Shmee150 Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

It is the extreme interest in something with utmost care can fetch name and fame and Shee150 is the living example of this rule. With selfie technique he takes exclusive videos to capture the automobile contents.

This simple job has earned Tim Burton a name Shmee150 and recognition to the Sheikhs of Middle-East to and enthusiasts of exclusive cars around the world where the social media have reached. Through the various social media sites particularly on the YouTube, Tim spreads his own experience of different trips and rallies.

All his experiences are to share his idea of cars under different headings it can be luxury or exclusive. The category can come under high speed sporting cars or an automotive one. Tim’s Facebook profile is creating over 150 million followers each month.

This high response to his personal adherence had earned him enough strength to own some super model cars in his possession. Tim gets enough encouragement from the car sponsors for his channel.

Though his estimated net worth comes around $750,000 but seems to be much higher.

Early life

He wants to share the details of various cars at length but Tim does not like to shares his personal details. We know that he was born on 17th September, 1987 in London, England.

Apart from this birth record it is known that Tim realized when he was 18 that conventional academics would not serve him further. He is enough capable of managing his life in his own way.


In his native place London, Tim opened a retailing business in electronic which turned out to be a reasonable success. Gradually the business expanded but Tim was having some other idea. Tim has a high fascination of travelling around the globe and he got out of London and went to New Zealand. There he wanted to give his a life a flavor of skiing and desired to become a ski instructor.

Suffering a severe injury the car lover went back home realizing it is not his cup of tea. After returning back to London he engaged himself in the technical section of some Investment Consultancy.

This employment really turned the life of Tim to a great extent. The company was growing and keeping pace with it Tim with his growing experience felt the urgency of succeeding in life.

Tim has a tremendous drive in running small ventures to its optimum level. Tim had always tried different ways instead of venturing into one. He is always on the lookout either to succeed more with expansion or to hand over his efforts to someone who has an interest in the line of business. In this spirit he developed his uploading pictures of cars to the websites into an extraordinary and adventurous enterprise of unique ideas. The followers of Shmee150 utilized Tim’s effort for their different taste and requirements. What is more interesting that by engaging into various other ventures Tim has kept his Shmee150 wheels on a high speed lane by funding his dream through numerous sources.

The two short films on cars in 2010 had put Tim’s life on the long high-end drive of the life which most would be amazed. Leaving his one desk job and with different freelancing he managed more time for the project Shmee150 which got the momentum in no time and till date he never compromised with the acceleration of the business.

The proven success of his endeavor has created more passion for the project. He had further advanced his garage and had created a reliable team on whom he can depend in the proper functioning of his business. The off screen members are the real success pillars of any endeavor.

While this unswerving workforce take care of the various nicks in making a perfect videos Tim continue his ride across various places to make outstanding contents for the followers. The Shmee150 elucidates about the advanced mechanism involved in the automobile.

He covers several events where car has the dominance. The reviews and videos would always explore some interesting concepts as he more from Geneva to Paris or Frankfurt in his or anyone else’s Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Personal life

It seems that Tim is perhaps has more corners for the cars. For this reason in his life one would find his extreme inclination towards any car then to ponder over any individual.

Instead of some personage he had more reverence for his Mclaren 675LT or Porsche Cayenne GT4 or Ferrari FF.

He does not prefers and pre scheduling of his job and love to works at a stretch without a mark of fatigue to bring out the best possible creation to upload that onto his channel.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tim Burton

Date of Birth: 17th September, 1987

Birth Place: London, England

Age:  30 Years Old

Profession: Entrepreneur, YouTuber

Height: NA

Weight:  NA

Net worth: $750,000