Sadie Robertson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Sadie Robertson is a very well known American actress and a reality TV celebrity  popular because of her role in the show named „Duck Dynasty“.

Today she is one of the most popular young motivational speakers and a promotor of Christian values. She inspires many people with similar values to do better in things they feel good in.

Early years

She was born as Sadie Carroway Robertson  on June 11, 1997 in a place called West Monroe, in the state of Louisiana, United States.

She was a pupil at the Ouachita Christian School in Louisiana. It was a wonderful experience for her to be amongst similar people at such young age so she got to explore faith in many different ways.

Her grandfather named Phil Robertson is the founder of Duck Commander alongside her grandmother Kay. She said that she was never too into this vision, but she appreciated it because it was her ancestors that made it.

Her grandfather had a vision of the business he thought people will like to encounter with and he succeded rising from his humble beginning where he was considered as a weird character. But he was persistant and he soon launched a great business: he became the owner of hunting and apparel company called „Duck Commander“.

Sadie’s father Willie is today the CEO of their company and is always supported by his loving wife Korie.

Sadie’s whole family is famous worldwide due to the show they are a part of but all of them, including Sadie haven’t become stuck up. She still enjoys regular things that she used to do before and she is still hanging out with her old friends.

Sadie has enjoyed her young childhood and life which was highly connected to nature. She grew up in a big, happy family who treasured each other a lot and still do. Many people in her family claim that she succeeded because she was always very calm due to her meditations in the nature.

She has five siblings: two sisters (Rebecca and Bella) and three brothers (Rowdy, John Luke and Willie Jr). One of them is adopted by her parents but they don’t make difference betwen them and are considered her true sibling.

All her siblings became famous after the show „Duck Dynasty“ started airing. It was an extremely and surprisingly popular reality TV show in 2013.

Career development

Soon after the series started airing, Sadie became more active on her social media accounts. She decided to start her own YouTube channel and she named it „The New Different“.

Sadie’s good friend Kolby Koloff decided to join her in this work. Kolby is known for „Preachers’ Daughters“ series. The two of them started making devotional videos every week in order to tell their story and encourage people to follow the word of Christ and not the word of the world.

The family has released their music album named  „Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas“ and Sadie also sang on that album. She has performed a song titled „Away in a Manger” together with a country singer named Alison Krauss.

In 2014, she has released her first book named „Live Original“ where she discovered which are all the precious things she values in life. The book is based on Christian values she cherrishes and about her faith. She also encourages people to find faith too.

Sadie’s book has become a bestseller and she soon become role model for teenagers and even more to their parents who wanted to share her knowledge with their children and lead them to the right path.

Sadie is a great motivational speaker and a great actress, which she proved after she starred in the movie „God’s Not Dead 2“. She said that it was a wonderful experience to try something new and to prove everyone that people have many talents they have yet to explore.

She has also been a crew member in the movie named „I’m Not Ashamed“. It was a surprise to her that people wanted to cast her again, but she said that she would enjoy acting if she ever got a chance to do it as a profession.

The public loves Sadie very much and she was invited as a contestor in the popular show „Dancing with the Stars“ in the 19th season. Her partner in the show was a professional dancer Mark Ballas and the two of them were very succesful. They ended up 2nd in the show.

In 2016 she decided to go on a tour which she named „Live Original Tour“.

Sadie is very ambitious and creative which she showed with her collaboration with Sherri Hill, a respectable clothing line for whom she made her line of prom dresses.

She hasn’t just designed them but she has wore them as amodel on various shows, the biggest was the New  York Fashion Week. The line is named after her most known catch phrase „Live Original“.

She has also designed some  jewerly and home items for Glory Haus sales. People describe her as creative and motivated. She often talks about how important it is to believe in yourself and to be confident in things you do.

It doesn’t matter what happens in your life, you can always stay strong and move on, she claims.

Her second work was a fictional book called „Life Just Got Real: A Live Original Novel“. It sold well and she was very proud of it.

In 2016, she has supported Donald Trump during their presidental election but many of her fans weren’t happy that she went into politics because they believe there is no religion there. She, however, didn’t make too much comments about this in order not to create much drama.

In  2018, she has published a sequel to her first „Live Original“ book and she named it „Live Fearless“.

The same year she has created her „Live Orginal“ blog on the internet.

Personal life

2017 was the year he has chosen to share something with the public which was hidden well from everybody and she wanted to share it in irder to help youg people with low self-esteem to be courageous and fight for their lives.

She shared the fact that he has an eating disorder which started a little after her performance in „Dancing with the Stars“. She even hidd it from her mother, with whom she never hidden anything.

As for her love life, it seems that she is in a very happy relationship with Austin North, who is a known young star who used to work on Disney Channel.

Before starting her current relationship with Austin she has dated a few boys.

In 2013, she has been dating a boy from her high school. His name was Beau. They were high-school sweethears, but it didn’t last too long.

The same year she modelled for Sherri Hill and experienced bullying during the fashion show.

She began her first more serious relationship with Blake Coward in 2014. He is a known Instagram star Blake Coward in 2014. Blake often stated that he supports her decision to stay a virgin before she gets married to the men she love. They broke up after two years of dating.

In the summer of 2016, she dated an American football player named Trevor Knight but they have been together only for a few months. He was a college football player for a  Texas football club at that time.

As for some interesting facts about her that her fans didn’t know, she has discovered that she has played basketball in high school. It was a great way to let go of pressure.

Quick summary

Full name: Sadie Carroway Robertson

Date of birth: June 11, 1997

Birthplace: west Monroe, Louisiana, United States

Age: 21

Profession: social media star, writer, motivational speaker, reality TV star

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 51 kgs

Net Worth: $500,000