsements Deals for Emma Raducanu

Young tennis player Emma Raducanu is very famous right now and has a lot of fans. After her big break, she got a lot of advertising from companies like British Airways, Porsche, Vodafone, and more. Raducanu gets her clothes and shoes from Nike, and Wilson sponsors her racquets.

Max Eisenbud, an agent for IMG, is working on her behalf to get her lucrative sponsorship deals. Eisenbud has worked with five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova before. On top of that, she is the face of the water brand Evian.

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Charity Work by Emma Raducanu

In the middle of 2024, there is still no record of Emma Raducanu’s volunteer work or other social efforts. However, she is thought to have done some good deeds in the UK.

Emma Raducanu Assets, Cars, Houses

Here is a summary of Emma Raducanu’s assets, cars, and houses based on the provided search results:

emma raducanu


  • Raducanu lives in a beautiful house in Bromley, London. 


    • Raducanu owns several luxury vehicles, including A Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet worth £132,000 
    • A Range Rover, which she uses as her daily driver 
    • A Mercedes 
  • She is also the brand ambassador for Porsche. 

emma raducanu


  • Raducanu has made strategic investments in real estate and luxury vehicles, contributing to her growing net worth. 

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