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Sauti Sol is a Kenyan group that sings in English, Swahili, and Luhya and sometimes dares with French.

They experiment with traditional Kenyan rhythms without losing sight of the dance sounds of their Afro pop that have made them a reference in their country.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about their first years of career, personal lives and how they became as popular as they are today.

So, if Sauti Sol is your favorite group, here is a chance to find out more about them.

Early Years

Chimano, Bien, Polycarp and Mudigi went to the university together. They coincided in the choir where they realized that maybe that idea of ​​living music was not an unattainable dream.

Soon they formed a gospel group with which to act in the church and from there their performances at weddings were common.

With the music in their heads they took their degrees but despite the university careers these young people wanted to have their own group and go on tour. In an undeveloped music industry and where mainly international product was consumed, the outlook for these young people was not promising.

They recorded loose songs, attended open mic sessions but their relatives began to lose confidence in their possibilities. “My grandmother told me that when I was going to get a job,” he recalls, guitar and one of the group’s voices.

The talented boys continued working hard and managed to gain enough confidence to pursue a professional career. The bands is very active on social media and often posts about the performances and events they will be joining.

Career Path

Sauti Sol began their career together an s group when they were pretty young. In 2008 their relatives had to accept their future without remedy. His children, the Sauti Sol, were on the radio.

After several rejections and without money to record their songs in a studio, they released Lazizi, the first single from the album Mwanzo. They dropped the stereotype that “music is for renegades” and with a microphone and a laptop they recorded what would be their cover letter.

The CD was the bestselling of the year in Kenya. “It is very difficult to please the Kenyan public. They are very critical, “says the group’s vocalist, Chimano. But they delivered everything in their songs and despite the fact that the sound quality of the first album leaves something to be desired, their lyrics were very well received.

Encouraged by the good results of Mwanzo, they embarked on the adventure of their second work, Sol Filosofia, in 2011. With singles such as Soma Kijana or Coming Home, they made the leap to Europe and got into American radio.

They visited the old continent that filled them with influences and “shocking” experiences. The European public without knowing them welcomed them with respect and gave them the opportunity. “People do not know who we are but they like what they hear”, thanks Chimano.

These cheerful Kenyans did not settle for Europe and flew to the United States where they performed within the South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) of Austin, Texas. “It was extraordinary”, remember almost in unison the four members of the group that gave nine concerts in five days for American lands.

A year later and with the hangover of their second album they released Sauti Sol, a self-titled EP whose biggest hit was Love or Leave.

With this short duration they returned to the origins of the Kenyan industry that consists of releasing loose singles. “In Kenya there is no habit of buying records. Many musicians do not make albums in years and are dedicated to singles, “says the group’s drummer, Mudigi, who adds that they were pioneers in publishing discs clearing the way for many local musicians.

The spirit of promoting the music of Kenya led the group to launch their own project called SOMA SOMA. The initiative aims to help students develop culturally and perhaps give way to new Kenyan bands that “are better than Sauti Sol”.

After new tours of Europe and the United States last year, the Sauti Sol want to return to the origin. They want to “start at home” and make their music known on the African continent. They are even open to going to play for free as they did a few weeks ago in Malawi.

Now with two successful albums and an EP in the backpack, the sights are set on Africa. For months they have embarked on the preparation of a new album that will be finished in December. The new work is already known as Money Lover whose video clip has been nominated for the tenth Pan-African Canal O awards.

Their net worth is still under review, and it is hard to tell the exact number since there are four members in the group. Their performances are shared among the members. Their performance is paid between Ksh. 800,000 and Ksh. 5,000,000. This number is not confirmed or denied by the members.

Since they are still performing, their net worth is probably going to go up and become much higher. They haven’t announced any new projects so far, so we will have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

Personal life

Sauti Sol is an award-winning Afro-pop group from Kenya that mixes soulful voices with vocal harmonies, guitar riffs, resonant and warm Pop with traditional Kenyan influences.

Their mix of energetic rhythms made the group one of the most celebrated in Africa and the pioneers of a new sound that inspired the emergence of other new bands from East Africa. Sauti Sol were winners of the Best African Group award at the Muzik Magazine Awards in 2015 (AFRIMMA), also won the MTV EMA Award for Best African Performance in 2014.

Their last album “Live and Die in Afrika” brought the group to a new level and their last collaboration with the Mi Casa only came to reaffirm the band as one of the most vibrant on the African continent.

The members of the group spoke openly about their influences. Their biggest role models were Daudi Kabaka, Fadhili William, Coldplay and others.

Sauit Sol is still on the rise in Kenya, but we still have to see if they try to win over the rest of the world. Until they release new music, we can still enjoy their old hits and smash hits.

The band received many awards and acknowledgments for their songs and music. This allowed them to be on the top of the music scene in Kenya. Sauit sol has many hits behind them and their fan base seems to be growing each year. With their career’s going up the way they are going right now, we will certainly be listening to their songs for a while longer.

Quick summary

Full name: Sauti Sol

Date of birth:

Birthplace: Nairobi, Kenya


Profession: Afro pop group



Net Worth: Unknown