SSundee Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Wife

Ian Stapelton is quite popular only after he came up with his YouTube channel titled “SSundee”. He is best known for his web series like “Super Craft Bros” and “Jail Break”. It made him get immense appreciation and made him get a considerable amount of viewers.

Ian is an avid gamer whose contents revolves mainly around the brilliant titles like Pokemon Go, GTA V, Minecraft and Clash Royale.

In the year 2018, finally, he came up with one of his most popular video titled “BejanCanadian Gets Shot in the Eyes” it generated a view count of almost 12.3 million views.

Currently, the net worth of his famous YouTuber and the gamer is estimated to be around a worthy amount of $2 million dollars.

His achievements are going on increasing day by day and perhaps he is moving towards success by each step of prosperity.

Early Life

Ian Stapelton is the birth name of the famous YouTuber who is widely known as SSundee. Stapelton has served in United States Air Force for a long period of time.

He went for completing his school days. He thought of making a brilliant career on YouTube from his early teenage days.

While he was serving in the military, he thought of making an attempt to open an account on the YouTube in order to rejuvenate him.

From the chronic schedule of the intense life pattern that is usually associated with the life of the militia. This was the time when Ian had officially launched his career.

Unfortunately, not much information is available in regards to the early life of the gamer.


The YouTube sensation and brilliant gamer went for launching his YouTube channel in the year 2009, November 27th. He was quiet with his military profession and wanted to enter in the world of creativity. He soon started filling up his YouTube channel with several gaming videos with some of the notable titles like “Minecraft”.

He was immensely known for his comedic commentary.  Soon his views count reached a high position around one million subscription rate in all total.  He started building up his career in a rapid phase. Today he is successfully handling 8.7 million subscribers and his view count has increased to 3.4 billion if gone for estimation.

In the year 2018, he went for uploading his latest title “BajanCanadian Get Shot in the Eyes LA Vlog”. The creation was viewed for almost 12 million times. Some of his best videos that got appreciated for its brilliance are titled “Pokemon Go-8 x 10 km Egg”, “Try Not To Laugh”, and “Minecraft Mod-Plants vs Zombies.”

He is earning heavily from the game channels on YouTube.  He has almost reached a total of 3.4 billion and has tried his level best to maintain his consistency. It is assumed that his income is based on per view.

It is estimated that he gets about $ 5 per collection of 1000 views. If the advertisements and other sponsorships are considered then the income would be amounting to $ 6.8 million. He is presently successfully running his channel. He got an immense appreciation for his program titled “SSundee”.

He started his video platform in the year 2009. He is famous for his creations titled “Jail Break” and “Super Crafts Bros”.

He is going for developing the web series and has presently dedicated himself to know more about the video streaming. As it is known there is so much information about his educational background, he has devoted himself to making the games more popular and unique.

He has always wanted to reflect on his games his free-living style. He always wants to promote the message that life can be full of fun when things are sorted out with immense discipline.

He has often commented that he wants to make his fans laugh and feel at ease when they are watching his videos. This is only because Ian is a man of clean perception.

He has always appreciated others effort and tried to upgrade himself to the new developments.

The gamer is not only interested in uploading comic videos and creating games but also he has shown interest in basketball and football.

The gamer like to participate in several games and likes to communicate with his fans individually. He has never let his surrounding condition dominate him and has lived life to the fullest.

Personal Life

Ian Stapleton’s married life is quite intriguing. He was married to a lady named Maddie in the year 2014.

There is a rumor up the air that Ian is a father of a cute son named Colton. The child took birth from his previous relationship.

Though the mother of the child is not known, Ian has gladly accepted that he is the father of the child. The YouTuber presently lives in California.

There are no further details available about his current state of living. It is not known that whether the YouTuber leads a bachelor life or is dating someone.

He remains busy in uploading his videos in his own YouTube Channel. Being an efficient gamer most his videos revolves mainly around his most favorite game titled “Minecraft”. He is widely available on Instagram.

Presently he has earned over 8 million subscribers particularly in the segment of his Minecraft videos.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Ian Stapelton

Date of Birth: 2nd December 1988

Birth Place: California, United States of America

Age:  30 Years Old

Profession: YouTuber and Gamer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 Million