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Blair Fowler is one of the Blair sisters who is known for her beauty and style tutorials which she uploads on her YouTube channel under her internet name Juicystar07.

She has two channels: juicistar07 and otherjuicystar07. She uses the other one as a backup account if anything ever happens to her main account.

Early years

Blair Fowler was born as Laura Elizabeth Fowler on April 1,1993 in Augusta in Georgia in United States.

She has an older sister named Elle who is known as AllTheGlitters21 on the internet and she has a younger sister named Emily Caitlin Rose who was born in 2002.

Blair was 6 years old when the whole Fowler family decided to move to Kingsport in Tennessee from New Orleans where they lived until the move.

She became a student of Dobyns-Bennett High School and her older sister Elle started her studies at Miami University.

Career development

In the summer of 2008 Elle started posting videos on YouTube and she persuaded her younger sister Blair to do it with her. Blair wasn’t interested in it as Elle but she was soon starting to change her mind.

They soon became very popular on social media platforms and on YouTube  and two years later they had over 75 million views on their YouTube channel.

Blair had serious troubles as a teenager since she became a target of bullying in her high school so she started homeschooling. This came to the state when her schoolmates started throwing eggs on her car and making all kinds of pranks.

Both sisters were often criticized because they posted a lot of haul videos and people thought they are idolizing materialism too much, causing shopping addiction at their young followers.

In 2012 both sisters became hosts and judges of a web series called “Beauty Blogger Bootcamp” but the series wasn’t that successful as everyone expected.

Blair Fowler was nominated for Teen Choice Awards into category web star twice: in the years 2011 and 2012.

Along with her sister she was again nominated two years after, again for the Teen Choice Awards but this time in the category “Webstar Beauty/Fashion”.

Blair and Elle decided to publish a novel and it was named “Beneath the Glitter” and after that they released their own makeup line named “Skylark”.

Today Blair has two YouTube channels: one is named  -Juicystar07- and the second is named -otherJuicystar07-.

She had a very happy childhood with understanding parents.She always got along with her father dr. Scott Fowler (who is a gynecologist) and her mother Melissa.

Since the family has moved quite a lot when they were children, the girls attended all kinds of schools: public, private and online schools. Blair ended up homeschooled because she was bullied at school.

In 2010 Blair relocated to Los Angeles because of her internet career on the rise and her sister Elle came with her.

The sisters are very good in business so they launched a very successful line of accessorize which are meant for cell phones and it was named “Cellaris by Elle and Blair”.

In 2011, she had a really small role in the movie titled “Prom”.

In 2013 Blair bought a condo in West Hollywood where she still resides and her sister Elle purchased a condo near her.

Personal life

Blair has dated Sawyer Hartman, a known actor and a YouTuber in 2011/12 but they broke up after a while.

Blair is a very big fan of fitness and goes to the gym almost every day of the week. She’s also very passionate about singing but isn’t really talented in that area.

Blair is a pretty brunette who keeps herself in shape and always looks great no matter what.

Her favorite color is pink so she has a lot of clothes and jewelry in this color. It was a trend that everyone knew and people always thought of the colour pink when they think of Blair.

Blair is not even close to her real name. Blair is a name she chose as her internet online name because her father advised her not to give her real name online. She did not want people to get in her private business.

After a while all of her friends and even members of the family started calling her Blair so she is now: Blair.

Blair and her father joined the cost of “The Amazing Race” where she made the viewers angry because she was lazy a lot.

For example, in the week 7 of the series, she made her father do all the hard tasks  and she picked the easy ones for her.

In the end she and her father Scott lost the competition because of her mistakes but noone was sorry for Blair to leave.

They were all sorry about her hard-working fathet Scott.

She has a boyfriend for a while now but she says she doesn’t want to reveal his name until she has a ring on her finger.

She often mentions him in her posts or even puts a video with him but she hides his face on the same videos.

The only clue about who her boyfriend is was her statement that she once acted in the same video as her.

Meanwhile, her sister Elle got married to Alex Goot and is pregnant now. She is very happy for all of them.

Quick summary

Full name: Laura Elizabeth Fowler

Date of birth: April 1, 1993

Birthplace:  Augusta, Georgia, United States

Age: 25

Profession: Youtuber, reality TV star, writer, businesswoman

Height: 1,63 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million

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