Alfonso Ribeiro’s Net Worth and Salary in 2024: What are his Assets and Income?

Alfonso Ribeiro is best known for his role as Carlton Banks on the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Many years of work in the entertainment industry, including parts on TV, his ability to dance, and his ability to host shows, have helped him become wealthy and famous.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Net Worth and Salary

Celebrity Net Worth says that there is a $4 million net worth for American Alfonso Ribeiro who acts, directs, dances, and is on TV.  Most people know Alfonso Ribeiro from his role as Carlton Banks on the hit TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.In 2015, he became the host of “America’s  Funniest Home Videos.”  

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Endorsement Deals of Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro has been in the advertising world for a long time and has done a lot of marketing work for well-known brands. Because he is well-known and has a lot of fans, brands that want to reach a wide range of people should choose him.

Ribeiro has endorsed a wide range of brands, from food and drink companies to clothing lines. This shows how versatile he is as a brand spokesperson. Ribeiro has used his star power to sell goods and services in a way that connects with people. He is known for having perfect comedic timing and contagious energy.

Because he can connect with people of all ages, brands that want to improve their marketing and reach more people can use him to their advantage. Through his sponsorship deals, Ribeiro has not only made his brand stronger, but he has also helped other companies get more attention and succeed in today’s market.

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Businesses that Alfonso Ribeiro Runs

Alfonso Ribeiro is now a developer in fields other than the entertainment business. The start of a successful clothesline is one of his most important business ventures. The line has a lot of trendy and stylish clothes for a lot of different people, just like Ribeiro’s own perfect sense of style. 

Ribeiro has expanded his business beyond clothes by opening a popular restaurant chain. Customers come back to the diner over and over again because of its delicious food and cozy atmosphere. Ribeiro’s strong business sense and dedication to quality  have made him a household name in the business world. This shows how versatile he is and how well he can diversify his holdings.

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Alfonso Ribeiro’s Assets, Cars, Houses


  • Ribeiro owns a diverse collection of cars, including a Hummer H2 SUT which costs around $73,000.


  • In 2015, Ribeiro purchased a $2 million eco-friendly mansion in Los Angeles.
  • He also owns a home in Granada Hills, California where he can entertain guests.

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Ribeiro amassed his wealth primarily through his successful acting career, with breakout roles in shows likeSilver SpoonsandThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air“. He has also worked as a director, comedian, and television host over the yearsRibeiro’s impressive net worth allows him to afford luxurious cars and homes befitting his celebrity status.

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