Steve Cook Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Steve Cook is a famous professional bodybuilder ans a contestant from the United States. He became famous on various contests, but later became a true businessman.

Steve was a Mr. Olympia two times and is now known for all the good advice he gives regarding health and diets.

Early years

Steve was born in Boise, Idaho, United States on December 10th, 1984 in a big family.

He is one of the six siblings. All of them trained some type of sport in their childhood because of their father. He was a coach and an athletic director at one high school.

He has a lot of early memories of him and his brothers who were often doing workouts together. In the mornings they were doing push-ups and benching. Their father wanted them to try all sorts of sports until they find one thats best for them.

His family was extremely athletic. They were always outdoors, doing fun stuff and playing games. That’s why he was always into it and why he enjoyed fitness and didn’t find it boring or lousy.

Steve started lifting weights when he was only ten, which is a lot younger than the other teens.

He started going to school and became popular for his athletic abilities. Steve has set all of his school’s records regarding sports (gym) and was one of the best build people in the school. Because of his body, he was extremely popular amongst girls.

Steve also joined his high school’s football team after they invited him. He really liked football so he was excided for it. He was one of the best guys on the team, but that was his thing, it was like that with any sport. He didn’t quite know which one to choose.

After he graduated in high school he started attending Dixie State College and was playing football for their team. When he finished college he didn’t have a bachelor’s degree as he intended.

He had to finish it couple of years later and return to college to get his Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Studies of Biology and Psychology.

His own father trained him so he had all the extra help he needed to become who he is now. He is very thankful because his family was always there for him to give him the extra push he needed.

Career Development

After Steve divorced, he got into bodybuilding more than he ever was. He went to the Boise fit expo’s fit body contest he was invited to and he won it and ended first without any problems. After he did so well in this one, he started doing more contest to push himself further.

He was in the competition that was held in Las Vegas. It was sponsored by a magazine called “Muscle & Fitness”. He trained all day long for this competition. He won it because of his hard work.

Steve got his Pro Bodybuilding Card back in 2010.

After all of his success on contests he wanted to start to compete at IFBB Championships. There he got the first place few times, and he was also 8th and 5th on Mr. Olympia Physique Competitons.

He has won a lot of Physique contest that brought him a lot of attention. He started being in famous bodybuilder magazines.

He won numerous Physique contests and began showing up on popular bodybuilding magazines.

Right now Steve is a spokeperson and also a model for, a biggest bodybuilding website on the internet. It’s the place where he grew the most: he became truly organized and a true businessman.

Steve has his YouTube channel names “Swoldier Nation”. It’s pretty popular and he uses it also as his merchandise shop where you can by fitness appearel with his signature. People get advice here and talk to Steve about various topics that many fitness people won’t discuss.

Steve has never used steroids and is very proud of this fact. He is against steroids because they mess with one’s health and he always says that one should not trick their body into being something it is not.

He tries to educate his audience about bodybuilding and ways to get awesome physique but in a natural way.

Personal life

Steve married really young, when he was in college. That marriage was really short and they ended up divorcing. It was a really stressful thing for Steve.

The reasoning for their divorce was the fact that after his wife and him moved back to their home, she found work really easily and he wasn’t doing anything. He lost his ambition for entering NFL and stopped playing football. He also didn’t get his degree.

Steve’s wife wasn’t really pleased because she had to pay for all their expenses herself. She filed for divorce a little after they came back and Steve wen’t to live with his parents again.

He used bodybuilding as a way of getting all of his anger caused by divorce out and making himself more calm and peaceful.

When he was living in his paren’t house, he was prepearing himself for all of his contests. His father was extremely impressed with his transformation in this period of time.

On this journey Steve learned all about a healthy diet and exerxising so he helped his father to get in shape again. His father lost a lot of weight and regained his strenght back.

Steve is currently in a really happy relationship with his girlfriend Courtney King. She is a winner of Ms Olympia competition and also a big fitness enthusiast.

Steve often shares photos of the two of them because they have many things in common and they love spending time together and even doing work togethersince they are in the same niche.

Steve could be seen on the covers of many fitness magazines, from “Muscle & Fitness” to the very popular issue of “Iron Man”.

Steve has also made several collaborations with known YouTube stars who made their careers as bodybuilders.

Some of his collabs were made with  Christian Guzman and Omar Isuf and all the collaborations were highly viewed on their channels.

Steve is a huge fan of protein pancakes but if he wants to cheat his diet ice-cream would be his choice of the day.

He has 2,1 million of followers on Instagram and his little dog has its own channel called @hobbescook with over 30k followers.

Steve had many known bodybuilders as his influence, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of them. He also respects Frank Zane, Lee Labrada and many more.

Quick summary

Full name: Steve Cook

Date of birth: December 10, 1984

Birthplace:  Boise, Idaho, United States

Age: 35

Profession: Youtuber, bodybuilder, fitness guru

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 98 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million