Abigail Disney’s Net Worth in 2024: Fortune of the Disney Heir Explored

Abigail Disney has shown that she is a supporter of progressive causes and a critic of many of the things her family business has done to its workers and the public.

Many people took a second look at the Disney heiress after hearing that she had been arrested for taking part in a climate protest. Because Abigail comes from a very rich family, she might not seem like a good fit for the progressive movement.

This is one reason why a lot of people are interested in how much she is worth.


Abigail Disney’s Net Worth in 2024

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Abigail Disney is an American who makes movies, directs them, gives money to charity, and fights for social justice. She is worth $110 million. Walt Disney’s great-niece is Abigail Disney. Roy E. Disney is her father. Roy O. Disney came up with the idea for The Walt Disney Company with his brother Walt.

At the time of his death in 2009, Roy E. Disney was worth $1.2 billion and had a lot of shares in the company. Roy was married four times and had four children: Abigail, Tim Disney, Roy P. Disney, and Susan Disney. Once Abigail met Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee in 2006, she went into the family business of making movies.

A documentary called “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” was her first movie. The film, which followed the lives of women in Liberia, was directed by Gini Reticker, who won an Emmy Award. Since its founding in 2008, Peace is Loud has been dedicated to “supporting female voices and international peace-building through nonviolent means.


” Peace is Loud put together the Global Peace Tour in 2009, which showed “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” in towns across the U.S. and other countries. It was part of the International Day of Peace put on by the UN. There was also a 10-day project in three US cities about “female peace-building capacity” that was paid for by Peace is Loud.

She created the five-part PBS series “Women, War & Peace” with Pamela Hogan and Gini Reticker. In 2011, the show aired. In 2011, Disney also won an award at the Athena Film Festival for her amazing use of film to make a difference in the world. She was named Woman of the Year at the Women’s Image Network Awards in 2015.

Abigail Disney Career

She joined her family’s movie business with the documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” which was directed by Gini Reticker, who was nominated for an Academy Award and won one. To bring about light, kindness, action, and peace, she and Gini Reticker started Fork Films in 2007.

The company is based in New York. CEO and President is her title and CEO and COO is Reticker’s title. Disney produced “The Trials of Spring” as an executive producer in 2015.


It was a major documentary event that included a feature-length documentary, six short films, award-winning journalist articles, and a strong social media conversation about women’s unwavering fight for freedom and social justice.

Disney’s first movie as a director was “The Armor of Light,” which is about Rev. Rob Schenck, an evangelical preacher who supports life, Lucy McBath, Jordan Davis’s mother, and John Michael Phillips.

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Abigail Disney Assets, Cars, Houses

 Abigail Disney, a renowned documentary film producer and philanthropist, is a member of the Disney family and has inherited a significant portion of her wealth. Here are some details about her assets, cars, and houses:

Assets and Net Worth

  • Net Worth: Abigail Disney’s net worth is estimated to be around $130 million as of 2023.
  • Inherited Wealth: Her wealth originates entirely from her father’s affluence, which she has utilized throughout her life.


  • No Specific Details: There is no specific information available about the cars owned by Abigail Disney.



  • Primary Residence: Abigail Disney owns a luxurious residence in California, valued at approximately $18 million.


  • Charitable Donations: She has donated over $100 million to various charitable causes, focusing on supporting marginalized groups such as women in prison and victims of domestic violence.
  • Advocacy for Higher Taxes: Abigail Disney advocates for higher taxes on the super-rich to address wealth inequality, emphasizing the need for redistributive policies to enhance universal healthcare and education.

Personal Life

  • Education: Abigail Disney holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Yale University, a Master’s degree from Stanford University, and a PhD in English and Literature from Columbia University.
  • Marriage and Family: She married Pierre Norman Hauser in 1988 and has four children.

Abigail Disney’s wealth and philanthropic efforts are closely tied to her advocacy for social and economic change, particularly in addressing wealth disparities and promoting a fairer distribution of resources.

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