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Bastian Yota is millionare who came from Germany and now he lives in Los Angeles. His life is luxourous. When he was younger he watched Baywatch and from that period he dreamed to live in Los Angeles so his dreams come true.

Bastian was in marriage with Maria Yota for a nine years. This couple met in Munich, Germany where Bastisan previously live.

Bastian like to spend a huge amounts of money on expensive things and he expose his rich lifestyle on social networks. He is often appears in the media also and he is known as a playboy.

Bastian developed business in fields of software engineering and cosmetics and beauty products.

More than personal life and career development of this millionaire you can read in the text below.

Early years

Bastian Yota was born on December 4th 1976 in Landshut, Germany.

There is not preciously information about early years  of Bastian Yotta because he is hide how  he spent his childhood. It is known a fact that he lived in Munich Germany where he met his wife.

He finished high school in Munich and after that he enrolled the studies of Business Administration. After he got the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration he worked for almost a year as insurance broker.

According to some information he had a problems in Germany and he was arrested because of some incidents. It’s interesting fact that people in Germany didn’t like Bastian because of his extravagantly way of life.

It is also known that he was over weight when he was young and that he was poor so had to work hard and after that he invest money in his business that really paid off later.

Career development

In December 2014 Bastain moved from Germany to Los Angeles, United States of America.

Just one month later after he came to America (in January 2015) he published his first book named “Mind Slimming – The revolutionary method to desire weight” which became very popular.

Same year in December he was guest in the weekly TV show titled “The life of Yottas” where he introduced himself to the audience. In this TV show he was talking about his job of lifestyle and fitness guru.

In 2016 he participated in the reality documentary called “Die Yottas! Full through America on the life of the glamour couple. This TV show contained four parts.

In 2017 he appeared in one more TV show under name “Adam looking for Eva-celebrities in Paradise”. He was in the finals of this TV show along with his partner Natalia Oscada who was choosed by other participant for the couple which won.

In 2018 he released a book under name “The Yotta Bible” in which he wrote about his hard life path. He present his life story describing how he became millionaire from poor guy.

Bastian earned a millions from his bussines in software technologies and cosmetic products. He decided to invest in these types of products because he realized that women and men spend a lot of money on beauty treatments because they all want to be beautiful and also to have nice and slim and tight body.

He invested money in Cavitation treatments, tattoo lasers, IPL devices and that really paid off and made him very rich. He has a few companies in his possession that have a great profit.

Personal life

Bastian Yota was in marriage for a nine years with Maria Hering who was his childhood friend. He met the Maria in one restaurant in Munich. In that period Maria was 27 years old student and training teacher for children with special needs. Bastian was 21 years old in that period. According to some information Maria worked in the restaurant where they have met.

This couple fall in love and got married soon after they met. Maria left the studies only six months after she met Bastian.

According to information Maria fall in love in Bastian because of his lovely smile, great sense of humor, nice and hot body. They moved to Los Angeles in 2014.

Maria have esthetic surgery on her breasts and she enlarged them. She is attractive blonde and during their marriage Bastian was often saying that there is no woman in TV show “Baywatch” who looks so good, hot and attractive as Maria.

While they were in marriage Maria and Bastian constantly posted a photos of their glamorous life such as expensive cars, vila with at least ten rooms where they lived together, expensive clothes, jewelry etc.

They also make a glamorous and expensive pool parties where they invited beautiful and attractive women. During parties they kept lions  and other exotic animals in cages.

Maria used to called herself ideal wife and she argued with people on her social networks accounts who accused her that she is with Bastian only because he is rich.

Maria always claimed that she wants to be handsome, attractive and beautiful for Bastian and that he is happy and satisfied when she looks perfect.

Unfortunately, this couple split up in July 2016 although this information weren’t confirmed in the public. Unofficialy, the reason for their divorce was Bastian’s new girlfriend Christiana Caune who is also very attractive and beautiful.

After divorce Bastian and Maria stay in good and friendly relationship.

According to last information Bastian is dating with young girl which nickname on her own Instagram profile is “m.y._life__” and he often posts photos with her. His new girlfriend is attractive, beautiful and handsome brunette but her real name isn’t known in the public.

Bastian is very active on his Instagram account called “yotta_life” on which he posts photos of his attractive body almost every day. He has 758.000 followers.

He loves to spent time in a gym where he trains often which gave results because he has a hot and nice body with defined muscles.

Net worth

According to “Wealth Magazine” Bastian net worth is estimated on incredible $1 billion. Bastian has a luxorous vila and a few luxorous cars such as Lamborghini, Bentley Continental Sport, Ferrari 458 and even a private jet. All this things in his possession are included in net worth.

Quick summary

Full name: Bastian Yotta

Date of birth: December 4th 1976

Age:  42

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Birthplace: Landshut, Germany

Profession/Occupation: businessman, Instagram star

Net worth and salary: $1 billion

Height: 188 cm

Weight: Unknown

Marital status: divorced, previously he was in marriage with Maria Hering

Children: no children

Residence: Los Angeles, United States of America

Nationality: German

Social media accounts:

Instagram: and



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