Sam Pepper Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Sam Pepper is a known British comedian and a proud owner of his own YouTube channel called official Sam Pepper.

Other than for his pranks he became widely known as the first YouTuber who garnered several accusations for sexual harrasement.

Early years

Sam Pepper was born as Samuel Nicholas Pepper in the town Ashford in the Kent county in United Kingdom on March 26, 1989.

His both parents are from Greece and they relocated to United Kingdom when they were young in hope to have a better life.

Sam graduated from Penns Valley Technology College and in 2010 when he was 21 years old he began putting his prank videos on YouTube channel.

He was a graffiti artist but stopped doing it (although he was really good at it) after he got involved with YouTube. He found the whole art career too high maintenance.

He was called the student of the year in his school, in the category of art since he was very good as a graffitti artist and is very creative.

Career development

Before entering the world of YouTube, he worked abroad on many interesting but difficult jobs. He was a hotel entertainer in Greece and he worked in Italy on dismantling tents.

Sam was involved in a collaboration with Mark Ludford who is also a known YouTuber. They worked together on Minecraft series in 2011.

After the success of those starting videos he decided to launch his own channel which is called by his name and has over 2 million subscribers.

His videos were involved in a lot of controversy starting with a video called “fake hand ass pinch” prank which caused him to be faced to sexual harassment accusations buy a lot of women involved in the making of this video. This video was taken down from YouTube channel after a lot of complaints.

The second video which caused a lot of controversy was a video named “Killing best friend” prank.

The reactions to this videos very very severe and almost countless so he chose to delete informations for many of his accounts such as Twitter.

He was very angry because of the campaign that started against him so he created his own GoFundMe campaign in which he stated that he will delete his YouTube channel if he received $1.5 million in his campaign. Afterwards he removed the campaign and made it inactive.

He was also forced to put a lot of his videos into private mode and as a result of all these events he published the video  she called “I’m sorry” and he also created a tweet named “I give up”.

But this wasn’t the end of his problems. He was accused by several women that he harassed them sexually and was extremely unpleasant.

Marina Joyce, who is a known vlogger also made accusations for the same reason, but she was more precise about the facts. She stated that it was in 2013 while they were both at UK Warped Tour.

His first career before starting working on YouTube videos was a career of a musician and the graffiti artist.

His longest TV appearance was when he was elected as a candidate for Big Brother and he stayed there for 2 months. This was in 2010 and he entered “Big Brother 11” as a housemate and was the last to enter the house that way.

Sam doesn’t live with his parents but his  grandparents and claims that he isn’t guilty because they have spoilt him by granting him his every wish.

In 2013/14 Sam starred alongside another YouTube star who happens to be his good friend, Marius Listhrop called “Maz”, on his comedy tour named “WDGAF Tour”.

He had a role in a TV series titled “BlackBoxTV Pranks”. He even received a  nomination for Video Blogger by Shorty Award.

Personal life

His current girlfriend girlfriend is Cat Rose and they begin dating in 2014. He tries to hide info about his dating status for he really doesn’t want the media to get involved.

There were rumours that he dated Bella Thorne, a beautiful American actress but they turned out to be false. It wad a scandal because Bella just broke up with Tyler Posey and therefore the heat was still up.

During his stay in the Big Brother house he stated a few of his opinions: he doesn’t drink and don’t like the fact that British people cannot go out and stay sober; he doesn’t like attention – seeking people and loud people.

Many people believe that his pranks are fake and that he pays people to act in them.

His parents have troed to teach him to be proud of his ancestry, but he doesn’t really share quite a lot about himself and doesn’t seem to highly respect his roots.

Quick summary

Full name: Samuel Nicholas Pepper

Date of birth: March 26, 1989

Birthplace:  Ashford, Kent, England

Age: 29

Profession: YouTuber

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 62 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million